April 2015
Wags and Tags
Celebrating the canine-human bond!

          This newsletter is brought to you by Arlington Dog Owners Group (A-DOG), a 501(c)(3) community organization promoting the rights and interests of responsible dog owners in Arlington, MA.  

If you're not already a member, we hope you'll want to  join A-DOG!

Wags and Tags editorial team:  Joan Black, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh, Judy Weinberg 
A-DOG logos designed by Lisa Berasi for Arlington Dog Owners Group, all rights reserved

April is Membership Month
Ricky wants YOU in the A-DOG pack!



Options for full membership are 2 years household membership at $35 or 1 year at $20. Simply go to our website and sign up online or fill out and mail our printed form.  You can pay online through PayPal or mail a check. 

In May 2008, A-DOG was established with a mission that includes promoting responsible dog ownership and advocating for the rights and interests of Arlington dog owners.

A-DOG's accomplishments include:

  • Successful advocacy leading to off-leash recreational activities for dogs in Arlington where, when we were first founded, there were NO legal off-leash options. A-DOG's advocacy resulted in: a new bylaw allowing off-leash morning hours in many Arlington parks; and a new fenced dog park at Thorndike Field
  • Educational programs including on therapy dogs, canine first aid/CPR, and dog training and behavior, including "Dog Park Etiquette"
  • Social events such as our annual "Whine and Wine" wine tasting party at Menotomy Beer and Wine
  • Opportunities for our  members to participate in fun community events such as our Town Day booth and annual march, with our dogs, in the Arlington Patriots Day parade
  • A monthly email newsletter, Wags and Tags, encouraging contributions from all our members and supporters!
  • Friends of A-DOG businesses who offer discounts and promotions to our members

Why join A-DOG or renew your membership?

"We need your support to continue to offer exciting educational and social programs.  The Town has recently hired a new K9 Recreation Activity Director, Daria Pannesi!  We look forward to working with Daria, our Animal Control Officer, Amanda Kennedy and others to bring new programs to Arlington dog owners and their supporters. Many dog owners would like a second fenced dog park in Arlington, since the first one has been so popular. And, unfortunately, there will always be pressure from opponents to return to restrictive leash laws.  So, we must continue our strong advocacy.

With your involvement and support, A-DOG can continue to carry out our mission, to keep Arlington a wonderful place for all of us, including our canine family members!"


Thank you in advance for your support,

A-DOG Membership Committee




A-DOG is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your dues and other donations are deductible as allowed by law. 


Photo shows Ricky, canine "Membership Recruiter" for our 2015 Membership Drive, who appears courtesy of Wags and Tags Editorial Team member, Ellen Leigh. Ricky and Ellen appear at the left.  


The Chaos Factor Named Rasi

An A-DOG member's prize-winning photo



by Georgette deFriesse


Every March, the Robert Floyd Photo Gallery in Southampton, MA, holds a Women in History Month photo competition for local women photographers. The entry fee benefits a fund that Floyd set up in memory of Pedge Daniels, a friend of the gallery, which in turn supports Girls Eye View, a creative writing and photography after-school program for high school girls, by providing the girls with film cameras and darkroom equipment.


The theme for this year's competition was "Human Emotion." I entered a photo I had taken of a couple of friends and their dog and was astonished when it won Second Place in the Non-Professional category. The photo is called "Chaos Factor Named Rasi." 


First, a word on Rasi's name from owner Pam:


"Rasi is named after Diana Taurasi, who was playing for UCONN at the time we got Rasi in 2004.  We were fans of that team and got Rasi just before the Final Four that year. Chris wanted an Italian name. We were especially fans of  Diana Taurasi because of her playing abilities and spunky attitude.  Rasi already had a spunky attitude as a puppy and it just felt like a good match.  And so Rasi (Taurasi) was named.  (Our vet likes to say she is the only WNBA dog she knows!)


It is rather ironic that we named her after a basketball player because she can't track or catch a ball!  She will go get it and return it a few times and then she seems to think we are people who are incapable of keeping track of our belongings and stops  returning it."


I think that Pam is overlooking one of Rasi's great talents. When I took this photo, it was supposed to be a posed snapshot of the two women with their dog between them. That's when Rasi's amazing talent became evident: Just as basketball requires someone with great aim to throw a ball through a hoop, Rasi can, with lightning speed and no warning, aim for and hit with astonishing accuracy, the inside of a human ear with her tongue. Sitting quietly between her two humans was too much for her.  No one anticipated what happened next. First she nailed Pam, who flung herself out of Rasi's reach to great laughter, then when Pam collected herself and got Rasi seated again, Rasi suddenly threw herself at Chris and got Chris in the ear. That's the moment I captured in this picture. Good dog, Rasi! Who likes boring posed photos anyway?



Georgette deFriesse is an A-DOG member residing in western Massachusetts with three crazy dogs: Isla (pronounced EYE-lay), a part Pyr, part everything mix; Luke, a neurotic rat terrier mix; and Queenie, an exceptionally small cattle dog who enjoys sight-seeing in Arlington.  Photos:  "Chaos Factor Named Rasi" (above); Queenie sightseeing in Arlington (lower).

"The Case of the Missing Canine" and "The Case of the Missing Pendant"
An A-DOG member and publisher reviews two books by local author Shara Puglisi Katsos


by Charlotte Pierce

The Case of the Missing Canine 

This the first story in The Doggie Investigation Gang, D.I.G. (TM) series of children's books. The intended audience is second to fourth grade students. While learning 3rd-grade level vocabulary, speaker dialogue and being introduced to chapter books, the reader follows three main dog characters, one of which is blind, as they solve mysteries in an effort to assist others. The three dogs are different breeds and have diverse skill sets. The series incorporates many hidden lessons, including the value of individual strengths and differences; the importance of teamwork; and the reward of caring for each other and assisting others in a time of need.

All profits from sales of the first book are donated to PAWS New England to assist in rescuing the dogs residing at Tipton County Animal Shelter, a high-kill shelter located in Tipton, TN.

As Shara Puglisi Katsos's publisher, I can vouch for Shara's complete and utter engagement in the well-being of our canine friends. After all, all the profits from the sale of this first book in her D.I.G. The Doggie Investigation Gang series are dedicated to PAWS New England, which finds loving homes for dogs rescued from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. Shara lives and breathes for canine well-being.

As a social worker by profession, Shara's empathy for animals shines through in this early reader, which is geared toward elementary school students in grades 2 and 3. Early reviews from teachers and librarians in our region are giving the book excellent reviews, as well, for the the elements of 1) engaging and well-written content; 2) reading development, and for 3) stimulating discussions of social values.


The Case of the Missing Pendant


The Doggie Investigation Gang, DIG™ was the talk of Pawtown. Since they solved their first mystery, The Case of the Missing Canine, the news about their skills and teamwork had spread quickly among all the dogs at Bow Wow Park. The dogs could not believe how fast the Doggie Investigation Gang found Gizmo's missing canine friend, Duchess.


The Doggie Investigation Gang is run completely by three dogs that happen to be best friends and partners in their own detective agency. Cooper is a clever big yellow labrador who loves a mystery. Charlie is a medium-sized spaniel, a bit of a worrier, and never late for appointments. Pedro is a small, blind min pin who has a highly refined sense of smell. Together, and with the help of their friends, they solve mysteries in an effort to assist others.

The intended audience for this series is 2nd to 4th grade students. While being introduced to 3rd-grade level vocabulary, speaker dialogue, and chapter books, children will absorb skillfully  hidden lessons such as conflict resolution, the value of individual strengths and differences, and the importance of teamwork.

A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to PAWS New England to assist in rescuing the dogs residing at Tipton County Animal Shelter, a high-kill shelter located in Tipton, TN.



Photo shows Shara Puglisi Katsos reading one of her books to young fans at Animal Rights Day.  

Charlotte Pierce, an Arlington resident and A-DOG member, runs Pierce Press and adores her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, 

Highlights from our March A-DOG Meeting
We hope you can join us in May!





by Judy Weinberg


We had a great turnout at our March meeting -- thanks to everyone who came!  We hope you can join us at our next meeting, in May.


Here are some highlights from the March meeting:


  • The membership renewal letter was reviewed for updating; hopefully everyone up for renewal has received the reminder by now.
  • The beautiful new version of our brochures will be mailed to all Arlington residents with newly registered dogs in Town this past year. This information is obtained from dog license applications.
  • A list of A-DOG friendly businesses was discussed, and volunteers will be approaching some about displaying our brochures in a countertop Plexiglas     holder.
  • To have visibility in our parks we agreed to post laminated posters on the park bulletin boards. These will have QR codes and we may also add business card sized takeaways attached to the posters with contact information.   
  • We've been getting great feedback on the monthly Wags & Tags newsletter; we discussed topics for future issues.
  • We'll be approaching Menotomy Beer and Wine for our annual members' wine tasting event, aiming for Wednesday June 10. This is a fun, social event; dogs are welcome!
  • Nearly 200 members have offered to volunteer with A-DOG, so Joan Black has been developing a Volunteer Menu. This will provide a list of categories (publicity, events, membership, Wags and Tags, etc.) so members can select where they would like to help.



Photo shows one of the prizes from the 2015 Arlington Dog Licensing Contest.  Winners will be announced soon, once prizes have been delivered, in Wags and Tags!

Author Judy Weinberg is an A-DOG board member and officer.



"Two Front Paws Up" for Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs!
Congratulations to.....

  • The organizers of and participants in the 9th Annual  Animal Rights Day , sponsored by Massachusetts School of Law.  This event, held on April 4, included displays by many animal rescue and other animal protection entities, and expert presentations on such topics as legal issues related to animal rights and animal cruelty.   
  • Worcester County Jail and House of Correction and Sheriff Lew Evangelidis
    for their new program enabling inmates to train therapy and service dogs. 
  • State representative for Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge, Dave Rogers for being a friend to Massachusetts animals.  Representative Rogers was recently recognized by the Massachusetts Voters for Animals in a post highlighting his legislative leadership to protect animals.  



PAWS to Mark Your Calendar!
Save the date for coming events



APRIL IS OUR OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP MONTH!  If you haven't already, join the A-DOG Pack.  "NEW" or "RENEW", IT IS EASY TO DO...Sign up today here.  



"There is something greyt about April". April is Greyhound Adoption Month -- bring home a rescued racer.  Or, skip your morning latte to help the greyhounds.


Tuesday, May 26 (7:30-8:30 pm)  A-DOG MEETINGJefferson Cutter House Community Room, Arlington Center.  (This will be our third of four A-DOG meetings in 2015. Doors open at 7 pm and refreshments will be served.)


Wednesday, June 10 (evening, time TBA) A-DOG Annual "Wine and Whine" Membership Celebration.  A wine tasting party at Arlington's Menotomy Beer, Wine and Spirits, a Friend of A-DOG.  We'll have refreshments and prizes.  Your well-socialized leashed dogs are welcome!


Future A-DOG Meetings:  Annual Meeting, Tuesday, October 27 (7:30 - 8:30 pm) Jefferson Cutter House Community Room, Arlington Center.  Town Day booth planning session, Tuesday, August 25, same time and place. 


Send us calendar items for possible inclusion in this section in future Wags and Tags issues!  




Photo shows a view of a recent A-DOG Town Day Booth.  

Help Wanted: Your Dog's Face Here?
Wags and Tags Welcomes Your Contributions

A-DOG Members and supporters, Wags and Tags is YOUR monthly newsletter!  I f you have suggestions for an article, including one you'd like to write, for a future issue, please contact us (arlingtondogowners@gmail.com) with "Newsletter" in the subject line.   
Maybe you'd like your dog to be one of our " Arlington dogs, or A-dogs ", like Molly, Remy. Tammy, potcake Lexi and others. You don't have to live in Arlington, but can be a neighbor who enjoys Arlington's dog recreation benefits, or otherwise supports our mission.  You can also suggest a special Rainbow Bridge memorial tribute to a beloved canine family member you've lost, like the moving tributes to Isabel, Raleigh, Strummer and Cita.  
Or, maybe you're a  Friend of A-DOG  Business and want to describe how you help A-DOG and what you offer to our community of dog owners and dog-friendly people.  Your business, too, can be featured like Bette Yip's Picture Perfect Pets, BlueSky Dogs, GoPlay!, Menotomy Beer Wine and Spirits,Your Wonderful Dog and Maida Pharmacy & Compounding Center.
Suggested article length for the newsletter is 500 words or fewer but this is only a guideline.  We will also need at least one photo, preferably a jpg or gif format, compressed to a size no greater than 1 MB.  (Please send the photo as a separate file, not imported into a Word document.) Depending on the topic, you might want to write a longer version for our website, with a link in the Wags and Tags article.

Articles on any other topic of potential interest to dog owners are welcome.  So are more volunteer editors and writers.  Please send us your story proposals!  Wags and Tags editorial team:  Joan Black, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh and Judy Weinberg

The Irish Setter on the computer photo is reprinted from a website called "iget2work".



Our third  A-DOG meeting  for 2015
A-DOG is having four meetings in 2015. Come join us on Tuesday, May 26 at 7:30-8:30 pm at the Community Room of the Jefferson Cutter House, 611 Mass Ave (at Mystic, in Arlington Center).  The Community Room is accessible via the rear entrance at the municipal parking lot.  Doors open at 7 and refreshments will be served.  

Our last 2015 Meeting will be in October (Annual Meeting).  In addition, there will be an August planning session for Town Day.  Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Jefferson Cutter House.


A-DOG Membership Drive Is On!
A-DOG's membership year runs from April 1 through March 31, so some full memberships are up for renewal.  If your membership has expired, you should have received a reminder letter and there is Membership Drive information on our website.  If you join now, your annual full membership will be good through March, 2016.  As an A-DOG Full Member, you are entitled to discounts and benefits from our Friends of A-DOG businesses.  And, your dues and donations to A-DOG are tax deductible, to the full extent allowed by law.  
Shop for A-DOG!  

Please support businesses that support responsible dogowners in Arlington by patronizing our Friends of A-DOG Businesses.  Welcome to our newest Friends of A-DOG, Maida Pharmacy & Compounding Center and Joe Trains Dogs.  Also, when you buy from Amazon, please start at the Amazon Smile website and choose "A-Dog The Arlington Dog Owners Group, Inc" as your preferred nonprofit group.  Amazon will make a donation to A-DOG and your purchase will not cost any more!

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