November 2017
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Paws to Mark Your Calendar for Coming Events!
Great events sponsored by A-DOG and others....

Dec17Calendar" NEW or RENEW: We still need YOU to join the A-DOG pack!" It is NEVER too late.  

Mark your calendar for these great EVENTS. Please consider attending or volunteering for the events sponsored or co-sponsored by A-DOG (shown in   GREEN).  Contact us if you're interested in volunteering at any of these events...we need you!

  • Reading Dogs, Rufus, Thelma, Benny, Penny, at FOX Library (175 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington) with "bark to school" from 3:30-4:30 for all ages & reading levels. Sign up for 15 minute reading sessions. Please get tickets at circulation desk starting at 3 pm on the day of event. Happy tails are waiting to listen to your tales. Tuesday November 21: Rufus, Thelma & Benny, Tuesday December 5: Rufus, Thelma & Penny, Tuesday December 19: Rufus, Thelma & Benny. Generally, first and third Tuesdays of the month. Contact the Fox library for dates.
  • Thurs Nov 30, 7 pm. Arlington Reservoir CPA Master Plan Meeting #2 for Public Comments and Participation. Arlington Senior Center, Maple Street (Mural room on lower level).  Held by Arlington Recreation and Park and Recreation Commission.
  • Sat. December 2 from 11am-2pm. Santa Paws is coming to the Thorndike dog park. Complimentary hot chocolate, treats and pet photos. Donations will benefit the dog park. For details contact Tracy Wallace.
  • Tues, January 23, 2018 (6:30-8 pm),  A-DOG meeting, Jefferson Cutter House, lower level (Community Room), Arlington Center. Doors open 6:00: All are welcome Potluck 6:30: Bring finger food to share & Meet new friends. (Beverages, plates & utensils provided by A-DOG). Business Meeting 7:00-8:00pm. Agenda to be announced. As always, make recommendations for events & initiatives. Hope YOU will join us  
Send us calendar items for possible inclusion in this section in future Wags and Tags issues! 

Santa Paws is Coming to A-Town:
Better watch out!

by Joan Black
Nov17SantaPawsSaturday December 2 from 11am-2pm plan to meet up with Santa at Thorndike Dog Park.  The Third Annual Santa PAWS Event returns with complimentary hot chocolate, treats, and a jolly "Ho, Ho,Ho" good time.  Well behaved human companions are invited to bring their pets for a FREE photograph with Santa PAWS.  Make a list and check it twice, so YOU don't forget. Santa PAWS will be available for only a few hours. Then he and his team of huskies will be off to the next destination and photo opportunity. YOU may hear him exclaim as he drives out of sight, "Merry Christmas to All & to All a "Yappy" New Year."
Santa PAWS is brought to YOU and sponsored by Tracy Wallace & The Home Advantage Team to benefit continuing maintenance and up keep of the dog park.  Donations are Welcome.
For more information contact Tracy Wallace 
Email:      Direct: 781-645-0515   

Joan Black is an A-DOG officer and director and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team.
Arlington's Great Meadows Tour:
Report on a walk with A-DOG

by Jessica Farman
Nov17GreatMeadows On Saturday morning October 21, David White led a group of 8 human companions and 5 dogs for a leisurely walk through Arlington Great Meadows.  David is very knowledgeable about the various trails, and was a wonderful guide for our pack of people and pups. The dogs all got along and were very pawsitive about the experience.  As we traversed the various trails, we passed other groups including Boy Scouts who took great delight in seeing our little pack walking through.  I look forward to more walks through the Arlington Great Meadows, where dogs and humans can enjoy the nature and gentle trails of Arlington.  Great Meadows is one of Arlington's "treasured " open spaces.  Spread the word and explore yourself with friends and   family.  This guided walk was sponsored by Friends of Arlington's Great Meadows and A-DOG.  Watch for GREAT Walks Part 2 in the spring.

Jessica Farman is an A-DOG board member. Photo shows Jessica (3rd from L) and David (4th from L) and other happy people and canines participating.
HOWL-o-Ween Party
A howling success!

Nov17HowlOn October 30th as the day dimmed and night began to fall mysterious creatures crept into the dog park to frolic and beg for treats.  The command was given  "Release the hounds."  The third annual HOWL-O-Ween festivities began with a cast of characters in disguise both human and canine.  Costumed dogs played, raced, wrestled and enjoyed the party.  All pups received Certificates for various categories: Most Pawsitive Pup, Best Look Alike, The Hot Diggity Dog Award, Most Fashionable Fido, Best Fairy "Tail" Character etc.   At the gate to greet everyone and accept donations was Recreation volunteer Lisa Hersey.  Members of Arlington Dog Owners Group were on hand to present Award Certificates and Lucy's Real Meat Treats (made in Arlington from pasture raised beef with Chestnut Farms, ).  Thank you to Sue Doctrow & Candace and  Ellen Leigh & Ricky for representing A-DOG with The Firefly, Dana and me.  Darkness spread, people and pups retreated and sounds of silence returned to the park.  Another successful HOWL-O-WEEN concluded.  All that remained were the promises from the ghosts, goblins, super heroes and fairy "tail" creatures to return and haunt again next year.
 HOWL-OWEEN was brought to you by Arlington Recreation in partnership with A-DOG.  All proceeds benefit the dog park.
Please Note: If you were unable to attend but would like to support the dog park, you can donate through the Rec Department  or through A-DOG's Friend of Thorndike Dog Park fund.

Joan Black is an A-DOG board member and officer. Photos submitted by Ellen Leigh, also an A-DOG board member.

ACO Katie's Corner
Report on rabies vaccine clinic by ACO intern Alex Coates

by Alex Coates
Nov17ACO The end of October marked Arlington's second townwide rabies clinic.  We'd like to first and foremost thank veterinarians from Millbrook Animal Clinic and Stoneham Animal Hospital for volunteering time to administer vaccinations. Without their help, this clinic wouldn't have been possible.

People often ask why rabies shots are so important if rabies cases are rarely seen. Keeping up with vaccinations not only creates a healthy habit of prioritizing your animal's health, but it also ensure that your animals are protected against the "what-ifs." We are extremely fortunate to live in an area where rabies is uncommon.  However, that doesn't mean it's not a threat or concern. Any scenario where two animals are interacting can be unpredictable.  It's impossible to say that an outdoor cat won't run into a skunk carrying rabies or a dog won't be scratched by a rabid raccoon. While we always hope these situations won't arise, the slim chance of one occurring can't be ignored. It's always better  to play it safe and take preventative measures when it comes to rabies!

Going hand-in-hand with rabies vaccines are dog licenses as protection. The holidays bring lots of commotion with people constantly coming and going through your door. This creates a perfect opportunity for your dog to escape.  In the worst-case scenario, rabies tags allow animal control officers to search for the address associated with your dog. The catch is, your dog must be licensed in order to be entered into a database where the corresponding rabies tag information is also stored.  A quick and easy return of a lost dog is only possible if it has both an accurate rabies vaccination tag and up-to-date license. Now, this all may sound a bit daunting. Luckily it only takes about 15 minutes to go through the vaccination process and a short trip down to Town Hall to license your dog! This year convenient online licensing is also an option.  Play it safe. Vaccinate & License.

ACO Katie's Corner presents updates from Arlington Animal Control Officer (ACO) Katie Kozikowski.  Collaborating with Katie on this column is Joan Black, A-DOG board member/officer and member of the Wags and Tags editorial team. Alexandra Coats is senior at Arlington High School. Dedicated to the continued safety and education regarding animals, she jumped at the opportunity to intern for Arlington Animal Control. While Alexandra is not planning on going to school for animals, they are an important part of her life and she hopes she can keep working with them in the coming years. She is the adoring mom to a dog and two cats.

"Dogs of Avalon: The Race to Save Animals in Peril"
Book review


by Christine Dorchak

Nov17AvalonGina and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Laura Schenone, author of the new book The Dogs of Avalon: The Race to Save Animals in Peril.  She was kind enough to come to the Brookline Booksmith to read passages and answer questions about her growth as a person and her development as an animal advocate through the adoption of her rescued greyhound Lily.  
In the Dogs of Avalon, Laura focuses on the heartbreaking work and no-nonsense determination of Marion Fitzgibbon of Limerick Animal Welfare. Marion has been saving dogs in her home country of Ireland for decades and has created an international safety net to catch as many greyhounds as possible before they can be killed by the racing industry. Laura's book is a must-read for every animal advocate.  I highly recommend this eye-opening and endearing account of one woman's fight against animal cruelty.  

Christine Dorchak is President of GREY2K USA Worldwide, human companion of Gina, rescued greyhound, and A-DOG Member.  Christine lives in Arlington. Photos show the author Laura with (top) Gina and with (right) Christine.

Blessing All Creatures and Creation
First Parish Arlington's special pet-friendly service

contributed by Elif Armbruster and Mea Cochrane

Nov17BlessOn Sunday, October 1, 2017, Elif Armbruster and her family (husband Bill Cochrane and 8-year-old daughter Mea Cochrane) attended First Parish of Arlington's special "pets-welcome" service entitled "Blessing All Creatures and Creation."  They brought their 10-year-old standard poodle, Phoebe, with them!

During the Religious Education program, the children learned about different kinds of animals and were able to see and play with guinea pigs, goats, bunnies, ducks, chicks, dogs, and cats. Mea Cochrane said, "There were so many animals. We got to feed them. It was awesome." When asked which of the animals she enjoyed most, Mea replied, "I like the bunnies best. They like carrots, like I do, and they are so furry and soft."

Before the end of the service, the children returned to the sanctuary to join several dozen members of the congregation who were asked to come forward with their pets for the animals to receive a blessing. The minister, Marta Flanagan, asked everyone to repeat the "litany of gratitude, remembrance, and confession," while she held her hands over the animals. Elif and her family loved seeing the animals receive the blessings. Mea said, "I think animals should be blessed because they are as important as people. They are cute and we love them so much."

Elif, Bill & Mea, Phoebe's family, were all so happy to have her blessed.  Phoebe was quite pleased herself as indicated by her wagging tail.  

Mea Cochrane is a third grade student at Brackett Elementary in Arlington. In her free time, she plays the piano, takes tumbling, plays with her dog, Phoebe, and likes play dates.  Mea recently marched with A-DOG in the Patriots Day Parade and volunteered at Town Day with Phoebe as A-DOG "Ambassadors."
Elif Armbruster lives in Arlington with husband Bill and daughter Mea, as well as their dog Phoebe.   She teaches at Suffolk University in Boston.  Elif enjoys walking Mea to school with Phoebe.  In her free time Elif loves running on the Minuteman Bike Path and canoeing on Spy Pond.

Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs....
Great things happening....

compiled by Joan Black

Nov17PawsomeArlington Reservoir CPA Project: Public Meeting #2 November 30
 by David White
The Master Plan Project for the Arlington Reservoir area, which is being funded by the CPA, is underway - and it's going to be an exciting process!  We are looking at how the entire Reservoir area can be improved both for the public and the environment, and are actively seeking your input.  There will be a series of public meetings to hear from you.  There was a good turnout at the first Reservation Master Plan public meeting at Town HallThe presentation and other documents can be found herePlease send any comments to:
The Arlington Reservoir is a popular location for many outdoor activities including dog walking. Currently with Community Preservation Act money a Master Plan is being developed to considerpossible improvements there including the perimeter path. Please come to the public meeting on November 30 at 7:00 in the (basement) Mural room of the Senior Center to consider what the possibilities are and to express your views. 
David White is a member of Arlington Vision 2020 Reservoir Committee and A-DOG Board Member

Pawsome People & Awesome Animals Participated In Annual Somerville Dog Festival
by Jessica Farman & Alfie
The Somerville Dog Festival was held Sunday September 10 from 11:00-3:00 at Trum Field in Somerville.   All proceeds of the festival were designated to raise funds for the Somerville Pet Food bank.  There were activities for people and dogs, vendors, food trucks, doggie yogurt, The Master Dog Theater production of "Rapunzel" starring dogs (obviously), DNA testing (dogs only!), paw print painting, Best Dressed Dog Contest, and the Doggie Fun Zone featuring high speed (for your dog's speed) lure course, demonstrations including a police K9 demo and "try-it" activities & recall clinic.  Somerville Pet Food Bank.  The bank feeds homeless and at-risk pets in eastern Massachusetts.  It was a beautiful day for the festivities. Spirits and attendance were high.  Over 3500 people attended.
Alfie and I enjoyed the Festival, participating in nose activities, and watching dogs run in the " fun zone " and getting to enjoy all the free doggie treats! We met up with friends from different neighborhood including Winchester, Somerville, and Arlington. Alfie is a long-haired dachshund and loved meeting other dachshunds
The Somerville Dog Foundation is grateful to the pet community.   Due to all the donations from vendors, sponsors and all the volunteers, they were able to afford another 42,000 pounds of pet food for at-risk pets, allowing people to keep their best friends with them, out of shelters and well-fed! No one should have to choose between feeding themselves or their companion animals. A-DOG supports the mission of the Somerville Dog Foundation and hope to see you and your pup at the event next year. 
Jessica is an A-DOG board member and lives with 2 rescue dachshunds, Alfie who is long haired, age 7, and Pinot who is a short haired mini aged 11. Pinot's favorite A-DOG activity is the whine and yappy hour, while Alfie enjoys the great outdoors and active activities.

Help Wanted: Your Dog's Face Here?
Wags and Tags Welcomes Your Contributions

Nov17YourDogsFaceA-DOG Members and supporters, Wags and Tags is YOUR monthly newsletter!  I f you have suggestions for an article, including one you'd like to write, for a future issue, please email us with "Newsletter" in the subject line.   
Maybe you'd like your dog to be one of our " Arlington dogs, or A-dogs ", like Molly, Remy, Tammy, potcake Lexi and others. Or, write an article about Happy Tails Trails, describing your favorite place to enjoy nature with your dog. You don't have to live in Arlington, but can be a neighbor who enjoys Arlington's dog recreation benefits, or otherwise supports our mission. You can also suggest a special Rainbow Bridge memorial tribute to a beloved canine or feline family member you've lost.
Or, maybe you're a  Friend of A-DOG  Business and want to describe how you help A-DOG and what you offer to our community of dog owners and dog-friendly people.  Your business, too, can be featured like OM Cookies, Menotomy Beer Wine and Spirits, Maida Pharmacy & Compounding Center and Lakota Bakery (now Cookie Time).
Suggested article length for the newsletter is 500 words or fewer but this is only a guideline. We will also need at least one photo, preferably a jpg or gif format, compressed to a size no greater than 1 MB. For text, arial 11 pt, single spacing preferred. (Please send the photo as a separate file, not imported into a Word document.

Articles on any other topic of potential interest to dog owners are welcome.  So are more volunteer editors and writers. Please send us your story proposals!  Wags and Tags editorial team:  Joan Black (managing editor), Jen Burns, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh and Judy Weinberg. (submission ideas to A-DOG or Joan)

Pssst...We are well aware that  our members are not likely to have issues with spelling or grammar that's a little "ruff", but don't worry....our editorial team can polish your story, as needed. Feel free to ask.
The Irish Setter on the computer photo is reprinted from a website called "iget2work". The "Bad spelling...image was posted on Facebook by Grammarly.  

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