A Creative Industries Newsletter
June 17, 2021
Level up with creative career tips - coupled with a side of inspiration
To promote equity and inclusion in the creative industries, we use our newsletter each month to amplify the voices of BIPOC creatives in Washington State. We hand over the newsletter and invite a creative of color to populate it with information and inspiration that reflects their perspective and their community.
Mary Big Bull-Lewis (she/her)

Creative entrepreneur Mary Big Bull-Lewis of Wenatchi Wear talks about getting creative with pop-up shops and pandemic pivots, why having a website (especially an e-commerce one) is so important, and the power of setting boundaries when starting up a new business.
A Road Map for How To Be Your Own Boss

Before you launch your new creative business, Mary Big Bull-Lewis has some tips for getting it off the ground.
Nicole Bishopp (she/her)

Mary Big Bull-Lewis interviewed the Bellingham designer, who makes art you can shred and surf on.
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