April 2016
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Wags and Tags editorial team: Joan Black, Jen Burns, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh, Judy Weinberg, Janice Zazinski 
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April is Membership Month
Join or renew -- it's easy to do!

by Joan Black
April is official A-DOG Membership Month. Please show support and join or renew. A-DOG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Membership dues are tax deductible to extent allowable by law.
You have the option of two years at $35 or one year at $20. Simply go to our online registration site
In May 2008, A-DOG was established with the mission that included promoting responsible dog ownership and advocating for the rights and interests of Arlington dog owners.
Our accomplishments include:
  •  Successful advocacy leading to off-leash recreational activities for dogs in Arlington. When we were founded, there were NO legal off-leash options. A-DOG's advocacy resulted in a new bylaw allowing off-leash morning hours in many Arlington parks and in the fenced dog park at Thorndike Field.
  • Educational programs on topics including: therapy & service dogs, canine first aid/CPR, dog training and behavior such as "Understanding Canine Body Language," coexisting with wildlife such as "Living With Coyotes" and new this year plans for a holistic health fair
  • Social events such as our annual "Whine and Wine" wine tasting party at Menotomy Beer, Wine & Spirits, "Paint Your Pet Night" at Art Lounge and, new this year, an idea for "movie night" at the Capitol.
  • Opportunities for members to participate in fun community events including: A-DOG's Town Day booth, annual march, with our dogs, in the Arlington Patriots Day Parade, BARK for Life, and, new this year, providing support to "Chairful Where You Sit."
  • An informative, quality monthly email newsletter, Wags and Tags, which encourages contributions from all our members and supporters! Stay informed and connected with WAGS & TAGS.
  • Friends of A-DOG businesses that offer discounts and promotions to our FULL members. The list of business supporters continues to grow.



We need your support to continue offering exciting educational and social activities. We work closely with our Animal Control Officer, Katie Kozikowski and other groups to bring new programs to Arlington dog owners and their families and friends. Many community members would like a second fenced dog park in Arlington as Thorndike has been so popular. A-DOG is committed to working in behalf of a second dog park option. Unfortunately, there may always be pressure from some to return to restrictive leash laws. We must continue our strong advocacy and education regarding responsible dog ownership.


With your involvement and support, A-DOG can continue to carry out our mission, to keep Arlington a wonderful place for all of us, including our canine family members!




A-DOG's Annual Whine & Wine Tasting Membership Celebration with canine companions is scheduled for June 8 at Menotomy Beer, Wine & Spirits.  Save the date! Details TBA.

Thank you in advance for your support,
A-DOG Membership Committee
Joan Black is an A-DOG board member and officer. (photo) Poster by A-DOG board member Jen Burns.
Bark for Life
Join or support the A-DOG team!

by Joan Black and Firefly

BarkLife Come join Bark for Life Saturday May 7 from 10 am until noon and travel the route around the Arlington Reservoir.  Bark for Life is a way to honor Canine Caregivers and Companions such as Guide, Police, Service, Rescue, Therapy, and Canine Cancer Survivor dogs who will join with owners and handlers, friends and family to raise funds for cancer treatment and research.  People and their dogs come together for a one hour noncompetitive walk to raise awareness and needed funds.  Bark for Life is especially dedicated to the special relationship between cancer patients and their dogs.  Family, neighbors and friends are invited to participate and celebrate cancer survivorship, honor and support those fighting and remember loved ones lost to cancer.    
The Firefly will be my partner for Bark for Life.  He is a six year old husky rescued from a high kill gas chamber in Louisiana.  From the year old skinny, trembling pup who came into our hearts as a foster has emerged "The Firefly." It was six months before he even dared to lick my fingertips.  At that very moment I knew Firefly was already home.  We often just call him "Good Boy" as It was evident that previously, he had been nobody's "Good Boy."  Yes, The Firefly is a "foster failure" increasing our pack from two to three members.  The Firefly learned to  how to be a dog with the help of Bella his bossy husky sister.  Bella taught him to play, wrestle and follow her directions. He adores her and they are inseparable. The Firefly is proud to participate in Bark For Life although he will have challenges.  My shy "Good Boy" is not comfortable away from familiar neighborhood streets.  Meeting new people is also difficult for him. Firefly likes to approach unfamiliar people slowly on his own.  However, he is such a pretty dog most people reach to pet him right away. The Firefly will depend upon our deep bond of trust for confidence.  At first he may sit on my foot and lean against me. I will caution folks, "Stand still and let him come to you."  Together The Firefly and I will help each other to support Bark for Life one paw and one step at a time. Over the years our family has both lost many loved ones to cancer and been blessed by a remarkable recovery. The Firefly & I will walk with Love in Celebration, Honor, and Memory for the courageous people and their friends and families who have experienced this terrible disease.  
Arlington Dog Owners Group is proud to offer a TEAM opportunity to participate.  A-DOG members, family, neighbors and friends are invited to join with us holding heads & tails high. Here are some other members of the 2016 A-DOG TEAM (photos below).
Coco & Laurie:   Coco still misses her pug life partner Ozzie who died from cancer earlier this year.  She loves to snuggle with Laurie and Alex.  Coco is pleased to participate and put her best pug paws forward.

Ricky & Ellen:   Ricky & Ellen are always a Great team.  "Sweet Prince" Ricky is featured in this photograph wearing a beautiful scarf.  He brought Ellen companionship and comfort during a recent hospital stay.  Both Ricky and Ellen are ready to Bark for Life with Love and make new friends.  On April 30th from 2-3 Ricky & Ellen will be hosting "Weekends With Daisy" author program in the Community Room at Robbins Library.
There will be doggy ice cream treats donated by The Pet Republic as well as surprises for people.  Blue Sky Dogs will be providing the ever popular Photo Booth for people and canine companions.  Watch for Blue Sky doggies doing their part for Bark for Life too.  Following the walk there will be an Award ceremony, prizes and music.  Come on down and cheer us on.

ACO Katie's Corner 
ASPCA Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and Pawsitive Award for March

by Katie Kozikowski

ACOAprilAPRIL is ASPCA's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month! Help CELEBRATE by volunteering, donating, fostering or adopting.
I'd love to give a little background as to how I came to share my heart and home with my little beloved pooch Winnie! Before I become Arlington's ACO, I worked for the MSPCA.
Winnie was picked up by Animal Control running loose in the city of Brockton. The Brockton Animal Control Officer held her for the required 7 day period to search for her owner with no luck. After the week passed, the director at the MSPCA swooped her up as quickly as possible. He thought she and I as her foster would be a match!
When Winnie was with Animal Control, she was so frightened nobody could get near her. She would cower in her kennel and not touch her food if any people were in sight. It was well known that my favorite dogs to foster and work with are the the frightened ones. It is incredible for me to help a dog change from being frozen with fear into the most lovable fuzzball imagined! Winnie was the perfect dog for me to take home as a foster as that is exactly what could happen for her.
When I first observed Winnie at the MSPCA, she was in her kennel, cowering in the back corner under her blankets. By her side was a big bowl of untouched food. She was frozen like a popsicle without moving a muscle. However, her eyes watched my every move intensely. I wondered what was going through her mind. I just knew I had to take Winnie quickly to avoid her falling into a deeper state of depression and fear. Luckily, thanks to the MSPCA's wonderful foster care program, that was a possibility.  I swept her up and popped her into my car immediately!
Winnie was not pleased with me at first and wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. She was so scared, and who could blame her. However, once home at my house, Winnie became a completely different dog. Upon arrival she did happy, puppy sprints from one end of the living room to the kitchen rolling over for belly rubs. Winnie even snuggled with me in bed that very first night. It was so amazing to see such a scared little creature turn into an amazing love bug just by changing her environment.
It took a while for her to become fully adjusted to everyone and life outside of the shelter. Now Winnie is the mascot of my softball team, my trusty Animal Control partner and my #1 bud. As you probably have guessed, she was a "foster failure" and is now a part of my family forever. I can not imagine my life without her.
Without the support of the MSPCA, there is a good chance Winnie would have not have been able to find her home because of her fear.  Winnie's story is not to present shelters as a terrible, scary place. Dogs react differently in particular environments just as people do. Some dogs do well and adjust to the shelter and others do not. A foster program is one of the most important tools a shelter can utilize. Fostering give animals the valuable experience of living in a home in preparation for adoption. It can literally save an animal's life - as it did for Winnie.
I will be forever grateful for everyone's helping hands along the way which gave Winnie the fighting chance to find the "forever" home she deserved. Here is a BIG "thank you" to the Brockton Animal Control Officer for saving her and to the MSPCA for arranging and allowing me to foster her.
If you have any questions about adoption or fostering, you can find info on the MSPCA's website at or you can call me, 781-645-8014.     

*****Watch for Katie & Winnie:

Saturday May 7, BARK for Life (Relay for Life with canine companions) held at the Arlington Reservoir from 10-noon. 
Sunday May 22 ,The Fast And Furriest 5K: Run, Walk, Wag for MSPCA Angell  held at DCR Baxter Park, Assembly Row in Somerville.

Pawsitive Award for March

     Meet Pemi and his beloved companion Lisa who were observed walking around Menotomy Rocks Park on leash after "off leash" hours had concluded.  A big "Thank You" to them for following the town by law!!  Lisa and Perni as well as others receiving tickets are setting excellent examples for dog owners and visitors to Arlington. As March prize winners Lisa and Pemi received a year Membership with A-DOG {Arlington Dog Owners Group} with FULL benefits, a magnet and an Arlington Community Card featuring local business discounts courtesy of A-DOG in Celebration of Membership Month.  "NEW or RENEW, we need you to join the A-DOG Pack." Welcome to Perni and Lisa to A-DOG and congratulations for receiving the winning ticket. Follow the "off leash" guidelines and YOU and your dog could be the next winners!
ACO Katie's Corner present updates from Arlington Animal Control Officer (ACO) Katie Kozikowski.   
Around the Doggone Web - April Edition
Useful online information

by Janice Zazinski
WebAprilIn an Internet of inanity and misinformation, it can be hard to discern truly helpful Web sites. A-DOG is here to help! Check out the ones below and feel free to send us your favorites.
  • Debbie Jacobs' web site, fearfuldogs.comgave us tremendous hope as well as solid techniques to use with our fearful rescue puppy, Daisy. It's a great resource for dogs with any kind of reactivity or fear-based behaviors. Her motto is about learning to change a dog's fear-based behaviors by changing the way we think about the dog.
  • Victoria Sitwell's web site, also had excellent information on the behavior of fearful dogs and debunks other dog behavior myths, such as the now-debunked "pack" behavior theory.
  • Help scientists "follow the pawprints of evolution" by signing up to help with the canine research of Darwin's Dogs, which seeks to understand how dog DNA changed as dogs went from living in the wild to being part of our families. Based at UMass Medical School and led by Assistant Professor Elinor Karlsson, Darwin's Dogs has brief behavior questionnaires for human participants to complete. Doggie DNA kits are coming soon! Sign up for free at darwinsdogs.orgAny dog can participate.
  • The print magazine Modern Dog calls itself "the best dog magazine ever" and perhaps it's because -- unlike many print magazines -- there is lots of great free content online, all of which are written with insight, compassion, and humor. There is, of course, a companion for our feline friends, Modern Cat. "Ten Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs" had me going "yep ... oh, yes ... uh oh, I do that." There's  even a section called "Surf - Top Dog Web Sites" ... great minds thinking alike. 



Janice is a member of the A-DOG board and a Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist. Her business, Beloved Companion Animal Massage & Bodywork, serves Arlington & environs. 

Highlights of March A-DOG Meeting
SOUPER Soup, Salad and Snacks Social and Members Meeting

Facilitator: Joan Black
Highlights & Minutes: Judy Weinberg & Joan Black
Approved minutes from January 26 meeting.

MarchMeetingOld Business:
Discussed reports from liaisons of board members with other town entities.
Art Lounge FUNdraiser was very successful and FUN with 24 participants benefiting $360, Emily Mayne donated $67.00 proceeds from jewelry sales. Total was $427. New "SURVEY" developed by Joan & Jen with "Drawing" prizes provided valuable information. For example: people learned of event primarily from Wags & Tags, A-DOG sites or family and friends  Seven different communities were represented with half from Arlington. Ten people signed up to receive W&T. Prizes were donated from Menotomy Beer Wine & Spirits, A-DOG including a membership  & Art Lounge. Event was organized by Jen Burns

March 10 "Understanding Canine Body Language" multi media event hosted by ACO and sponsored by A-DOG.  Calendar of upcoming A-DOG EVENTS developed by Joan was distributed along with SURVEY.  Fifty+ people attended which included 10 A-DOG Board members. Twenty people returned SURVEY for "Drawing" providing information and a dozen sign ups for W&T.  Audience came from several communities: Medford, Woburn, Somerville, Stoneham, Melrose and included people without dogs. Great feedback for an excellent program which included a DEMO dog. Prizes donated by A-DOG included an A-DOG membership and Lakota Bakery. & Katie awarded a "ticket" drawing training book prize.  A-DOG provided much appreciated refreshments.  Event organized by Joan Black & Katie Kozikowski.

Ellen Leigh, liaison for Robbins Library, obtained a table display for The Dog Days of Summer in August. Display will be organized by Ellen with committee.

Saturday April 30  "Weekends With Daisy" author presentation will have light refreshments provided by A-DOG. Books will be available for purchase which benefit NEADS. A-DOG will donate copy to Library and offer one as SURVEY "Drawing" prize and A-DOG membership. Event is organized by Ellen Leigh.

Saturday May 14th "Doggie Investigation Gang" author program for children/families. Books will be available to purchase which benefit Paws NEW ENGLAND. Author Shara Katsos will donate copies to Library and provide "DIG" Door prizes. Event organized by Joan Black.

Chairful Where You Sit. A-DOG will provide credit card service & prize for pet/animal-themed chair, up to $100 gift certificate to restaurant. Event organized by Chairful committee with Sue Doctrow taking the lead on A-DOG's assistance.

Katie has been giving PAWSITIVE AWARDS for monthly ticket drawings since November 2015. Winners & prizes are featured in KATIE'S CORNER W&T. Joan Black, representing A-DOG, has requested all the donations for program from local businesses. Gift certificates or prizes should be about $20 value. March & April A-DOG memberships will be awarded as APRIL is MEMBERSHIP Month. Ideas or donations would be appreciated from the board.

New Business

Three new businesses recently became Friends of A-DOG: Emily Mayne, jeweler (donation), Pet Republic in Cambridge (offering discount for classes & training demonstrations for programs), Leah Nolan (discount on pet portraits). Thank you to Janice Zazinski for identifying Leah and Pet Republic. Since January we have also added The Clip Joint, Art Lounge, & Magic Bites as business friends.

Review of scheduled upcoming events: March 26: Thorndike clean-up organized by K9 Rec: Postponed; April 9: Walks of Nature at Arlington Great Meadows organized by K9 Rec. Date misrepresented on Recreation site as April 11. Correct date has now been listed in Calendar of W&T.  Details have not been announced.; April 17, 2:00 PM Arlington Patriots Day Parade, A-DOG donated $100 and hopes to be marching with banner and dogs if enough members volunteer. Letter to membership will be sent.  Event organized by Ann & Roslyn Smith with support from Joan Black; May 7, Bark For Life 10-noon at Arlington Reservoir A-DOG Team is seeking walkers. Event is  organized by Joan Black; June 8, tentative date for annual Whine & Wine Membership Celebration at Menotomy Beer, Wine & Spirits. Event organized by Ann & Roslyn Smith & Joan Black.

Future Ideas and Plans:

Fall Canine CPR program, working with Katie the ACO and instructor who presented it fall of 2014.  Event organized by Mary McCartney & Katie Kozikowski
Movie night at Capitol Theater, $50 hour to rent screening room that hold 47 people being discussed and organized by Ellen Leigh.

Funny DOG Video Festival idea in planning with Judy Weinberg & committee.

*Membership: APRIL IS MEMBERSHIP MONTH: Renewal Email letter has been updated and sent.  Responses are starting to come back. NEW members mailing will not be done this year.  WAGS & TAGS "NEW or RENEW" article, social media postings, and POSTERS/ brochures in designated places as well as advertising at EVENTS will be ongoing.  Special plea in APRIL.


March 22.  A-DOG meeting was preceded by the FIRST Annual "SOUPER" Soup, Salad, & Snacks Social.  We all enjoyed a delicious homemade meal together as well as each other's company.  Don't miss the next opportunity to make new acquaintances while adding your own ideas at the third Members meeting on May 24 from 7-8pm. Door open at 6:30. (Remaining 2016 meetings: May 24, August 23 & October 25).

Joan Black and Judy Weinberg are A-DOG board members and officers.
"Two Front Paws Up" for Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs!
Recognizing those who help animals and people.....

 AprilPawsome First Ever Dog Friendly Ball Park by Adrea Hu 
Introduction and Song Parody by Joan Black 

"Take Me Out To The Ballgame"  aka Fido's Song  
"Take me out to the ball game. Take me out with the pack. Buy me some kibble and meaty snacks. I just think we'll be on the right track. For it's 'Woof, Woof Woof' for the home team. If they don't win, it's so lame. For it's 'Yip, Yap, Yowl' and you're out at the old ball game."
    Play ball will have more than one meaning at Chase Park this season. The Arizona  Diamondbacks have teamed up with Petsmart to host 13 Sunday dog friendly baseball games. There will be a special grassy area to  play and make friends as well as an indoor air conditioned space to cool down and doggy ice cream for sale. Another feature will be adoptable dogs seeking homes. "We at Petsmart truly value the time pet parents spend with their beloved pets, and we want to help enrich the experience they share together - including baseball games." Eran Cohen. More information here.
Power of Dogs To Raise Self Esteem In Teens by Krissy Howard: Introduction by Joan Black
    Middle School can be a challenging and difficult time in life for students with "bullying" and harassment issues creating an environment without much empathy. A Fair Shake To Youth, New York City nonprofit offers opportunities for Middle schoolers to work with trained therapy dogs. Audrey Hendler founder believe "by teaching compassion and respect for dogs, children are more likely to have compassion and respect for others."  Students work in teams to teach specific games, agility and obedience through positive reinforcement. With teamwork they help their dog to be successful. In addition the dogs in the program are a variety of different breeds, sizes, ages and personalities to reinforce the old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover." Schools are now on their waiting list. "One of our biggest challenges is having enough dogs to meet the increased demand for the work we do," says Hendler. Read more here about this remarkable program and the amazing work of therapy dogs. 
Compiled by Joan Black, an A-DOG board member and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team. Photo: Janice Zazinski with a canine massage client at Town Day. 
PAWS to Mark Your Calendar!
Save the dates for coming events
AprilCalendar"Weekends With Daisy"
Don't miss the chance to learn about the Prison/Foster training program for NEADS  Service dogs. Meet author of "Weekends With Daisy" Sharron Luttrell and service dog in training Samurai April 30 from 2-3 in the Community Room at Robbins Library.

"NEW" or "RENEW", IT IS EASY TO DO...Sign up today  here .  

Mark your calendar for these great EVENTS. Please consider attending or volunteering for the events sponsored or co-sponsored by A-DOG (shown in  GREEN

Contact us if you're interested in volunteering at any of these events...we need you!

  • APRIL was National GREYHOUND MONTH April also featured Animal Care And Control Appreciation Week. We congratulate Katie Kozikowski, Arlington's very own Animal Control Officer with respect and appreciation.
  • APRIL is A-DOG MEMBERSHIP MONTH! Watch for electronic Renewal Letters and social media reminders. "NEW or RENEW: A-DOG Needs YOU to join the pack!"  link to sign up
  • April 26, May 10, 24  and certain other Tuesdays  (3:30-4:30 pm) Come meet Reading Companion Dogs Thelma & Rufus at Fox Library. All ages and reading levels are welcome. Sign up for a ten minute reading time. Please pick up a ticket at the circulation desk starting at 3 on the day of the event. Happy tails are waiting to listen to your tales. Thelma & Rufus are also scheduled in April (26), May (10, 24) and June (7, 21). Fox Library is located at 175 Massachusetts Avenue. 
  • T uesday, May 24 (6:30-8 pm) Jefferson Cutter House , 611 Mass Ave, Arlington Center.  Next A-DOG Meeting!  Refreshments will be served (beginning at 6:30; meeting beginning at 7). 
  • Saturday, April 30 (2-3 pm).   A-DOG Author Reading, Presentation & Discussion with Q/A "  Weekends With Daisy" by Sharron Kahn Lutrell, Community Room at 
    Robbins Library .  Join us for a lively and informative discussion about service dogs and their training with an anticipated special guest appearance by a NEADS puppy in training.  (This program is more appropriate for adults than chlidren.). Copies of book will be available for purchase and signing. Bring a personal copy for autograph. Proceeds from sales benefit NEADS.  "Weekends With Daisy" will be donated to the Library by A-DOG.
  • Saturday, May 7 (10-noon).  4th Annual BARK FOR LIFE at Arlington Reservoir. Consider joining  the A-DOG Team with Joan Black (joan.c.black@gmail.com)  or walk as an individual.  Business sponsors are welcome to have a table and feature products and services. Email Dee Savioli for details to sponsor. The Pet Republic is providing doggy ice cream and Blue Sky Dogs will offer a Photography Booth. Come on down. There will be more surprises awaiting you. Information about how you and your pup can BARK FOR LIFE here.
  • Saturday, May 14 (2-3 pm), Community Room, Robbins Library A-DOG presents Shara Puglisi Katsos author of "The Doggie Investigation Gang" DIG, a chapter book series appropriate for third grade reading abilities or anyone who loves dogs. Three dog detectives of different breeds & diverse skills solve cases with teamwork.  Snacks provided and "DIG" Prizes to win. One doggie star will join Shara. Proceeds from sales benefit PAWS New England. Program is perfect for children and adults. Copies of the books will be donated to Robbins Library by Shara.
  • Sunday, May 22. Fast And Furriest 5K, RUN, WALK, WAG at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA: Come for a family friendly FUNdraiser to benefit MSPCA  Angell. RUN,WALK, WAG will be followed by activities, vendor booths, food and entertainment. Registration begins around March 22. 
  • July 22-24 weekendChairful Where You Sit. This annual benefit for Arlington Public Art is seeking donations of old chairs for artists to decorate. A-DOG is encouraging members to participate by donating, entering or attending. Dogowners  and their dogs love the parks and open spaces. Chairful Where You Sit is held on Jefferson Cutter House lawn. Save the dates! To make a chair donation email Arlington Public ArtA-DOG is proud to support the event because public art, parks and dogs go together! A-DOG will be presenting a prize for BEST in SHOW: Pet or other Animal Themed Design. (This will be in addition to official Awards presented at the Chairful event.) Register to paint a chair here
  • June 8, Wednesday (6-8 pm)WHINE & WINE Members Celebration at Mentomy Beer, Wine & Spirits.  Well behaved owners and canine companions are invited to attend our annual wine tasting event.  There will be delicious refreshments, exciting door prizes and engaging conversations.  Join us!. 
  • June 25, Saturday at 9 am.  Greyhound Friends 5K Walk/Run at 167 Saddle Hill Road in Hopkinton, MA. Friends of Greyhounds are a nonprofit whose mission is to take retired racers from all over the US and some countries. There is a $40.00 fee to enter, Come enjoy light refreshments and music. an Interested vendors should contact race director Melissa Lundgren. melissagrae@gmail.com Use this link for further information or to sign up. 
Send us calendar items for possible inclusion in this section in future Wags and Tags issues!  

Help Wanted: Your Dog's Face Here?
Wags and Tags Welcomes Your Contributions

AprilContributeA-DOG Members and supporters, Wags and Tags is YOUR monthly newsletter!  I f you have suggestions for an article, including one you'd like to write, for a future issue, please email us with "Newsletter" in the subject line.   
Maybe you'd like your dog to be one of our " Arlington dogs, or A-dogs ", like Molly, Remy. Tammy, potcake Lexi and others. Or, write an article about Happy Tails Trails, describing your favorite place to enjoy nature with your dog, like the recent article about Whipple Hill. You don't have to live in Arlington, but can be a neighbor who enjoys Arlington's dog recreation benefits, or otherwise supports our mission.  You can also suggest a special Rainbow Bridge memorial tribute to a beloved canine family member you've lost, like the moving tributes to Strummer, Cita. Jasper and Annabel. 
Or, maybe you're a  Friend of A-DOG  Business and want to describe how you help A-DOG and what you offer to our community of dog owners and dog-friendly people.  Your business, too, can be featured like BlueSky Dogs, GoPlay!, Menotomy Beer Wine and Spirits,Your Wonderful Dog and Maida Pharmacy & Compounding Center.
Suggested article length for the newsletter is 500 words or fewer but this is only a guideline.  We will also need at least one photo, preferably a jpg or gif format, compressed to a size no greater than 1 MB.  (Please send the photo as a separate file, not imported into a Word document.) Depending on the topic, you might want to write a longer version for our website, with a link in the Wags and Tags article.

Articles on any other topic of potential interest to dog owners are welcome.  So are more volunteer editors and writers. Please send us your story proposals!  Wags and Tags editorial team:  Joan Black, Jen Burns, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh, Judy Weinberg and Janice Zazinski.

Pssst...We are well aware that  our members are not likely to have issues with spelling or grammar that's a little "ruff", but don't worry....our editorial team can polish your story, as needed.
The Irish Setter on the computer photo is reprinted from a website called "iget2work". The "Bad spelling...image was posted on Facebook by Grammarly.  

Our third  A-DOG meeting  for 2016
A-DOG held four meetings in 2015 and the 2016 schedule will be announced in Wags and Tags. The next one will be Tuesday, May 24 at 6:30 pm. Future meetings in May, August and October. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Community Room of the Jefferson Cutter House, 611 Mass Ave (at Mystic, in Arlington Center).  The Community Room is accessible via the rear entrance at the municipal parking lot. Refreshments are served. New members show up every time so please join us!


A-DOG Membership!
A-DOG's membership year runs from April 1 through March 31, so some full memberships are up for renewal each spring.  If your membership has expired, you should receive a reminder letter in early 2016 during our  Membership Drive.  As an A-DOG Full Member, you are entitled to discounts and benefits from our Friends of A-DOG businesses.  And, your dues and donations to A-DOG are tax deductible, to the full extent allowed by law.  
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Please support businesses that support responsible dog owners in Arlington by patronizing our Friends of A-DOG Businesses.  Welcome to the newest Friend of A-DOG, Carolyn Barney, who donated her time to give a presentation at our recent workshop "Understanding Canine Body Language", sponsored by the ACO and A-DOG. (If you are not a full member, please sign up and pay your dues at the link above for joining A-DOG. If you are unsure if your membership is still active, or need another membership card as proof, you can email us to check into it.)

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