October 14, 2020
A Culture of a Compassionate and Caring Community

This pandemic has reminded me of how deeply connected we all are - how our humanity can depend on our ability to connect to and care for others. Sometimes it is very easy (and human) to think of only ourselves, our family, and our individual well-being. While we learn that it is important to take care of ourselves before we can care for another, we also must recognize that we are inevitably a part of an intricate web of connections. That our actions, decisions, and behaviors have the potential to affect others in both small and profound ways. As we continue to examine the ways in which we can help to elevate our own well-being, let’s also work to ensure that our decisions and actions (or inactions) help to elevate the well-being of our surrounding communities.

As we navigate the next few months, try to give yourself and others grace. Many of us are doing the best we can with what we have. Plan check-ins with those you love, do something kind for yourself and perhaps extend that kindness to someone else.

-Katie Huber (Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness)

Be well,

Early in the semester, we asked you to reflect on the question “How do you plan to Thrive this fall?” Below are some of the amazing responses from your fellow Profs. Take a moment to check in with yourself, notice where you can use some nourishment, and make a plan. Remember that Rowan has resources to help you to thrive - reach out if you need some assistance or direction.

I plan on working my hardest this semester to achieve the best grades that I can get. I also would love to get involved in things like clubs, intramurals, and greek life! I am excited for this semester even though it is heavily virtual. Hopefully with all of the safety procedures in place, Rowan students will follow through to allow us to be on campus more next semester. - Evelyn, Student: Class of 2024

PHYSICAL - Continue with my exercise routine. I started to play tennis again and I’ve been doing it for 3-4 times per week. FINANCIAL - Paying off debt – my primary goal is to pay off my student loan. I need an accountability partner with this one. COMMUNITY - continue as a CASA volunteer with the Camden County Courts and working with HT School District on their Equity Committee. EMOTIONAL - don’t even know where to start with this – being reflective and having a positive attitude.
- Patricia, Employee: Academic Advisor

I am going to thrive this semester by going on runs daily to get out of my apartment and making the most of my classes even though they are all online. The semester is not ruined, just different! - Christina​, Student: Class of 2022
The CDC says that getting a flu shot during the 2020-2021 season is "more important than ever" in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's likely that both flu and COVID-19 will be circulating this fall and winter, and so getting a flu shot is important not only to reduce your risk of flu, but also to reduce the burden on the healthcare system responding to COVID-19.
Upcoming Dates for Free Flu Shots by the Wellness Center

Register for the October 15th drive thru clinic @ SJ Tech Park

Register for the October 21st in person clinic @ Robinson Circle

Open to all via Webex

Begin your day with a group of fellow Profs and a sense of peace. Dr. Amy Hoch will lead a morning meditation session to help relinquish any worried, tired or stressed out energy weighing heavy on you. 

Meditation is the act of focusing the mind to relax, improve inner awareness and make positive mental/physical changes. Dr. Hoch will use meditation and breathing techniques to reset, recharge and revitalize your spirits.

Join us for a night of spoken word hosted by professional artist Asia Samson seen on HBO Def Poetry Jam, Ted Talks, and more! Asia’s virtual show includes a poetry performance, a creative/poetry writing segment, and Q&A with participants!

The University Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to Rowan University Students on the basis of academic excellence, financial need, and participation in on-campus and off-campus activities. In keeping with our mission to make a Rowan University education affordable and accessible, we are happy to share that our scholarship program will award more than $2 million in support this year.Scholarships are funded exclusively through private donations. Students must be enrolled full-time during the current academic year, as well as the upcoming academic year for consideration.
Affordability Allies Network Opportunity

Rowan’s Affordability Task Force invites staff, faculty, and students to become part of the Affordability Allies Network.
The network aims to cultivate a network of Rowan University faculty, staff, and students who are committed to helping others by connecting those in financial need with resources and assistance. Allies do not need to be able to answer all financial questions, but instead direct others to the resources and offices that are able to help. Through this network, the program aims to improve the visibility of financial resources and reduce barriers to financial questions and conversations. 

All Allies will receive an “Affordability Allies” decal for their office space or computer, a copy of the 2020-21 affordability tool kit, and recognition through the Rowan ProfCents website and through other channels.

Taking a step back is difficult. Within college campuses it's a lifestyle that urges quick pace, new distractions, and little alone time.

I often found myself stunting my personal growth out of intimidation and fear of who I was and how I would be perceived.

I never wanted to ask myself difficult questions or reflect on past decisions in fear of revealing weaknesses or failures. It’s uncomfortable but comfort rarely prompts growth.

Self-awareness, a personal understanding of your actions, motivations and thoughts that frame your individuality is the first step in attaining the best version of yourself. This is how: READ MORE
What does it mean to be engaged in the Rowan Community?

Student Government is the face, the voice, and the opportunity for students to have their voices, concerns, and suggestions heard by the administration. Rowan's SGA team is devoted and determined to make the campus the best it can possibly be, and help achieve the needs and wants of all students. Every spring, students have the chance to cast their ballot, and elect the candidates that they want to see hold office. The SGA team offers a myriad of chances to get involved throughout the year; ranging from community service, to events offered by chartered organizations, pre-professional workshops, committees, and giveaways, SGA is always there for the students to help boost a student's involvement, inspire them to make a difference, and leave Rowan with the skills they need to excel in their future careers. Not to mention, give back to the surrounding community (which students love to do)! About 180 members strong, the SGA is ready to serve students, whether it be on campus, or at home, to give the students the best experience they could possibly have. Want to follow the team? Check us out on Instagram @RowanSGA!
Through WCC, womxn of color will gain a network of womxn to share their stories and provide support for challenges and successes they experience in their daily lives. For all women, womyn, and womxn of color. Register HERE.

The Queer Collective is a space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community offered by the SJICR LGBTQIA+ Center and Counseling and Psychological Services. Access WebEx link HERE.
“The Strive to Thrive newsletter intends to bring you well-being ideas, tips, events, information and ways to connect through all dimensions of well-being (physical, social, emotional, purpose, community, and financial). We hope that this layout reminds you of all of the many ways to nourish, attend to, and elevate your well-being and the well-being of those around you.”
Strive to Thrive is a newsletter for the Rowan University community. Visit rowan.edu/thrive or contact rowanthrive@rowan.edu for more information.