March 2017
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Paint Your Pet  -- A Full House!
Our 2nd "Paint Your Pet" fundraiser...thanks to artlounge!

by Jen Burns
MarPaintA-DOG's "Second Annual Friend & FUNdraiser" at artlounge arlington March1 was a great success. It was a FULL house. Staff artists provided canvasses with detailed sketches of pups from actual photographs. Artist participants simply added color and personality and watched portraits magically come to life. General instructions were given with followed up personal guidance and attention as artlounge staff moved around the studio. Wine and other beverages flowed and varied tapas snacks were enjoyed by all. Thank you to Sue Doctrow (Bonprise Designs) for an amazing boutique of handmade jewelry and hats for sale. Recipients of A-DOG door prize drawings were: Alexis Caloral: $50.00 gift certificate donated by Menotomy, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Michelle O' Shaughnesy: One Year A-DOG Membership with FULL Benefits, Lori King: Arlington made "treats" donated by Lucy's Real Meat Treats: A Partnership with Chestnut Farm, and Michelle Cefalo: "tuff" dog toy donated by Jen Burns. (Special "Thank You" to Menotomy & Lucy, Friends of A-DOG Business for donations.) A-DOG's first event of the year was a colorful, engaging social evening of FUN. Everyone walked out the door holding a much loved and admired masterpiece. Hope to see you next year. Invite family members or friends to the festivities. We will raise a brush and a glass for our beloved pets. 

Jen Burns is an A-DOG board member and coordinator of "Paint Your Pet", as well as participating artist painting Lucy. Jen is also owner and Senior Canine Walkologist of  BlueSkyDogs.
Photos contributed by several attendees!

Do YOU Love a Parade?   
Help Build or Be On The FIDO Float 

by Joan Black

MarchparadeDo YOU Love a Parade?  Help Build or Be On The FIDO Float  by Joan Black  
ACMI & A-DOG have joined forces to create a FIDO themed Float for Arlington's Patriots Day Parade to publicize & celebrate FIDO Fest: Arlington's Video Festival scheduled for August 19, 2017 (date to be confirmed).  We are designing a Float (see mockup) and have secured a donated truck and driver compliments of Mal's Automotive Center.  Road Warrior Moving And Storage has provided space in their warehouse to assemble the FIIDO Float before the event. We are excited about participating in the parade while publicizing Fido Fest.   Arlington's parade will be held Sunday April 23 beginning around 1:00 pm. (Participation details will follow)  It is a very popular and long running community event.
HELP Build FIDO Float Workshops will beheld at mutually convenient times over these three dates: April 20-22.  YOU may volunteer for any part of the process.  Lend a hand,  some talents and especially your enthusiasm.  "FIDO Float" Building APPEAL: Contact Jen Burns: 
 Please email Jen directly to schedule as a volunteer help to build FIDO Float:   4/20-4/22 during the day.   
REQUESTED for the float: big boxes & newspapers, paintbrushes, and drop cloths.

Contact Jen if you can provide any materials for Float Construction or with ideas.

Volunteers will be needed to ride on the float or walk beside with or without dogs who likewise "love a parade."  We will ride, walk and float down Massachusetts Avenue from the Heights to Walgreens near Spy Pond Lane with our heads & tails held high.    
(Details will be communicated as to where  & when to meet April 23.  The Information is confirmed on the morning of  actual parade date.  We will set up telephone tree as well as send email)

*Thanks to Mal's & Road Warriors for becoming Friends of A-DOG Business  and sponsors of FIDO Fest.  Join us for A-DOG & AMCI's Incredible BIG Adventure With FIDO Float! 

Joan Black is an A-DOG officer and board member and managing director of the Wags and Tags editorial team.

Smile.  Camera.  Action:  May the Force of Video Be With You
Get ready for A-DOG/ACMI's FIDO Fest!

by Joan Black  

MarchVideoLearn to make quality videos with your smart phone on Wednesday April 26 from 7-9pm.  The first  Phone Video Workshop in preparation of FIDO Fest will be instructed by ACMI and hosted by A-DOG in the Community Room at Robbins Library.  You will discover how "smart" YOU & your smart phone can really be at creating videos.  Pups will be the stars! You will learn how to capture great and usual moments.  

Then you are invited to submit your video to Fido Fest. (The link was not yet up when we wrote this but check in later for it or contact ACMI to ask.) ACMI will be available for editing support and suggestions.  

In August you may view YOUR video on an outdoor BIG screen at FIDO Fest:Arlington's Video Festival (tentative FIDO Fest date 8/19, to be confirmed) 
AND now Ricky invites you to view his video debut as an artist entitled "Ricky, The Service Dog's Adventures in Art."  Ricky & Ellen participated in A-DOG's artlounge "Paint Your Pet Night: Friend & FUNdraiser on March1, 2017.  

Joan Black is an A-DOG officer and board member and managing director of the Wags and Tags editorial team. Video of Ricky the artist was taken by Jen Burns.

ACO Katie's Corner 
Deadline to License Dogs for 2017 is Approaching: License for Safety

by Katie Kozikowski

MarchACORemember all dogs residing in town must be licensed with the Arlington Town Clerk.  If you have recently moved and your dog is licensed in your previous town, it is still law to register according to current residence.  Licensing programs are not linked between towns and cities.
If lost, a licensed dog even without wearing tags will find the way back home MUCH more quickly and often than an unlicensed dog.  Stray dogs picked up by Animal Control are scanned for a microchip.  Town's dog license database is immediately searched.  That description and area where dog was found are the two most crucial pieces of information needed to identify owners and return a dog home safely. Your dog is required to wear his/her licensing and rabies tags on the collar. There is a $50.00 fine for not displaying tags. This requirement identifies the dog as having an owner  and being current with rabies inoculation.  If your pet becomes lost, there is less of a chance the dog will be taken to a shelter as homeless or stray.  
The number of dogs licensed in Arlington is very important to ascertain as part of preparing for natural disasters.  By knowing how many dogs are living in town, an appropriately sized shelter for animals that may be in need can be determined. While that might not be something most people think about on a daily basis, a shelter could save your pet's life should a disaster occur!
If you know anyone who has an unlicensed dog, please urge them to obtain a license. If you have any questions about licensing, you can contact Animal Control at 781-645-8014 or at .
To license your dog, please visit the Town Clerk's Office at the Arlington Town Hall, located at 730 Massachusetts Avenue.
Avoid Failure to License & Display License tickets of $50.00 each and an additional "late" fee of $50.00 after March 16, 2017. Get Your License Today.  Have your dog wear "tags" proudly and safely. 


ACO Katie's Corner presents updates from Arlington Animal Control Officer (ACO) Katie Kozikowski.   Cartoon by Shunsuke Yamaguchi, an Arlington dogowner.
Collaborating with Katie on this column is Joan Black, A-DOG board member/officer and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team.
Animal Rights Day: 
Dogs Helping Dogs, while Teaching Young Children Empathy, Individualism, Team Work and Advocacy

by Shara Puglisi Katsos, MSW, LICSW
MarchAnimalRightsTimes seem to be changing quickly and not in the direction that I may have hoped for the next generation and for the future of animal rights. I have been invited to participate in this year's Animal Rights Day being held at the Massachusetts School of Law on Saturday, April 15th.
This will be the fourth consecutive year that both my illustrator, John Bulens of the Doggie Investigation Gang (DIG) series and myself have been invited to attend. We are honored beyond words. However, this year, I feel conflicted in a way that I could never have predicted. This year, the event falls on the same day as the Boston Walk for Women's Rights. I could never have imagined that I would be torn between standing up for women's rights and animal rights. I guess one could say that in past years, I took women's rights for granted. I made the assumption as many of us have that this was an old fight no longer needing muscle. That my generation and future female generations to come would continue to benefit from our mothers and grandmothers victories and that we could continue forward and to look back only in honor of those before us.
After much thought and reflection, I have decided to participate in Animal Rights Day, because of the recent changes with the USDA. As many A-DOG followers are likely well aware, the Agriculture Department was recently not able to share information previously public about animal welfare in zoos, laboratories, and even dog breeding, aka puppy mills. However, due to the negative feedback from animal activists like ourselves, the animal welfare documents will be reposted according to Chan, M. (2017, February). "The Government Has Begun Restoring Animal Welfare Data That Was Purged".
Like the upcoming changes in medical care and women's rights these changes have been feeling overwhelmingly discouraging.  On a positive note, there are people advocating, teaching and volunteering to help move humanity forward. And, I suppose this is why I have decided to participate in this year's Animal Rights Day. We must continue to speak up for those that cannot do so for themselves.
This brings me to why John Bulens and I were even invited to Animal Rights Day. Many years ago, my husband, Steve Katsos and I proudly joined the dog rescue movement. Although our involvement small, we take pride in knowing that we have fostered and ultimately saved many dogs lives. In this spirit, the Doggie Investigation Gang, DIG book series began. In 2014, it started as one book -The Case of the Missing Canine, which I wrote with the encouragement of my parents as they knew like me that these dogs had a story to tell.  An idea was born and our family dogs and those dogs that my husband and I have fostered became the main characters. The book was illustrated by an old friend, John Bulens and published by a new friend, Charlotte Pierce. Although a small team we shared a goal - to make money! All of which, to be donated to my favorite rescue PAWS New England, All Breed Dog Rescue.  That's right! All profits from sales are donated to PAWS New England to support the rescue costs for dogs living in a high kill shelter.  Since this time, many new books under the series have been published including The Case of the Missing Pendant and coming this spring, The Case of the Missing Baseball Glove.
Of recent, we have joined a new partnership with Kara Lynch Tirimacco, an elementary school teacher that loved the series and the mission. To support the goal she has been writing and publishing teacher learner manuals to accompany each book such as The Elementary School Teacher's Learning Guide for The Case of the Missing Canine.
In addition, to helping dogs, the books are designed to teach children. Written at a third grade level the books are developed as early reader chapter books to introduce character development, dialogue, compassion, teamwork, empathy, anti-bullying and loving yourself and what makes you different!
As our little team keeps on writing, illustrating and publishing, we will proudly continue to donate all profits from sales of the DIG series to PAWS New England. We hope to be able to raise thousands for the non-profit organization and we want the buyer to feel good about their investment as it will be supporting a dog(s) in need.  
If you would like to join the Animal Rights Movement - do it now!
Come find out more, at Animal Rights Day being held at the MA School of Law in Andover, MA on Saturday, April 15th.
And if you choose to participate in the Women Rights Walk being held the same day - we will be cheering for you!
To find out more, visit us online. All books can be purchased at Animal Rights Day, or Barnes and (Note from A-DOG: If you buy at the Amazon Smile site, a percentage of your purchase will also support A-DOG..see link at the bottom of this newsletter.)

To learn more about PAWS New England, adopt/foster a dog or make a donation, please visit their website

Around the Doggone Web
March edition

MarchWEbby Janice Zazinski

  • At my house, in March we look forward to daffodils, baseball spring training, and enjoying longer, warmer days, but not the appearance of the nemesis of most outdoor dogs -- ticks. Unfortunately, the little beasts don't die off during a cold winter, but go dormant underneath the snow, which means a sudden warm day can rouse them. Besides using a tick preventative, we've found a "mini-spork"-shaped device similar to "Ticked Off!" to be the easiest way to remove them. We bought ours at Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square.
  • Speaking of daffodils, most spring bulbs and plants can be toxic to your pet. The Pet Poison Hotline runs down the flowers of spring here
  • How's your dog's "come when called" after a winter indoors? Consider brushing up on recall with a class at the MSPCA or have a session at your favorite local trainer or training center. A solid recall can save your dog's life if she dashes out the front door to "greet" the mail carrier, for instance.
  • Just because we love people who foster dogs, and we really love this actor, who seems overjoyed with his foster pibble, Ginger.

Janice Zazinski is an A-DOG board member and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team. She is also the owner of Beloved Companion Animal Massage.
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MarchCalendar"NEW or RENEW: We still need YOU to join the A-DOG pack!" It is NEVER too late.  
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Mark your calendar for these great EVENTS. Please consider attending or volunteering for the events sponsored or co-sponsored by A-DOG (shown in   GREEN).   Contact us if you're interested in volunteering at any of these events...we need you!

  • Tues, Mar 28 and future (see dates). Rufus & Thelma Reading Dogs at FOX Library (175 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington) with "bark to school" from 3:30-4:30 for all ages & reading levels. Sign up for 15 minute reading sessions. Please get tickets at circulation desk starting at 3 pm day of event. Happy tails are waiting to listen to your tales.  Rufus & Thelma will be ready to read on the following dates. Mark your calendars. Mar 28, Apr 11 &  25, May 9 & 23. Jun 6 & 20 
  • Saturday, March 18, join us for 14th 
    MSPCA Spin for Animals : TWO locations possible or register as virtual rider, spin at own gym & time. Arlington's ACO Katie Kozikowski is dedicating her ride to memory and honor of "Dziadzi"(grandfather) who inspired and supported her life and career choices. "Please consider making a donation to my page...MSPCA takes in over 7,000 animals yearly and with your help we can make a difference." Click here to visit Katie's personal page.  (Even if you miss the event, you can still donate.)

  • Tuesday, March 28. A-DOG Meeting. Please join us at 6:30 for our "SOUPer BOWL Soup & Salad POTLUCK"  Business meeting to follow from 7-8. Location is the community room (downstairs) at the Jefferson Cutter House (home of Dalin Museum in Arlington Center); enter at lower level in back; you may park in the municipal lot, but don't forget that Arlington now requires parking payment til 8 pm. You are invited to  join us! Come meet new friends and share your expertise and ideas.  We need support  and planning for the exciting 2017 initiatives and events. Please see agenda for topics to be discussed.  Members are always welcome and encouraged to attend.  If you would like to contribute to the POTLUCK,  contact Joan Black  <>. Future A-DOG meetings, May 23, August 22 and October 24 (Annual Meeting).  

  • APRIL is MEMBERSHIP MonthNEW or Renew!  We need you to join the A-DOG Pack.  Watch for "renewal" emails or just do it (see link above)!

  • Sunday, April 9, from 2pm to 4:00pm come celebrate NEADS Service Dog Spring Graduates: Address: Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School, 1050 Westminster Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420  Enjoy cake following ceremony!  Suggested donation $5 per person. Be advised Monty Tech: Service Dogs only policy as recognized by ADA
  • Saturday, April 15, 11th Animal Rights Day at Massachusetts School of Law (MSLAW), 500 Federal Street, Andover, MA: Live Animal Demonstrations, Informational Booths, Programs, Awards, Vendor tables, Food and Fun. Featuring Police Dog Demonstrations, Pet Training, Cruelty Free Products, Dog. Bite Defense, Service & Therapy "Operation Delta Dogs", Cat Chat, Humane-itarian Awards, vendor & informational tables  plus crafts, face painting, story time and even more.  FREE & Open to the PublicRSVP to:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday April 20 - 22 FIDO Float Building WORKSHOPS during the daytime: Contact Jen Burns Come lend a hand with FLOAT building. We need YOU. No previous experience necessary. 

  • Sunday, April 23 Arlington Patriots Day Parade: A-DOG Members with ACMI will march beside or ride upon FIDO Float down Massachusetts Avenue. (Official Parade start time at 2pm.) The Patriots Day Parade is one of Arlington's much loved & longest held traditions. Bandanas for dogs and Mardi gras beads & pinwheels for human companions will be available. Costumes, hats and props are encouraged. If you are interested in marching or floating either with or without your dog, contact or We will need your contact information. (Instructions will follow by telephone tree & email confirming parade order and meeting location & time which is assigned morning of the parade) LOVE a Parade? JOIN A-DOG on the Avenue.

  • Wednesday, April 26, Video Training Workshop from 7-9pm, Community Room at Robbins Library. ACMi & A-DOG present "Ways to Create Quality Video with your Smart Phone" Pups can be the stars! Learn to capture great moments. Submit video to Fido Fest ( View on outdoor BIG screen. (tentative date 8/19) 

  • Saturday, April 29, Gore Place, 52 Gore Street, Waltham MA 30th Annual Sheep Shearing Festival 10am - 5pm. Admission: $20 adults, Free12 and under & Gore Place Members. Children must be accompanied by adult. Sheepshearing Festival is a tradition. Enjoy demonstrations of sheep-shearing, herding dogs, spinning, weaving and gardening. Large crafts fair, live entertainment, historic demonstrators, games and farm animals. Food vendors. Free parking. PLEASE NO dogs or other pets. Information here.

  • Saturday, May 6, 2017 Bark for Life, Cancer Fundraiser With Dogs
    at Arlington Reservoir from 10am to 2pm. YOU & your dog can sign up to walk with A-DOG's Team or raise funds as an individual. (Registration details TBA } There will be an opening & closing ceremonies, awards and food. Contact joan Black if you wish to donate or join the A-DOG team Contact Dee Savioli for registration & event information 


  •   Sunday, May 21, MSPCA Fast & Furriest: Register today! Join second annual Fast & Furriest 5k: Run, Walk, Wag at Assembly Row in Somerville (friendly, well behaved dogs invited!) Participate. Then join us for dog contests, family fun, food in celebrating the love of animals. Space is limited. Event expected to sell out, so register today at See you in Somerville!

Photo. Our board describing Friends of A-DOG -- who offer member discounts or otherwise support A-DOG -- on display!
Send us calendar items for possible inclusion in this section in future Wags and Tags issues!  

Next A-DOG Meeting March 28
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MarchAgendaTues, March 28, 2017, business meeting 7-8 pm (soup/salad social, 6:30 pm)

Agenda (by Joan Black)

1. Accept Minutes January 24, 2017
Old Business: Art Lounge, Long Term Planning Survey, Library Books Donation Book Plates, Update Membership Transition/Record Keeping "Job Description"

New Business: 

1. Update Liaisons: Publicity, Wags & Tags Proposal, LibraryTable Display

2. Director of Recreation Jon Marshall and Park and Rec Commissioner Leslie Mayer, meeting: A-DOG support for K9 recreational activities and park advocacy

3. Calendar Updates: 
*April: ACMI VideoTraining Workshop, Patriots Day Parade Float Building  & Marching  *May: Bark For Life Team Building, Spring Fling (SOMdog), DOG BITE Procedure Forum with ACO,  *August: Common Ground Proposal:  A-DOG Appreciation Day, *Fall: DOGS: Proposal: Partners For Life Program

4. Jen Bussell Film Festival Proposals

5. Membership Drive (2017 initiatives & updated Letter and procedures)  Consideration for improved Membership Meeting notification

6. Proposed "Volunteer Menu" Follow up from Membership Drive information 

7. Other

Thinking Ahead: Next meeting May 23, 2017: 7-8pm
SPRING Surprise Social provided by Hospitality 6:30-7pm

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