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March 11, 2021
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Creativity At Work:
Joby Shimomura of Joby Glass
Meet Washington creatives who are leading the way

Joby Shimomura left her career in politics after 25 years on campaign trails. Now she makes unique contemporary stained glass art in her studio in Olympia. Read on to find out how she made the shift from her full time political job to successful creative entrepreneur.
How To:
Anti-Racism: Action Guide for White Creatives
Easy-to-understand guides written by experts in their field

"Wherever you may be on the spectrum of understanding racism, the movement is happening with or without you. So if you haven't yet and you know what's at stake, now is the time to engage." Read Racial Equity practitioner Leilani Lewis' advice for engaging in anti-racism work here.
Quick Study:
Got 5 minutes?

Thinking of making the leap into full-time freelancing? Here's 5 questions you should ask before you do.
Jargon Buster:
Heard the word but afraid to ask? We got you.

Check out our glossary to learn about more terms like Anti-Racism and Racial Equity.
Next: Reesha Cosby Curates

Reesha Cosby (she/her) came to Yakima for her 'big break' in radio broadcasting. Since then she's been busy being a radio host and programmer, journalist, and social justice activist. Get her POV on March 25.