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A Crystallization Plate's View from the ISS
Modular In Situ-1™'s view of earth. (Photo Credit: NASA)
Astronaut Alex Gerst setting up crystallization experiments aboard the ISS. (Photo Credit: NASA)
While a lot of exciting developments happen at MiTeGen, this one is tough to beat. Our new modular In Situ-1 crystallization plate floating aboard the International Space Station with the earth as a background!
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Protein Crystal Glue
Discover the  XP Screen with TEW  – the protein crystal glue – and benefit from improved crystal quality and resolution!
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Our Post of The Month: January
"Interesting findings in  @ActaCrystD on using sound pulses to solve the crystal-harvesting bottleneck. Findings show crystals can be acoustically harvested from slightly modified MiTeGen In Situ-1 crystallization plates.  #crystallography"

User Shao-Liang Zheng posted this #Crystallography #Throwback on Twitter
" Found some old films #crystallography in the lab: Bragg and von Laue @HarvardCCB @IUCr in 1948 "- @shaoliangzheng
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Open Scientific Sales Position
Scientist-focused sales campaigns, nurturing opportunities, and providing sales support to a broad range of researchers from academia to industry.
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