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The Duke of Sunset Road
August 2004-May 12, 2016

by Jennifer Goebel

DukeofSunsetApril 2005-Saturday morning. Mostly Mutts dog rescue in front of PetSmart, right next to Toys R Us, where were looking for the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Oh no. Just a quick look with my sons, who were 4 and 8, who could resist? A call to my husband. I was falling in love with a 4-month-old lab-terrier mix with lots of energy, and the kids were with me. I've always been a sucker for floppy ears. My husband was looking at the puppy's cage-mate, an 8-month-old reddish-brown dog of indeterminate heritage called Duke. Chow? Husky? Pointy ears. Meh. When we asked, Duke was already taken and I was just as happy, so we signed the paperwork, took a tour through PetSmart for supplies, and brought the cute puppy home.
Three days later, Mostly Mutts called-Duke had been returned. This Puerto Rican street dog didn't fit in with his new family. He howled in the crate, the other dog didn't like him. Would we take him? Heck, we had a large yard - nearly 2/3 of an acre in Decatur, GA. Sure! Two dogs. Why not?
And so Duke joined us. And the two of them, Ruby (who was going to be called Sapphire until my sister said that was a porn star name) and Duke started out on their journey to educate us about dogs and dog ownership. Of which we knew very little, having been cat and kid parents, but never dog parents.
The first thing we learned is that Duke really was not crate-able. He did indeed howl. And whine. That part-Husky side of him could do an incredibly pathetic high-pitched whine. But crates were the thing for dogs-that's what all the books said. He would get used to it. First, one of us would sleep in the living room with the crated dogs, then we moved the crates into the bedroom, and then, after a few weeks, we just gave up. Forget it. It wasn't that much longer before Duke showed us where he really should be-on our bed, sleeping with his pack.

Moving to Arlington
August 2005-Moving from a house with a large yard and doggie door and two work-at-home parents to a two-family house, no fenced yard, and two working parents meant things had to change. In those early years, it was three hour-long walks a day, with Scott, our dogwalker, coming for lunchtime relief.
On one of my first walks in Arlington, I was lucky enough to find a group of dogs and owners in Hurd Field. It became a routine, and was a great time for the dogs to socialize and get some energy out. And for me to learn about dog behavior. While Ruby would run around and play with the other dogs, Duke was more interested in the squirrels, and would spend his time staring up at the trees.
When Arlington hired a new Animal Control Officer and decided to enforce the leash law, it was this group that decided to do something about it. Many Town Meetings and years later, some of this original group (including me) introduced and voted for the off leash hours that we have in place today.
Life with the Duke
It's not clear to me which of the dogs was "alpha" in my house. Duke eschewed formal social hierarchies. Yes, he was the first dog out the door, and the first dog to finish his food, but Ruby pushed him out of the way when people were giving out pets and attention. He would take his bones immediately to the yard, and bury them. Then whine while Ruby worked on hers. The minute her attention drifted to bark at someone at the door, he'd dart in and grab it, and hide it in the back yard. But when he brought them back in, Ruby returned the favor by grabbing them back.
While he knew what I meant when I said "come" or "stay" or "wait," he would consider his own thoughts on the matter before deciding to comply or not. Sometimes, he would wag his tail in acknowledgement, and then continue on his way. He wasn't treat motivated, and without a squirrel in my pocket, I couldn't compete with the chipmunk-filled stone walls for his attention.
Off-leash walks with Duke were harrowing those first few years, but I soon learned that, even if I couldn't see him, he was usually not far. In fact, he was often ahead of me, just around the corner, waiting for me to catch up, while he sniffed for squirrels and chipmunks.
The truth is that Duke drove me crazy. He pulled me so hard that he broke my finger. He got lost. He ate the kids' toys. He ate his own toys. He caught four squirrels. He killed a rabbit. He killed a baby duck. I got muddy and wet bushwacking through the woods to pull him off stone walls and treed squirrels. He ran off more than once. On one memorable occasion, he walked himself home from Whipple Hill, probably using the crosswalk, I'm guessing, since he always wanted to cross at the crosswalk. 
Generally, though, he did what I asked. He took pills he definitely didn't want to take. He swam at FlowDog to help his legs recover post-ACL repair surgeries, even though he didn't like it. He would let me Furminate him, wash him, and spray his muddy legs down, giving me a look of "well, if you must." He went to vet willingly, even those last few times when it was horrible for him.
For a 70-pound dog, he was a cuddly guy, sitting next to us on the sofa, putting his head on our laps, breathing on our computer screens, and pawing at our keyboards. I miss his soft ears.
He was a great singer. He would give us impromptu howling concerts that would last for several minutes. Sometimes after dinner, sometimes morning concerts with our arrival downstairs, sometimes for no reason at all. He howled at his friends when he met them at the parks, or on the streets. A few of them would howl with him, giving us a nice duet.
Duke followed me around the house. If I went upstairs, he went upstairs. When I came down, he came down. I was his pack leader, and he would sigh with contentment when he settled on the bed next to me. And he was there for me through some tough times. Even when he was filled with abdominal fluid, skinny and weak, he slowly made his way up the stairs. When he couldn't make it onto the bed, he settled onto the stack of three dog beds on my side of the bed.
We lost Duke to liver failure on May 12.
I miss hearing his feet patter up the steps at bedtime. I miss his companionable sighs, his little "let me in" yips, his waggy tail, his nose bumps saying let's go walk, his expressive eyes, and his soft, soft ears.
There's a Duke-shaped hole in my heart now, and I think there always will be. But it's a good hole, from having loved and been loved by this funny, wonderful dog.  

Jen Goebel is one of A-DOG's first members and an early board member. She was also one of the Town Meeting members who successfully championed off-leash morning hours.
East Arlington's New Streetscape Comes Alive During 
Capitol Square's "Feast of the East" 
Luv and Other Gifts partners with A-DOG -- join us!

by Diane Buxton
LuvThe new streetscape along Mass Ave in East Arlington will come alive during Capitol Square's 18th annual "Feast of the East," Saturday, June 18, from 12 to 4pm, with a brass band blowout, ethnic food from Arlington's favorite restaurants, free activities for all ages, a 20th birthday party bash, sales, raffles and giveaways from neighborhood businesses.
"With just a few final touches to go, we're thrilled to show-off the new streetscape along Mass Ave," said Diane Buxton owner of Luv and Other Gifts (189 Mass Ave), who helps plan the event and will be partnering with A-DOG (Arlington Dog Owners Group) during the Feast to introduce her store's new "Puppy Luv" items for dogs. "Why should the humans have all the fun," she adds. "We'll be sampling our new "Puppy Luv" gourmet dog treats and A-DOG will be offering free doggy massage."
Luv and Other Gifts' "Puppy Luv" items include custom dog bowls by local artist SuzaLuna, who will take your dog's photo and create a beautifully painted ceramic dog bowl with the likeness of your pup front and center.  Never buy another dog bed again after you select the perfect color, pattern, and style of the award-winning, hypoallergenic, machine washable, P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) bed for your furry family member.  And don't forget to honor your puppy's playful side with a colorful, durable, squeaky toy with 2% of purchase price going towards the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare).  
So come visit Luv and Other Gifts and A-DOG at 189 Mass Ave during Feast of the East for free dog biscuits, dog massage, and a chance to win "Pluto," one of Luv's popular metal garden art statues.
Be sure to bring your appetite for a day full of your favorite food, from Acitron to Za, Arlington's best restaurants will be serving up something for everyone. Be one of the first to try Ristorante Olivio's new breakfast and lunch offerings on their outdoor patio. Kids will enjoy the Feast's resident clown complete with animal balloons, face painting, free crafts, as well as free popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and more.
Artbeat Creativity Store and Studio will kick-off their 20th birthday celebration that will continue throughout the year. Join the party during the Feast to help decorate their birthday cake, make a party favor to take home, get your face painted, and pick up a Follow That Fox! guidebook for Artbeat's Summer Art and Discovery Adventure.
"Cultural life in East Arlington is blossoming." says Artbeat owner Jan Whitted, who has helped organize Feast of the East for 18 years and helped found the Capitol Square Business Association. "Artbeat's been part of that since the beginning, and Feast of the East has been an important way for the community to come together. We hope everyone will stop by and be part of the fun and see what Capitol Square has to offer." 
It's a brass band blowout in front of the Fox Library where three brass bands will perform throughout the day. Join the Fox Festival and Parade, led by the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band at noon; followed by the Funkrust Brass Band, a 15+ piece brass band playing disco punk; and last but not least, the A-Town Jazz Band will keep the beat going strong until 3:30pm.
As usual, the Kid's Zone on the Trinity Church lawn will be hopping with bounce houses; the Inventor Mentor, making exciting science through invention; and back by popular demand, Sing-along with Kevin M. Be sure to stop by Arlington Public Art's booth on Mass Ave to have fun in the UpTruck Mobile Arts Lab.
Feast of the East is brought to you by the Capitol Square Business Association, with additional support from Brookline Bank, as well as Leader Bank, Watertown Savings Bank, and Bowes Real Estate.
For a complete list of participants visit this website
Capitol Square is located in the heart of East Arlington, MA, near Routes 2 and 16, and less than three miles from Harvard Square. Visit unique, artsy shops and galleries and a variety of great eateries along Mass. Ave. 
Diane Buxton owns the Arlington gift shop Luv and Other Gifts and her shop is a Friend of A-DOG!
ACO Katie's Corner 
ASPCA Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and Pawsitive Award for March

by Katie Kozikowski

ACOJunOff-Leash Dogs Reporting System

As of April, a new reporting system has been put in place by the Animal Control Officer and Recreation Department to collect data on off leash dogs in town. This has caused quite the discussion among dog and non-dog owners alike and I would like to take a moment remind everyone that this system is in place for data collection only.

Arlington currently is an extremely dog friendly town and allows for off leash hours in the mornings between park opening and 9am in designated areas. With the nicer weather upon us and more people visiting our parks with their dogs, it is important that people still remember there is a town bylaw stating that dogs need to be leashed after 9am in every public area of the town with the exception of the OLRA. We love our dogs and we love to give them the freedom to express normal dog behavior, but we also are keeping in mind that other non-dog owners and dog owners with fearful/dog aggressive dogs enjoy using the parks without having to fear of an off leash dog approaching them as well.
The data collected from this reporting system will better help the Animal Control Officer figure out where and when there might be reoccurring issues to help alleviate inappropriate off leash activity. As mentioned previously, this information is for data collection only and will not be immediately sent to Animal Control or the Arlington Police. However, as always, if there is something that needs to be handled immediately, Animal Control or the Police should be contacted by phone to have an officer dispatched to the scene more readily.
The link to the reporting system can be accessed by computer or on your smart phone here.

A reminder that the fines in Arlington are hefty for off leash dogs:
1st offense: $75
2nd Offense: $100
3rd offense: $150
4th and subsequent offenses: $200
Let's work together to keep Arlington dog friendly and safe for everyone!

Pawsitive Award for May

May's Pawsitive Awa rd Winner is Emma and her dog mom Joan. They were observed enjoying a walk with Emma on leash through the woods of Menotomy Rocks Park. It is important to have some off leash exercise but also to observe the established   off leash guidelines.  Emma and Joan realize that following Arlington's bylaws ensures everyone's happiness and safety. They have earned May's "Leash it and Ticket" prize which is a gift card to Whole Foods courtesy of A-DOG.  Congratulations to you both for setting such a good example abiding by the posted rules of the park. The next Pawsitive Award Winner could be YOU!

ACO Katie's Corner presents updates from Arlington Animal Control Officer (ACO) Katie Kozikowski.   
Around the Doggone Web - June Edition
Useful online information

by Janice Zazinski
WebJuneWarm weather issue!
  • Most dogs love to swim, so this article on "dry drowning" was something I'd never heard of ... be sure to monitor your dog when she's swimming for signs of exhaustion.
  • Hot pavement can hurt your dog's feet ... how to prevent, and what to do here 
  • Steve Dale is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and writes a regular column/blog in Chicago. This week, he gets into a car in a fake fur coat to see how it feels; in his words, "I was not prepared for what happened." For starters, the interior of the car, on a 84 degree day, got up to more than 90 degrees within 10 seconds; moments later, it was off-the-charts-hot.
  • Excellent 32-second video of what to do when you see a dog in a car on a warm day. Start by checking to see if any of the doors are unlocked.
  • The Humane Society of the United States reports that Massachusetts State Senator Mark Montigny and State Representative Lori Ehrlich have filed legislation (S878/H1273) to prohibit confining animals in a car during extreme heat or cold and give animal control officers, police officers, and firefighters authority to rescue the animal. Check out this and other pending animal-friendly legislation here 

Janice is a member of the A-DOG board and a Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist. Her business,  Beloved Companion Animal Massage & Bodywork, serves Arlington & environs. 

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  • June 18 Saturday (noon-4pm) FEAST OF THE EAST  Join A-DOG at LUV's Storefront in East Arlington for a variety of activities including free doggie massage, Name The Breed Game and Drawing for prizes.  Come and preview LUV's line of doggie products & apparel and other unique items.  Dogs are encouraged to bring their human companions and treats will be available for good behavior. Thank-you to LUV, a beautiful local gift shop, for hosting our table!
  • June 25, Saturday at 9 am.  Greyhound Friends 5K Walk/Run at 167 Saddle Hill Road in Hopkinton, MA. Friends of Greyhounds are a nonprofit whose mission is to take retired racers from all over the US and some countries. There is a $40.00 fee to enter, Come enjoy light refreshments and music. an Interested vendors should contact race director Melissa Lundgren. melissagrae@gmail.com Use this link for further information or to sign up. 
  • July 22-24 weekendChairful Where You Sit. This annual benefit for Arlington Public Art is seeking donations of old chairs for artists to decorate. A-DOG is encouraging members to participate by donating, entering or attending. Dogowners  and their dogs love the parks and open spaces. Chairful Where You Sit is held on Jefferson Cutter House lawn. Save the dates! To make a chair donation email Arlington Public ArtA-DOG is proud to support the event because public art, parks and dogs go together! A-DOG will be presenting a prize for BEST in SHOW: Pet or other Animal Themed Design. (This will be in addition to official Awards presented at the Chairful event.) Register to paint a chair here

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