Gilda and I spent the last three weeks with our churches in the Philippines and Myanmar. This was Gilda's first visit.  On our visit to one of the villages in Myanmar we saw one of our new converts from Buddhism quickly going to her table of contents to find the page number for the book being quoted and then underlining that verse.  When Gilda later realized the number of new converts and the need for Bibles in their language, she turned to me and said, "this shortage of Bibles here has to be solved."  This became her first priority on the returning flight and her focus for the first two full days she was back in Indianapolis. Enjoy her message below.         -Dr. Edward Williamson
What can be accomplished with a cup of rice, a stick of wood and prayerfully determined hearts? 

Puzzled? The EMC Myanmar Christian, whose story is told here, connects the dots!  With faith, prayer and a generous heart so large they often give more than they need t
hemselves, the Christians in Myanmar long to have Burmese Bibles for every believer.They help missionaries reach villages so remote and Malaria ridden that the government nor the Buddhist travel into these areas.  How do they do this?  Three times a day, as they cook their meals, they set aside a cup of uncooked rice. Often that may be more rice than they have to feed their own family. Each time they gather wood, they set aside the tenth stick.  The designated rice and sticks of wood are sold in the market to raise money to buy Burmese Bibles and to help Myanmar missionaries help meet the needs of those living in remote villages.

God has blessed the efforts of the Myanmar Christians inside the 10/40 window with
over 3,500 salvations since 2012. Their project is, " Bibles for Myanmar ," and to date, 3,000 first generation Christians are without Bibles.  Their goal is huge but their faith is strong. Prior to 2012, the village of Paletwa was filled with Animists who believe the plant world is filled with mystical powers. Because of the faith and generous giving from their meager incomes, the Myanmar EMC Christians have seen over 2.000 people in the Paletwa region turn from their Animist worship and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. After seeing God lovingly care for their needs through the EMC Myanmar missionaries they wanted to know more about "their God."

After this, my first trip to Myanmar, the burden to help is stronger and I am more determined having met face to face with so many in need.  We watched new converts using what Bibles they had in South Dagon eagerly going to the table of contents to find where Philippians was located so they could follow the teaching by the Reverend Dr. James Sai Ruma, Reverend Dr. Ed Williamson and Reverend Bob Perkins. To see the trust and genuine happiness in their hearts among the hardship of their daily life is extremely humbling.  To see God working in Myanmar; to see the faith of a first generation Christian who lives among poverty, these things make you ask God, "Forgive me for taking so much for granted. Show me how I can help."  From this desire we have created a Facebook page, " Bibles for Myanmar ." 
What we so readily take for granted, they do not have - a Bible to read and study His Word in order to grow deeper in Christian faith. For six US dollars each, the EMC Myanmar can order Burmese Bibles translated by Adnorium Johnson. We ask that you join us in the goal of 3,000 Bibles for 3,000 Christians in need. Your donation is tax deductible and can be made in various ways. 
  • Online giving at the EMC International Headquarters website requires that you set up an account if you do not already have one.  It doesn't take long and your information is kept CONFIDENTIAL.  To give online click here.
  • You may also mail in your donation marking your check for Myanmar Bibles. Checks should be mailed to EMC International Headquarters, P.O. Box 17070, Indianapolis, IN  46217.  
  • Or you may wish to call the EMCHQ at (317) 780-8017 for more information.
My prayer is that you will follow God's lead as you've learned about the needs of these first generation Christians and remember them in your prayers. Their physical, medical and spiritual needs are many.  If He so leads, I know that your one time donation or a monthly reoccurring donation will be a double fold blessing.

In His Love,
Gilda Williamson

15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.
                                                                                       2 Timothy 3:15-16  (KJV)

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