A Creative Industries Newsletter
February 25, 2021
Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration
To promote equity and inclusion in the creative industries, we use our newsletter each month to amplify the voices of BIPOC creatives in Washington State. We hand over the newsletter and invite a creative of color to populate it with information and inspiration that reflects their perspective and their community.
Meet Guest Curator:
Jam Scott (she/her)
Jam is a writer and filmmaker from Tacoma, Washington. She is passionate about equity, truth, justice, and empathy.

Level up:
Jam's Top 3 Apps for Freelancing

Technology can help streamline your creative workflow.

Jam offers the three apps she uses to bolster her creative career.

My Creative Community:
Miriam McBride (they/them)
Miriam McBride is a Black, non-binary, photographer based out of Tacoma, They sat down with Jam to discuss the barriers to a successful creative profession and the creative community in Tacoma. Photographer Miriam McBride is capturing the future as it's created.
Need a break from your screen? Feast your eyes on Jam Scott's recipe for a perfect day. After that, check out her list of new content that has inspired her.