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A-DOG Pops-Up at the Common Ground!
A summary of our day at the Common Ground holiday fair

by Wendy Hori

JanpopupA-DOG participated for the first time at the Pop UP Craft Fair at Common Ground on December 4. This was only the second time the crafts fair has been held and it was a resounding success. The fair took place in a wonderful reception hall at the back of the restaurant with over a dozen vendors and was well attended. The A-DOG table, staffed by Joan Black, Janice Zazinski ,  Wendy Hori, Anita Pliner and Nancy Feeney looked very festive with homemade crafts & treats for the pups and their humans. Several A-DOG members came by to say hello (with a surprise visit by Ellen Leigh and Ricky!) as well as some new friends who loved our coordinated A-DOG theme. Much thanks goes to the Common Ground staff with a special shout out to Bob O'Guin, Owner and Manager Liz Marsden who came by to chat and compliment us on our colorful table. On the business side, many of the items were a sell-out and the fair was a success. A-DOG would like to thank the following people who generously supplied all the items for sale:  Elaine Crowder - 4x6 "cubby art"; Joan Black-Paw Print soaps & hand sewn coasters; Shara Katsos- "DIG books"; Janice Zazinski - Daisy's pumpkin dog cookies; Wendy Hori - Lucy's Real Meat Treats & toys; Carol  Grover - :scarves; Gail McCormick: Arlington street scene cards; Sue Doctrow -  earrings; Marci Cemenska - OM Cookies; Roslyn Smith - Pepe's Peanut Butter Treats.   THANK YOU! WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!

Wendy Hori is an A-DOG board member and makes Lucy's Real Meat Treats in Arlington. Lucy's Real Meat Treats and Chestnut Hill Farms are Friends of A-DOG businesses. Photos (top) Ricky, Anita, Joan and Wendy; (bottom) Joan, Janice, Nancy and Wendy.

Winner of A-DOG's First Look Alike Contest
Meet Andrew and Olive  

by Joan Black and the Firefly

Dog is My Co Pilot:  Andrew & Olive
 by Marianne Adams

    Olive Brindle is halfway through her 3rd year of life and she shows no signs of slowing down. She loves everything outside; running, barking, scouting for ground hogs in the backyard, and chasing big game in the Berkshires. If Olive is not outside, she is in her bed on the couch sleeping or looking and hoping for action out the window on our little dead end street in Arlington. She is a rescue dog from Georgia who we chose at 4 months from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem. As you can see in the photograph Olive and Andrew are both intently watching the road ahead together in anticipation of the destination of their next BIG adventure.  Happy trails, Olive & Andrew. 


Joan Black is an A-DOG board member/officer and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team. The Firefly is Joan's frequent collaborator for A-DOG events and Wags and Tags stories! Photos (top) Joan and The Firefly; (bottom) Andrew and Olive on the road.
ACO Katie's Corner with last Month's Pawsitive Award Winner
And, for January, 2017, why license your dog?

by Katie Kozikowski

JanKatiePawsitive Award Winner -- December
Joanna Giannopoulos is a professional dog walker with clients in both Medford and Arlington. She loves the parks in Arlington and is well aware of the guidelines and regulations. Joanna, with two of her clients' dogs on leash, were observed traveling the path around McClennen Park. As she was abiding Arlington's bylaws by keeping both dogs on leash during the designated "on leash" hours, Joanna received a ticket for the "Leash It and Ticket" program.  Many others who were following the bylaws also received tickets all across town. Her ticket was the winning one chosen from December's drawing. Joanna is the proud recipient of a Gift Certificate to Arlington's own Common Ground, graciously donated by Friend of A-DOG business, Common Ground.
YOU too could be a Pawsitive winner and role model by simply doing the right thing. Good deeds and examples are noticed and have "positive" effects. YOU  also will be eligible for wonderful Pawsitive Award prizes.
Joanna has set a great example by both being informed and following the guidelines. Be like Joanna and you might be next month's winner! Think and act  Pawsitive!

Why LIcense? 

It's that "Dog Licensing" time of the year again! Let's hope Arlington can reach the highest numbers of licensed dogs ever for the calendar year 2017. In 2014 there was a record number, with 2,273 dogs registered in Arlington. And, that number was topped in 2016 with 2,281 dogs! While this is excellent, it is nowhere near the total number of canine companions in town. The goal this year is to have every dog over the age of 6 months living in Arlington registered and YOU can help.
Why should you register your dog, you may ask?  Did you know:

  • Almost twice as many animals are brought to Animal Shelters as strays compared to the number of surrendered animals?
  • The best way to ensure that your dog is brought back to you is with proper identification?
  • People have been known to pick up strays and drive them miles and miles away to the animal shelter they trust the most, even if it is in a different state or hours away from where the animal was found?

While microchips have played a big role in reuniting animals with their rightful owners, microchip scanners don't always function at 100%, 100% of the time. If your dog is registered with your town, the Animal Control Officer or any police officer can easily access owner's information from the Town Clerk. Even if your pet loses his or her collar, a description of your registered dog in the Clerk's database can help identify the owner even without a tag present.
While returning your pet back home to their rightful owner is a huge priority, another important reason to license your dog is so the town knows how many animals they need to prepare for in the event of an emergency and emergency sheltering need to be put in to place.
The low cost of a $15 (spayed/neutered with certificates) or $20 registration fee can save both you and your pet pain and heartache. Residents aged 70 or older have fees waived. In addition there is a large fine for an unregistered dog which can be easily avoided. If your dog is not registered where you live, out of town or state animal control officers have the authority to ticket unlicensed dogs, it does not matter if the dog resides in that town or not. Not only will you receive a citation for an unregistered dog, you will have a $50 late fee as well as the original registration cost in your home town.
Licensing your dog allows the town to keep an accurate census of the number of dogs residing in Arlington. The more we demonstrate how large the dog community in Arlington is, the more likely we will be able to continue to support dog related projects, events and educational programs. If we have on record a small numbers of dogs, it is difficult to justify the need for off leash hours or an additional dog park.  By registering your dog, you are being a responsible dog owner and following town bylaws. Also you are eligible to receive a "Leash it and Ticket" drawing ticket to receive prizes awarded monthly. Prizes are donated through Arlington Dog Owners Group and Friends of A-DOG businesses. Display tags proudly. You are showing your dog has a home and is loved and being a responsible dog owner.
How to license your dog:
The Town Clerk sends renewal notices at the beginning of every year, you can easily fill in the open spaces and send your check and self addressed envelope to the address printed on your renewal notice. If you have just moved to Arlington or have not registered your dog in the past, you will need to bring a copy of your dog's rabies certificate to the Town Clerk's Office during open hours where they will issue you your dog's License Tag. Information and application forms here.

ACO Katie's Corner presents updates from Arlington Animal Control Officer (ACO) Katie Kozikowski.   Photos, from top, (1) ACO Katie; (2) Pawsitive winner, Joanna. 
Collaborating with Katie on this column is Joan Black, A-DOG board member/officer and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team.
Around the Doggone Web - January 2017
New Year ... New Habits .... New Dog?

by Janice Zazinski

JanAroundWebHappy 2017! January is National Train Your Dog Month, and while the cold weather might put a crimp in your furry pal's outdoor exercise, never fear! The mental stimulation of training your dog and reinforcing what s/he already knows is both tiring for your dog and fun for the family.

  • The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APTD) has free "everyday manners" classes available online, here. They specialize in teaching dogs to have C.L.A.S.S.: Canine Life and Social Skills.


  • Maybe you want to brush up in a structured setting. Remember, training doesn't have to be all-or-nothing ... as my husband and I learned in our Basic Manners class at Friend of A-DOG The Pet Republic, you can reinforce your dog's "stay" or practice some "leave-its" in the kitchen while the pasta is boiling, have your dog "wait" while you open the front door, and practice random recalls while you're just sitting and reading. Set your dog up for success and reward with whatever motivates your dog best: a treat, praise, a toy.


  • Companion Animal Psychology has posted its annual list of "Pet People to Follow" in 2017, ranging from behaviorists and geneticists to animal welfare nonprofits and organizations fighting breed-specific legislation.


  • What's wrong with rawhide? Plenty, according to Dr. Karen Becker, starting with how it's made (not for the squeamish). More here.  


  • Maybe you promised the kids a pet for Christmas or Hanukkah and are wisely waiting for warmer weather to bring your new pet home, but you think you need a puppy or kitten to bond with the family. The ASPCA "Shines a Light on Shelter Myths" and debunks that and other ideas about shelter pets in this post. In fact, canine scientist Julie Hecht has done studies that show dogs of all ages bond quickly with humans, and can form multiple, successive bonds in their lifetimes. (I think anyone who has adopted a shelter dog can attest to that.)


  • When you finally bring your new dog home, Victoria Stilwell has tips on how to choose a good dog trainer. For starters, a trainer needs to communicate very well with humans. More here

Janice Zazinski is an A-DOG board member and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team. She is the owner of Beloved Companion Animal Massage

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JanCalendar"NEW or RENEW: We still Need YOU to join the A-DOG pack!" It is NEVER too late.  
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Mark your calendar for these great EVENTS. Please consider attending or volunteering for the events sponsored or co-sponsored by A-DOG (shown in  GREEN

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Announcement January 2017: Chief Frederick Ryan welcomed K9 Eiko as the latest member of the Arlington Police Department .  Eiko and handler Officer Michael Hogan recently graduated from the Boston Police Canine Academy on December 30th.  Eiko officially joined Dasty on the K9 team with Officer Hogan on January 4th.  A-DOG is proud to welcome Eiko to Arlington. 

  • Jan 31 and future (see dates)
      Rufus & Thelma Reading Dogs at FOX Library (175 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington) with "bark to school" from 3:30-4:30 for all ages & reading levels. Sign up for 15 minute reading sessions. Please get tickets at circulation desk starting at 3 pm day of event. Happy tails are waiting to listen to your tales.  Rufus & Thelma will be ready to read on the following dates. Mark your calendars. Jan 31, Feb 14 & 28, Mar 14, & 28, Apr 11 &  25, May 9 & 23. Jun 6 & 20 
  • January 24 - First A-DOG meeting of 2017; January 24 (6:30-8:30 pm; visiting and refreshments at 6:30 with meeting beginning at 7). A-DOG's Festive First Membership Meeting of the Year. Join us for a "Winter Warmer " of soups, bread, tea and hot topics {includes vegetarian option} served at 6:30.  Business meeting will directly follow from 7-8pm.  Agenda will feature A-DOG's Calendar: proposed Events & Projects for 2017 and a discussion about setting long term goals with a survey. Location is the community room (downstairs) at the Jefferson Cutter House (home of Dalin Museum in Arlington Center); enter at lower level in back; you may park in the municipal lot, but don't forget that Arlington now requires parking payment til 8 pm. Future A-DOG meetings, March 28, May 23, August 22 and October 24 (Annual Meeting).
  • Wednesday March 1 at 6:30pm "Paint Your Pet" is coming!  (Pet photos must be submitted  earlier).  Friend of A-DOG ArtLounge in Arlington (1346 Mass Ave, Arlington) is hosting a " Paint your Pet" Friend & FUNdraiser for A-DOG. Come and paint a portrait of your pet. You don't have to be Frida Kahlo or Georgia O'Keeffe, artlounge's wonderful staff artists will outline the picture of your pup on the canvas before you arrive. Drinks and tapas are available for purchase. So grab your friends and your inner artist and join us for a fun and creative evening!   Space is limited and please add your name to the waiting list if the event is full. We hope to do this again soon!  Reserve your spot at the ArtLounge website .  
Photos (top) Paint Your Pet poster by A-DOG board member Jen Burns; (bottom) Dasty, Officer Mike Hogan and newest K9 Eiko (from the Arlington town website). 
Send us calendar items for possible inclusion in this section in future Wags and Tags issues!  

Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs
A-DOG congratulates.....

compiled and written by Joan Black

 JANPAWSOMEReading With Rufus is Warm & Fuzzy: An "A-Dog" to be proud of is Rufus.
Rufus is a beautiful German Shepherd who spend his Tuesdays afternoons listening to children read at Arlington's Fox Library. Rufus is a therapy dog who specializes in helping children gain confidence and practice reading  books. He does not judge nor lose interest. His taste in books expands with each session. Children register for time with Rufus or his partner Thelma on the day of the event. Wags & Tags lists Reading Dogs dates in Paws For Calendar. Discover more about Rufus and the program by reading the recent article by Heather Beasley Doyle which appeared in the Arlington Advocate.  Why not visit the Fox to observe Rufus and Thelma on the job? Joanna Rutter and Rufus are members of Arlington Dog Owners Group. Rufus was featured in a previous edition of WAGS & TAGS in a story composed by Joanna. He also had a  focus at our A-DOG Library Exhibit Table last summer and is always one of the most popular candidates in our "Guess The Breed Game" played at Town Day and other events.  A-DOG is very proud of Rufus, a dog to be proud of. 

Santa Paws Benefits Thorndike Dog Park with Sponsorship from Home Advantage Team.
Celebrating the Holiday Spirit.
On December 10, canines and human companions flocked to Thorndike Dog Park for the annual Meet and Greet with Santa Paws. Enthusiastic packs of people and pups welcome Santa Paws and had their photographs taken.  Thank you to Tony, a VERY good friend of Santa, Jon Marshall, Director of Arlington Recreation and event sponsors, Steve McKenna and Tracy Wallace along with The Home Advantage Team at Bowes Real Estate.  Over  $200 was raised this year alone to benefit Thorndike Off Leash Recreational Area (Arlington's only dog park).  Thank you to  Arlington Recreation for scheduling and supporting Santa Paws, Dog Days At the Res, Halloween Pups Party and other events. These activities are much appreciated by residents.  They are opportunities to enjoy the parks with family, friends and canine companions while  raising needed funds for dog park maintenance and improvement.  Watch for announcements of activities and be sure to support with participation.  A-DOG publicizes K9 Rec Events on our social media sites and in PAWS for Calendar section of  WAGS & TAGS.  Please NOTE: An excellent way to support the Park is through "Doggie Donate" listed under Arlington Recreation Programs. Doggie Donate: "Arlington is fortunate to have a free, enclosed dog park at the Thorndike Field to be enjoyed by canines  and their owners.  Won't you consider donating a small amount to help us keep this treasure maintained.  A contribution of $5.00 or $10.00 would be greatly appreciated." You can donate to the Thorndike Dog Park here

Massachusetts Moves Up to Number #3 With Passage of Question Three, November 2016.  State Rankings for A More HUMANE Nation
Many Massachusetts residents, elected officials and groups worked very hard to pass Question Three last fall.  Voters responded overwhelmingly with a powerful, "YES" in November. Wags & Tags published several articles explaining the benefits of Question 3 for people and animals alike. This year according to Humane Society of the United States Massachusetts moved up and is now ranked #Number 3 in the nation. It has become a leader by the passage of the most comprehensive Farm Animal Protection measures which prohibit the cruel confinement of veal calves, breeding sows and laying hens and restricts sale of such products within the state.  To learn more about top ranking states and their victories, those states woefully at the bottom and the work of HSUS read this press release.

 Joan Black is an A-DOG board member and officer and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team.

Help Wanted: Your Dog's Face Here?
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JanContribA-DOG Members and supporters, Wags and Tags is YOUR monthly newsletter!  I f you have suggestions for an article, including one you'd like to write, for a future issue, please email us with "Newsletter" in the subject line.   
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Or, maybe you're a  Friend of A-DOG  Business and want to describe how you help A-DOG and what you offer to our community of dog owners and dog-friendly people.  Your business, too, can be featured like OM Cookies, Menotomy Beer Wine and Spirits, Maida Pharmacy & Compounding Center and Lakota Bakery.
Suggested article length for the newsletter is 500 words or fewer but this is only a guideline. We will also need at least one photo, preferably a jpg or gif format, compressed to a size no greater than 1 MB. For text, arial 11 pt, single spacing preferred. (Please send the photo as a separate file, not imported into a Word document.

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The Irish Setter on the computer photo is reprinted from a website called "iget2work". The "Bad spelling...image was posted on Facebook by Grammarly.  

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