April 2017
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If you're not already a member, we hope you'll want to  join A-DOG!

Wags and Tags editorial team: Joan Black, Jen Burns, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh, Judy Weinberg, Janice Zazinski 
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Join us April 23 for the Patriots Day Parade!
March with or without your dog -- show your A-DOG pride!

Parade2017 Please join A-DOG's members and supporters for the 2017 Arlington Patriots Day Parade! This year, the parade will be held on Sunday, April 23, beginning at 2:00 PM.

A-DOG members' dogs are the stars of the Parade!

This is a great opportunity for our members and supporters to get together, have fun with their dogs and show the town how well behaved and friendly dogs are. Many of the young ones watching the parade love to pat our dogs, so if yours love kids, you can make some kids very happy.

As we pass the Town Hall, they will announce our organization and say a bit about us.

Costumes for your dog and yourself would be great. Any ideas to spruce up our group would be appreciated. Joan Black will have bandanas, pinwheels and beads for all of us. We will have bumper stickers available if you want to stick them on you or your dogs' clothes. There may be loud noises (bands and muskets) even though we request to be some distance from the muskets firing.

Volunteers are needed, even if you do not bring a dog, to carry our large banner, and to talk to the crowd about A-DOG along the way.


The Parade is Sunday, April 23 and starts at 2:00 PM. We won't know exactly where we will meet until the day of the parade. We will need to assemble at least 1/2 hour before the start time.

It is about 1.5 to 2 miles from start to finish, but it is easy to join in or drop out anywhere along the parade route. The parade starts in Arlington Heights, goes down Mass Ave, to Walgreen's in East Arlington.

Please email me to let us know if you are planning to come so we can give you more details as we get them.

Hope to see you all there!

Jen Burns
A-DOG board member

Call or email me to RSVP or if you have any questions -- jen@blueskydogsma.com; 781-258-3875

Jen Burns is an A-DOG board member and owner of  BlueSkyDogs.

Membership Appeal 
New or Renew! Become/stay an A-DOG member!

Membership2017April is A-DOG Membership Month. Paws for A-DOG and demonstrate your support.  Join or renew today.  A-DOG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Dues are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
JOINING IS EASY.    You have the option of two years at $35 or one at $20 .
Join by filling out this form. 
If you have already paid dues for 2017 or are unsure, please let us know so we can check our records.Contact A-DOG Membership   adog.membership@gmail.com
In May 2008, A-DOG was established with a mission that includes promoting responsible dog ownership and advocating for rights and interests of Arlington dog owners.
Our accomplishments include:

*           Successful advocacy leading to off-leash recreational activities for dogs in Arlington. When we were founded, there were NO legal off-leash options. A-DOG's advocacy resulted in: a new bylaw allowing off-leash morning hours in many Arlington parks; and the fenced dog park at Thorndike Field.


*           Educational programs on topics including therapy dogs & service dogs, canine first aid/CPR, dog training & behavior  issues such as "Reading Dog Body Language" & "Living With Wildlife" and, new this year, "Care of Senior Pets & Palliative Care." Dog Bite Procedures Forum, and Training with ACMI for creating "pet" smart phone videos.


*           Social events such as annual "Wine Tasting Membership Celebration" at Menotomy Beer, Wine & Spirits, "Paint Your Pet" at artlounge and, new this year, "outdoor" FIDO Fest Video Festival at Boys & Girls Club field.


*           Opportunities for members to participate in fun community events such as A-DOG's Town Day Booth, Bark For Life Team, annual march, with or without dogs, in Arlington Patriots Day Parade and new this year FLOAT building for the parade.


*           A monthly email newsletter, Wags and Tags, filled with articles of interest and information, a calendar of events, features which focus on local friends of A-DOG business and allies and opportunities to contribute to the publication.

*           Five scheduled meetings each year for the board and all members.


*           Friends of A-DOG businesses who offer discounts and promotions to our members.

IT IS TIME TO RENEW or Join A-DOG. It is easy to do.
We need your support to continue offering exciting educational and social programs. We work closely with Animal Control Officer, Katie Kozikowski, Arlington Recreation K9 activities, ACMI and other community groups to bring new opportunities to Arlington dog owners and their supporters. Many would like a second fenced dog park in Arlington. Thorndike has been so popular. Unfortunately, there will always be pressure from opponents to return to restrictive leash laws. We must continue strong advocacy.   With your involvement and support, A-DOG can continue to carry out our mission, to keep Arlington a wonderful place for all of us, including our canine family members!

Thank you in advance for your support,
A-DOG Membership Committee
Joan Black, Ann Smith & Roslyn Smith

Joan, Ann and Roslyn are A-DOG board members. Joan is also managing editor of the Wags and Tags editorial team. The photo shows Ricky who, along with Ellen Leigh, is also an A-DOG board member!

Video Workshop April 26 -- Learn Pet Videos at ACMI
Smile.  Smart Phone.  Action: May the Force of Video Be With You
by Joan Black  

VideoLearn to make quality videos with your smart phone on Wednesday April 26 from 7-9 pm.  The first  Phone Video Workshop in preparation of FIDO Fest will be instructed by ACMI and hosted by A-DOG in the Community Room at Robbins Library.  You will discover how smart YOU & your smart phone can really be at creating videos.  Pups will be the stars! You will learn how to capture great and usual moments.  Then you are invited to submit your video to Fido Fest ACMI will be available for editing support and suggestions.  In August you may view YOUR video on an outdoor BIG screen at the A-DOG and ACMI event: FIDO Fest:Arlington's Video Festival on 8/19 at the Boys & Girls Club field. 
AND now Ricky invites you to view his video debut as an artist entitled "Ricky, The Service Dog's Adventures in Art."  Ricky & Ellen participated in A-DOG's artlounge "Paint Your Pet Night: Friend & FUNdraiser on March1, 2017.  

Video by Jen Burns

 Joan Black is an A-DOG board member and officer and managing editor of the Wags and Tags editorial team. 

Celebrate.   Remember.  Honor.  Fight Back: Bark for Life
Join or support the A-DOG Bark for Life team

by Joan Black & The Firefly

BarkLifeThis year Arlington "Bark for Life" will be held on May 6th at the Res starting at 10am.  Closing ceremonies are at noon. You are welcome to participate at any point during this time.  Walking  around the Reservoir is completed independently. 
 Participants and their supporters will travel the route around the Arlington Reservoir.  Bark for Life is a way to honor Canine Caregivers and Companions such as Guide, Police, Service, Rescue, Therapy, and Canine Cancer Survivor dogs who will join with owners and handlers, friends and family to raise funds for cancer treatment and research.  People and their dogs come together for a noncompetitive walk to raise awareness and needed funds.  Bark for Life is especially dedicated to the special relationship between cancer patients and their dogs.  Family, neighbors and friends are invited to participate and celebrate cancer survivorship, honor and support those fighting and remember loved ones lost to cancer.  

The Firefly is my partner for Bark for Life and was rescued from a high kill gas chamber in Louisiana.  From a skinny, trembling husky pup who came into our hearts as a foster has emerged "The Firefly." It was six months before he even dared to lick my fingertips.  At that moment I knew Firefly was already home.  We often just call him "Good Boy" as previously, he had been nobody's "Good Boy." The Firefly is a "foster failure."  He  learned to be a dog with the help of Bella his bossy sister who taught him to play, wrestle and follow her directions.  They are inseparable. The Firefly is proud to participate in Bark For Life although he will have challenges as my shy "Good Boy" is not comfortable away from familiar neighborhood streets. The Firefly will depend upon our deep bond of trust for confidence.  At first he may sit on my foot and lean against me. I will caution folks, "Stand still and let him come to you."  Together The Firefly and I will help each other to support Bark for Life one paw and one step at a time.
Over the years our family has both lost many loved ones to cancer and been blessed by a remarkable recovery. The Firefly & I will walk with Love in Celebration, Honor, and Memory for the courageous people and their friends and families who have experienced this terrible disease.   We invite you to support us.

Arlington Dog Owners Group is proud to offer a TEAM opportunity for participation.  A-DOG members, family, neighbors and friends are invited to join with us holding heads & tails high. Here are some of the  members of the 2017 A-DOG TEAM.
Ellen & Ricky,   Janice Z  & Daisy,   Jessica & Alfie,   Jen & Lucy,   Naomi, Ginger, & Laura,  
Katie & Winnie,   Laurie & Coco,   Mea, Elif & Phoebe ,  Janice Y & Max,   Joan & The Firefly.
*YOUR name could go here........The $15.00 registration fee is a donation.
A-DOG will be dedicating the Team walk to Roslyn Smith, a founding A-DOG member and active board member.  Roslyn with her mom & dad, Ann & Dick have contributed significantly to the Arlington community for decades in countless ways. Dick lost his life to cancer a few years ago and Ann is caring for Roslyn now.  Roslyn will be honored on May 6th and awarded a special  "purple" shirt.  She plans to join us at the Res if feeling well enough and walk with us.
Each of us will also participate for personal reasons.  i will have the Butterfly to add more names to the rainbow streamers.  Names represent survivors we celebrate, people honored who are fighting and the memory of loved ones lost to this terrible disease.  Any name of a treasured person or pet is welcome.  
Personally i will walk again in celebration of my niece April who is now a doctor after surviving leukemia as a small child.  I will honor my friend Martha Schley Thayer who survived brain cancer this past year.  Martha walked with me last year in memory of her mother.  I will especially walk to remember Jane Guy, Senator Donnelly & The Silly Wizard who recently lost their lives. i will walk in remembrance of far too many friends & family including my parents, mother in law,  Malachy Shaw-Jones, Katherine Wall, Cassidy and sadly so many more. Last year Katherine's mother Jeanne Wall, sister Meri,  little niece Chloe and nephew Jacob came to the Res and walked the route. 
BARK for Life NEWS FLASH:    Come on down and cheer us on.
Please consider joining the A-DOG TEAM or DONATING.  NO donation is too small.  You may choose a TEAM gift or donate to an individual member.  Follow the link and click on DONATE:
A-DOG:Walk For Roslyn Team.  In addition  A-DOG will have a special ribbon display of names in Celebration, Honor & Memory.  People may contact me with names for the ribbons or questions at joan.c.black@gmail.com 
Joan Black is an A-DOG board member and officer and managing editor of the Wags and Tags editorial team.  Photos (top to bottom), Roslyn Smith with a visiting friend, Joan and the Firefly, Jessica Farman and Alfie. Roslyn and Jessica are also A-DOG board members.

A-DOG March Meeting Highlights
Join us in May!

HIGHLIGHTS: March 28, 2017 Members Meeting
6:30 SOUPer Soup & Salad Potluck Social

7:00- 8:17 Business meeting

Old Business:
*Art Lounge: Paint Your Pet, a success.  Ricky "painting" Video used to publicize ACMI FiDO Fest Video Training Workshop. Prizes included Gift certificate from Menotomy.
*No update Long term planning survey or A-DOG book donations & bookplates
*Sue and Roslyn simplifying membership process & record keeping

New Business:
*Wendy joined publicity
* Wags & Tags suggests "profile" of board members
*Dogs: Partners for Life Program: Joan & Ellen will coordinate with Library Table Display, seek  cosponsors {Library, ACO, Rescues etc.} and have identified some teams
* Joan, Sue & Leslie Mayer met with Jon Marshall, Park & Recreation. Suggested  A-DOG have more active role with existing "Dog Days of Summer," "How-oween," & "Santa Paws" in addition to publicizing. David added interest in leading "Great Walk of Nature."
*A-DOG/ACMI Fido Fest Video Festival, August 19 at Boys and Girls Club field.
*ACMI providing video training April 26. Other sessions to follow 
* Patriot's Day Parade, Mal's Towing donated flatbed truck & Road Warrior Moving Company donated space. Funds allocated to fund parade.  Parade marchers needed.
*May 6, Bark for Life at Res. A-DOG team dedicated to Roslyn. Members encouraged to donate or walk. Funds allocated in support of A-DOG: Walk for Roslyn.
*Marci Cemenska {A-DOG member} created Arlington Dog Bite Procedures Fact Sheet. Public Forum cosponsored by A-DOG & ACO. 
* "Dog Appreciation" Event  August. A-DOG would have table along with rescues and non profits. Janice is liaison to Common Ground. Details being worked out
* Electronic Membership Renewal letter updated. W&T will feature appeal & postings on social media. April is Membership month: "NEW or Renew,"
* Meetings listed as Events on Facebook page with specific agendas. Janice will post.
* Suggested Web Site have a working group. Janice & Jen agreed to join Sue.
*Mary proposed CPR event for fall/ November, and will contact Katie ACO 

PAWS to Mark Your Calendar!
Save the dates for coming events

Febcalendar"NEW or RENEW: We still need YOU to join the A-DOG pack!" It is NEVER too late.  
...Sign up today  here .  

Mark your calendar for these great EVENTS. Please consider attending or volunteering for the events sponsored or co-sponsored by A-DOG (shown in   GREEN).   Contact us if you're interested in volunteering at any of these events...we need you!

  • Reading Dogs, Rufus, Thelma, Benny, Penny, at FOX Library (175 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington) with "bark to school" from 3:30-4:30 for all ages & reading levels. Sign up for 15 minute reading sessions. Please get tickets at circulation desk starting at 3 pm day of event. Happy tails are waiting to listen to your tales.  Rufus & Thelma, Benny or Penny will be ready to read on the following dates. Mark your calendars. Apr 25, May 9 & 23. Jun 6 & 20, contact the Fox library for other dates.

  • Sunday, April 23. A-DOG at the Arlington Patriots Day Parade.
    We plan to march down Massachusetts Avenue  starting at 2pm.  Parade is one of Arlington's longest held traditions.  Sign up if you might be interested in marching  with A-DOG, with or without your dog.  If enough interest, details will follow. (RSVP to joan.c.black@gmail.com or jen@blueskydogsma.com).

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday April 20 - 22 FIDO Float Building WORKSHOPS during the daytime: Contact Jen Burns jen@blueskydogsma.com Come lend a hand with FLOAT building. We need YOU. No previous experience necessary. 

  • Wednesday, April 26Video Training Workshop from 7-9pm, Community Room at Robbins Library. ACMi & A-DOG present "Ways to Create Quality Video with your Smart Phone" Pups can be the stars! Learn to capture great moments. Submit video to Fido Fest (acmi.tv/fidofest). View on outdoor BIG screen. (tentative date 8/19) 
  • Saturday, April 29, Gore Place, 52 Gore Street, Waltham MA 30th Annual Sheep Shearing Festival 10am - 5pm. Admission: $20 adults, Free12 and under & Gore Place Members. Children must be accompanied by adult. Sheepshearing Festival is a tradition. Enjoy demonstrations of sheep-shearing, herding dogs, spinning, weaving and gardening. Large crafts fair, live entertainment, historic demonstrators, games and farm animals. Food vendors. Free parking. PLEASE NO dogs or other pets. Information here.
  • Saturday, May 6, Bark for Life, Cancer Fundraiser With Dogs
    at Arlington Reservoir from 10am to 2pm. 
    Saturday May 6,2017  Bark for Life: Cancer Fundraiser at Arlington Reservoir 10am - 2pm.    PLEASE Donate and Support A-DOG: Walk For Roslyn TEAM   You can donate to individual members or make a TEAM gift here

  • Saturday May 6 Uncorked: Wine Tasting & Art Show MSPCA at Nevins Farm, 400 Broadway, Methuen, MA from 5-8pm.  Farm is transformed into an art, wine & animal lover's dream. Participants sample 40+ intriguing wines, peruse artwork of talented local artists, taste hearty appetizers & listen to live music.  Event is located under a beautiful tent in a horse paddock. Guests view adoptable animals at adoption center & explore barn. Tickets for "21 & older" are limited. Purchase early. For information, contact Julia Pesek at 978-687-7453 x 6161 or jpesek@mspca.org.
  • Tuesday May 9 Annual Massachusetts Lobby Day for Animals at State House (Great Hall), 24 Beacon Street, Boston, Ma.10:30am - 4pm.  ASPCA, MSPCA & other animal protection organizations will host. Event provides opportunities to learn about current animal-related legislation, speak to legislators about supporting animal protection, and connect with other advocates. Do NOT miss chance to make a difference for Massachusetts animals. Information hereTo attend, register by May 4  at mspca.org/lobbyday

  •  Sunday, May 21, MSPCA Fast & Furriest: Register today! Join second annual Fast & Furriest 5k: Run, Walk, Wag at Assembly Row in Somerville (friendly, well behaved dogs invited!) Participate. Then join us for dog contests, family fun, food in celebrating the love of animals. Space is limited. Event expected to sell out, so register today. See you in Somerville!
  • Tuesday May 23 A-DOG Spring Surprise Social at 6:30 with business meeting to follow from 7:00 - 8pm. Location: Jefferson Cutter House Community Room, Arlington Center (park in back in municipal lot). Come meet new friends, learn more about A-DOG and bring your ideas. Check out the HIGHLIGHTS of March meeting.
  • Thursday May 25, Massachusetts Voters For Animals "Wine & Dine for Charity" at Red Lentil Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant,  600 Mt Auburn St. Watertown, Ma. Reservations needed for one of two seatings 5:30 -7:30pm or 7;30-9:30pm    617- 972 9189.  Three course gourmet dinner with wine pairing $40.00 (without wine $30.00.) More information here
  • Save the date: August 19, FIDO Fest Arlington Video Festival, Boy's and Girl's Club field, Spy Pond.  More information will be posted on the ACMI website.

Photo. A recent MA Lobby Day for Animals.
Send us calendar items for possible inclusion in this section in future Wags and Tags issues!  

Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs
A-DOG congratulates.....

compiled and written by Joan Black

Apr17PawsomeNation Animal Care & Control Appreciation Week: Thank you, Katie
Arlington Dog Owners Group expressed appreciation for Katie Kozikowski, Arlington's ACO in celebration of "Nation Animal Care & Control Appreciation Week" April 9-16.  Katie was presented with a Lakota Bakery gift certificate and some tasty "Lucy's Real Meat Treats" for Winnie compliments of A-DOG.  Thank you, Katie, for supporting the Arlington Community with safety services, advice, and educational programs regarding living with domestic animals and wildlife.  A-DOG truly appreciates Arlington's own ACO Katie's regular column appears in W&T.
Somerville Food Bank Launched: The Doors are Open  
The Somerville Foundation for Animals, host of the annual Somerville Dog Festival which benefits various charities has opened doors to "Somerville Pet Food Pantry."  Foundation co-founders Marji Alonso and Adam Parker along with board member Jill Hourihan of The Pet Republic wanted to offer a service with direct impact on the community.  According to Marji, "Every day people are literally  choosing to feed themselves or their pets". See "Scout Somerville". 

The Pet Republic with the Somerville Foundation for Animals hosted a charity event in early March known as Mass Hysteria.  Mass Hysteria was  quite  the fiesta with beer and tacos and games galore! We sold out all of our tickets and the place was packed with lovely animal lovers & beer connoisseurs alike. As a result, we raised  over $5000 !   All proceeds went to the new Somerville Pet Food Bank in hopes that their organization gets off to a great start!
Thank You to all  who supported this great cause, whether it was by volunteering, participating in the silent auction, donating, or attending the event itself. We couldn't have done it without the generosity and kindness of our dog-loving community! 
Excerpt from Pet Republic: "The Daily Barker" April edition.

New Fox Library Reading Dogs: Introducing Benny & Penny
Benny (left) has announced his debut as a Reading Dog at Fox Library. Benny and A-DOG member David White will be part of the NEW  "Penny & Benny" Team adding support to canine reading specialists, Rufus & Thelma.  Rufus was  featured in an Arlington Advocate article last year.  He and owner Joanna Rutter are  A-DOG members. CONGRATULATIONS to Benny & David White, who is also an A-DOG board member. Robbins and Fox Libraries April Events: Rufus & Thelma and (NEW) Benny & Penny Reading Dogs.  "Whether your child is a reluctant reader or an enthusiastic bookworm, a Reading Companion Dog transforms reading into a special warm and furry experience.  For new and experienced kid readers."

 Joan Black is an A-DOG board member and officer and managing editor of the Wags and Tags editorial team. 
Help Wanted: Your Dog's Face Here?
Wags and Tags Welcomes Your Contributions

JanContribA-DOG Members and supporters, Wags and Tags is YOUR monthly newsletter!  I f you have suggestions for an article, including one you'd like to write, for a future issue, please email us with "Newsletter" in the subject line.   
Maybe you'd like your dog to be one of our " Arlington dogs, or A-dogs ", like Molly, Remy. Tammy, potcake Lexi and others. Or, write an article about Happy Tails Trails, describing your favorite place to enjoy nature with your dog. You don't have to live in Arlington, but can be a neighbor who enjoys Arlington's dog recreation benefits, or otherwise supports our mission. You can also suggest a special Rainbow Bridge memorial tribute to a beloved canine or feline family member you've lost, like the recent tribute to Duke.
Or, maybe you're a  Friend of A-DOG  Business and want to describe how you help A-DOG and what you offer to our community of dog owners and dog-friendly people.  Your business, too, can be featured like OM Cookies, Menotomy Beer Wine and Spirits, Maida Pharmacy & Compounding Center and Lakota Bakery.
Suggested article length for the newsletter is 500 words or fewer but this is only a guideline. We will also need at least one photo, preferably a jpg or gif format, compressed to a size no greater than 1 MB. For text, arial 11 pt, single spacing preferred. (Please send the photo as a separate file, not imported into a Word document.

Articles on any other topic of potential interest to dog owners are welcome.  So are more volunteer editors and writers. Please send us your story proposals!  Wags and Tags editorial team:  Joan Black, Jen Burns, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh, Judy Weinberg and Janice Zazinski.

Pssst...We are well aware that  our members are not likely to have issues with spelling or grammar that's a little "ruff", but don't worry....our editorial team can polish your story, as needed. Feel free to ask.
The Irish Setter on the computer photo is reprinted from a website called "iget2work". The "Bad spelling...image was posted on Facebook by Grammarly.  

A-DOG Meetings in 2017
A-DOG holds five meetings per year, in January, March, May, August and October. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Community Room of the Jefferson Cutter House, 611 Mass Ave (at Mystic, in Arlington Center).  The Community Room is accessible via the rear entrance at the municipal parking lot. Refreshments are served. New members show up every time so please join us!

A-DOG Membership!
A-DOG's membership year runs from April 1 through March 31, so some full memberships are up for renewal each spring.  If your membership has expired, you should have received a reminder letter in early 2016 during our  Membership Drive.  As an A-DOG Full Member, you are entitled to discounts and benefits from our Friends of A-DOG businesses.  And, your dues and donations to A-DOG are tax deductible, to the full extent allowed by law.  
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Please support businesses that support responsible dog owners in Arlington by patronizing our Friends of A-DOG Businesses.  

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