A Creative Industries Newsletter
March 25, 2021
Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration
To promote equity and inclusion in the creative industries, we use our newsletter each month to amplify the voices of BIPOC creatives in Washington State. We hand over the newsletter and invite a creative of color to populate it with information and inspiration that reflects their perspective and their community.
Meet Guest Curator:
Reesha Cosby (she/her)
Reesha came to Yakima for her big break in radio broadcasting. Since then she's been busy being a radio host and programmer, journalist, and social justice activist. Reesha on the Radio Helps Amplify Her Community.
Level up:
Radio Personality Reesha Cosby’s Public Speaking Tips

Radio host Reesha Cosby is at home behind a mic, but Cosby recognizes not everyone is so comfortable with that. So, she gave us some tips (and inspiration) for leveling up your public speaking.

My Creative Community:
Sol Trevino (she/her)
Guest curator Reesha Cosby interviewed creative business owner Sol Trevino to find out how she expanded her entertainment company to respond to COVID.
Need a break from your screen? When Reesha Cosby is off the airwaves, she turns to podcasts to relax and recharge. Read on for five of her faves.