October 2015
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Wags and Tags editorial team: Joan Black, Jen Burns, Sue Doctrow, Ellen Leigh, Judy Weinberg 
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Meet Lulu
 Our newest "A-dog" wins the Town Day gift basket!

By Amy Cotter  

Lulu may have traveled farther than any other dog, to claim the Arlington Dog Owners' Group drawing prize given away at Arlington Town Day this September. Born sometime in 2009, she and her brother were found by airport baggage handlers in Puerto Rico and kept for All Sato Rescue to pick up. Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a mutt, and as a small girl, Lulu is a Satita! Lulu - known at the time as Josette - traveled 2,700 miles by air with her brother Augie to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester. She probably was on American Airlines, since they regularly transport Satos to the mainland using volunteer escorts (learn how you can become one - after your vacation). Cape Ann Animal Aid is among the local shelters to accept and find homes for Satos. Amy found Lulu after more than a decade wishing - and planning - for a life that could include a dog. Six months after moving to a
 home near a dog park, she spotted a cute orange Sato on Petfinder.com - and immediately left work in Boston to head North and make that dog hers. Now, Lulu lives the life of an adored (pampered) urban pup outside Central Square Cambridge. Nearly six years old (or so), she'll likely to be wary of strangers all her life. But the enthusiasm and cuddles for friends are boundless! She's regularly stopped by people on her walking routes, often described as "like a little fox!" Something about the expressive Lulu just makes people smile. Lulu didn't join Amy at Arlington Town Day, where Amy learned about and entered the A-DOG free drawing. But Lulu and her family happily met us at Thorndike Park to accept the prize. Lulu modeled the harness and vouched for the quality of the treats (defending them from passers by!) She and Amy have enjoyed the exceptionally soft fleece blanket, and Amy looks forward to bringing home leftovers from the Northender in Arlington Heights (one of the Friends of A-DOG donating a gift certificate). Lulu is grateful to be among the A-dogs from "Greater Arlington"!

Amy Cotter and Lulu are winners of A-DOG's 2015 Town Day basket, and were presented the basket recently at Thorndike Field (photo directly above). Each year at Town Day, we have a free drawing for a great gift basket with surprises donated by our Friends of A-DOG businesses as well as some A-DOG board members! The drawing of Lulu is by her "cousin" Francis Roche, age 7.
Rainbow Bridge Tribute to a Beloved "A-Dog"
Jasper: January 1, 2002 - September 9, 2015 

by Ellen Finnie Duranceau 

We said a final and very sad goodbye to Jasper -- fondly called Jazz, JJ, or Little Guy -- in early September, after a sudden crisis of pulmonary hypertension. Jazz was, we liked to say, a paragon of a Pomeranian. He was supremely confident, certain, cheerful, friendly, and In Charge. 

 Jazz lived all of his 13.5 years in Arlington (after his first puppy weeks) and had friends in many corners of town. He had a playgroup at Stratton, and a fan base at the Res and also at Menotomy Rocks Park, where we walked most mornings. On weekends in particular, as he struck one cute pose after the other, people would take pictures and even get their kids out of bed early to come meet the tiny, round, red, extremely fluffy dog who made his way - always at his own pace - along the trails and beside the pond. 

 He was madly smart and learned new cues in seconds, then liked to perform them in quick succession -- for treats, of course. We all enjoyed the pretense that he was a highly trained dog, when the reality was he trained us quite effectively. He became a certified therapy dog through Dog BONES: Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts at age 1. For a decade cheered up residents in local nursing homes with his adorable alert face, his sweet charm, his profuse red coat, and his love of riding around in a front carry sack like an infant. 

 Jazz was always up for an activity (as long as it didn't involve walking TOO far). He liked to zip through backyard agility equipment, use his paws to open doors, roll in the snow (how he loved the snow!), bark endlessly at arrivals and departures, dig holes in the garden to sleep in, chase squirrels, and, on one extraordinary peak day, to touch noses with a real live bunny, which inspired him to sing with joy. He was friendly and accepting of all kinds of attention. 

 Jazz lived life on his own terms, ever alert to possibilities, and always working the angles, but he was as loyal, affectionate, and reliable as they come. He was devoted to all his family members, arriving at the time of my daughter Nat's 7th birthday and growing up with her as a quirky and faithful companion. He followed our activities eagerly with his bright eyes - he didn't miss a trick -- and always wanted to participate, whether for a trip to the beach, a car ride to sniff the aisles at Unleashed, a quiet joint snooze, or, as was often the case, waiting patiently on various local trails while I chatted or chased after one of our other dogs. He accepted the many foster dogs that came into our lives with fortitude, though he never ceded his favorite spots to them, and when a particularly cute redhead lived with us for a while, he refused to look at her at all, as if offended that she would try to steal his role in the family. He took our two other dogs, Isabel and then Gracie, as his wards and showed them the ways of the world, training them and, though always quite self-contained, seeming to enjoy their companionship. 

Jasper changed my life forever, dramatically for the better. He opened up my world to the joy of connecting with people through therapy dog visits, and was the initial avenue for my meeting dozens of amazing and inspirational people and dogs in the Dog BONES organization and in the places we visited as a therapy dog team. We found our best selves out on those visits, Jasper and I, and developed and grew together as a team. I have also met some of my dearest friends and favorite people through Jazz, including the wonderful group that gathered in the early years at the Stratton School for doggie playtime. 

 I am so grateful for all the love and affection Jasper bestowed on us, but also for all the love and affection bestowed on him by those in his many Arlington circles. He was cared for with such joy, and treated with such love and devotion, by his dog walkers Terese, Tricia, and Shirley from Reigning Cats & Dogs, and received incredibly compassionate and expert care from Dr. Fallon and his staff at the Mill Brook Animal Clinic in the last months of his life, rebounding with renewed energy and enthusiasm under their skilled, gentle, kind, & loving attention and treatment. They helped immeasurably with his final health crisis and in easing the wrenchingly difficult end-of-life decision.

 I am also deeply grateful for A-DOG, whose board is so caring, compassionate, and generous, offering this space in the newsletter for me to heal by sharing a bit with all of you dog lovers about my little JJ. A-DOG gives all of us a community that understands both the joy of sharing our lives with dogs, as well as the grief when we lose them. This is precious, and rare, and I feel so fortunate to have this organization in our town and in my life. Thank you, A-DOG. 

Our chipper, game little Jazz was a big personality in a very, very small (nine-pound) package. He was dear, so dear, to me, to all of his family, and to many around town in Arlington as well. We miss him painfully, and our hearts ache, but we take solace in knowing that JJ had a fun, happy, joyful life, which he lived to the fullest, engaging with us all, on his own charming and endearing terms. 

My friend Sue shared a special quote with me when another one of my dogs (Isabel, pictured with Jazz above) died a year and a half ago, and I share it with all the readers of Wags & Tags now, as it has given me comfort and may do the same for you some day: "Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you...I loved you so-'twas Heaven here with you."-Isla Pashal Richardson
Ellen Duranceau is an A-DOG board member who has shared this loving tribute to Jasper with us. Photos (top to bottom) captions: At Menotomy, With Isabel and Jasper (sweet face).
A-DOG on the TOWN DAY!
Highlights of A-DOG's Town Day, 2015

by Joan Black

TOWN DAY 2015 was one of the most successful for outreach, donations and for new and renewed memberships. Many people who love dogs, hope to have one or once owned a pup signed up to receive WAGS & TAGS. Under the leadership of Ann Smith, a record number of volunteers hosted countless visitors at the A-DOG Booth. All our volunteers were generous with time, energy and enthusiasm and represented a delightful mix of seasoned, new and "drop in" members. We had FUN while enjoying great conversations and community connections. Our booth was one of the most visited with a variety of activities and information. The popular "Name The Breed Game" was expanded in number by the artistic help of Roslyn Smith. Players of all ages came to test their "Canine IQ." Some were thrilled to see their pups on display while others delighted in recognizing neighborhood dogs and familiar breeds. Several touching stories were shared. The game represents a meaningful connection for members and the community. That connection deepens each year. Thanks to A-DOG volunteers at Town Day our community is growing. Next year A-DOG Ambassadors have plans to take our message and brochures into their own paws and go "on the road." Watch for A-DOG on the Avenue and On The Town DAY in 2016. 

YiP YIP HURRAY for: Jessica Farman and Pinot awarded "Best Costume" at Friday night's "Dog Show" for their impersonation of hamburger, hot dog and fries to go. A-DOG helped to publicize the event which is sponsored by the town each year on Town Night. Thank you to judges Clarissa Rowe, Dr. Kevin Fallon and Sue Doctrow. 

YIP YIP HURRAY for: Amy Cotter and Lulu. Over 100 people entered the annual FREE Drawing. Competition for the beautiful basket of gifts was fierce. "A-tisket , a-tasket, Amy Cotter and Lulu won the A-DOG Basket" with items generously donated by Petco "Unleashed", Northender Italian Kitchen and A-DOG members. Amy and Lulu accepted the basket at Thorndike Park, near the dog park. In her article for this issue (above) Amy  shared Lulu's journey from Puerto Rico to her heart and home. 

 YIP YIP HURRAY for: Ava and Snickerdoodle. Another popular contest was 'NAME The Mechanical Dog" who over the years has befriended countless children at our booth, entertaining them by barking, offering a paw, sitting and primarily helping them feel comfortable around dogs. There were 60 creative name suggestions competing for the grand prize of 1.5 dozen cookies donated by Lakota Bakery. The name "Snickerdoodle", submitted by Ava, won the cookies and she received the certificate at Lakota (with the newly named "Snickerdoodle" standing by!). In a conversation with Ava I discovered that she is in the 5th grade at Dallin School. Her favorite breed is the border collie. Ava adores playing with her grandmother's dog Hannah who is very sweet but sometimes rolls in the dirt at unexpected times. She decided the dog looked soft and puffy and was the same brownish coloring of a Snickerdoodle cookie. Ava thought that Snickerdoodle might be a good name and so it was! 

YIP YIP HURRAY for: Katie Kozikowski, Arlington Animal Control Officer who displayed A-DOG 's License-Your-Dog Poster and distributed our membership brochures and information about morning off leash hours & parks at her table. A-DOG reciprocated by sharing material from Katie's table as wel.

 YIP YIP HURRAY for: Janice Zazinski (Beloved Companion pet massage) for providing over 20 complimentary massages for dogs ranging in size from "wee" chi to massive malamute. Her massages added a nice "touch" to A-DOG activities. 


Joan Black is an A-DOG vice president and board member, as well as a member of the Wags and Tags editorial team. Photos (top to bottom): Ava collects her prize at Lakota Bakery for naming Snickerdoodle; Jessica and Pinot win "Best Costume" for dressing as "fast food" at the Town's annual Town Night Dog Show; Janice offers canine massage at A-DOG's Town Day booth.
Pawsitive Article
A message from our Animal Control Officer

by Katie Kozikowski
Arlington Animal Control Officer

As dog owners, we all want what is best for our dogs, whether it be the best food, the best vet, the best boarding facility or even the best toys! And a lot of us know that not everything our dogs love is exactly what is best for them. The type of common occurrence discussed in this article is definitely not just something seen solely in Arlington, but is prevalent in every town, state and country all over the world. 

By accomplishing this feat, we can do not only what is best for our dogs, but what is best for others at the same time. 

The topic in this month's article is: Should I leash my dog after hours? The answer of course is: YES! The next question many of you may have is: WHY? 

While there are several different reasons why dogs should be leashed after off-leash hours have come to an end, this is one that I find is extremely important. With my experience working with animals for so many years, I have seen many different dog personalities and an extreme variety of likes and dislikes from those animals. Unfortunately, working at animal hospitals and animal shelters, I have also seen more than my fair share of dog battle wounds and scars from dog fights and bites - many of which could have been avoided with proper prevention and handling. Even though your dog may be the happiest, friendliest dog on this side of town, there are dogs out there who don't always like other dogs greeting them, even in a friendly manner. Just like you and I may not like every person we encounter, dogs don't always like every pooch that approaches them, even if the approaching dog is showing every possibly sign of being friendly. 

A lot of dog owners in Arlington who have dogs that aren't so fond of other four-legged creatures, often tend to go to parks after off-leash hours have ceased to avoid coming in contact with loose running dogs. Dog owners who ignore the leash law are making it difficult for these dogs to get out and enjoy the fresh air and exercise throughout the beautiful parks of Arlington. This also makes it difficult for adults and children who are scared of dogs to enjoy the great outdoors as well. 

By keeping man (and woman's!) best friendly safely leashed by our side, we are also preventing our loose dogs from running in to the streets, coming in contact with wild life that could result in a quarantine or trip to the vet and teaching our dogs the proper technique of heeling all at the same time. 

We surely understand the need for dogs to get out and run around which is why Arlington has set aside certain hours for dogs to run off-leash, but if we are able to stick to those hours, we can help make every park-goer's day a little better AND still get our furry friends the exercise they need both on and off leash.


We are delighted to announce that Katie's articles  will be featured on a regular basis with information, alerts and concerns in "Katie's Corner". Join us to welcome Officer Katie at our next A-DOG Meeting, October 27.

Doggie Art, Fun Scene, Great Cause! 
Paint Your Pet event at ArtLounge benefitted GREY2K USA Worldwide

  by Ellen Leigh

On the last day of September, A-DOG members and other dog lovers turned out for a benefit for GREY2K USA Worldwide to help end the cruelty of dog racing. 

We gathered at the Art Lounge in Arlington Heights (1346 Massachusetts Avenue) to enjoy a fun environment of friends, dogs, and painting. Fortunately, no talent or experience was required! We each completed
an online registration and emailed a digital photo of our pet. When we arrived that evening, we were provided with all the materials needed to create our masterpiece, including a sketched canvas of our beloved! Artists guided every step of the way. 

 A-DOG's own Sue Doctrow was on hand with her fabulous hats and gorgeous jewelry to contribute some proceeds to the cause. Adding to the merriment was a variety of small plates (appetizers & desserts), as well as wine, beer, water, and soda. 

For more info, please check out the ArtLounge website or contact ArtLounge by email or by phone (781-643-0380). Everyone had such a blast, we are planning a similar event in February 2016 as a fundraiser for A-DOG. We hope you can join us for more fun! 

A-DOG member Ellen Leigh is also a member of the Wags and Tags Editorial Team. Photos (top to bottom): A group of happy artists showing their pet portraits; Christine Dorchak, Grey2K USA Worldwide president with her portrait of Gina; Ellen Leigh showing Ricky her portrait of him.

"Two Front Paws Up" for Pawsome People and Awesome Dogs!
Congratulations to.....

Shattuck Hardware, Arlington is a favorite local business that deserves a grateful doggy kiss  for the prominent sign on their door this summer warning customers not to leave their dogs in their hot cars! As the sign notes, Shattuck is a dog-friendly business, so customers are welcome to bring their dogs into the store for their safety and, also, to say hi to the dog-friendly employees. We thank Shattuck for being one of Arlington's most dog-friendly businesses!  

The Somerville Dog Festival is an annual open-air event promoting healthy, happy pet ownership and activities, and support to dog owners throughout New England. The Festival, the only one of its kind in the country, offers "Try It" areas for dog owners to experience myriad sports and activities with their dogs, including agility, scentwork, and Kibble Quest, a hunting game through a straw maze developed especially for the event. There are also demonstrations of canine sports such as Treibball, a combination of herding and soccer played with a single dog and handler; Search and Rescue; and a police K9 take down. Best trick and other contests further involve attendees, as does the children's play starring local dogs, always a favorite with the crowd. In addition to activities, a silent auction, multiple vendor booths; a kids' area featuring Faeries with wings and face painting, and a food truck area offer more to see, do and enjoy. A free Come when Called clinic is also offered to the public each year.
The NETrainers network community of positive reinforcement trainers and pet care specialists provide expert oversight for the Try Its, sports and behavior advice. The Festival is hosted by the Somerville Foundation for Animals, a non-profit organization that raises funds for various shelters and rescues. Funds raised each year also fund a K9 vest through Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, providing life-saving protective vests to law enforcement K9s. All well-mannered dogs on-leash (no flexi leads, please) and current on vaccinations are welcome, as are humans without dogs who simply want to come enjoy the festivities. For more information or to make a donation, please go to the Somerville Dog Festival website. (Thank-you to Somerville Foundation for Animals and Somerville Dog Festival founders, Marjie Alonso (who submitted this description) and Dr. Adam Parker. A-DOG's Joan Black and Jen Burns attended this year and loved it! Watch Wags and Tags for our Calendar notice of next year's fun!)

 Northender Italian Kitchen, Arlington Heights, is our newest Friend of A-DOG business. Thank-you to Northender for donating a gift certificate for their delicious pizza to our Town Day gift basket!


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Mark your calendar for these great EVENTS. Please consider attending or volunteering for the events sponsored or co-sponsored by A-DOG (*). Contact us if you're interested in volunteering at any of these events...we need you!
Saturday, October 24 (6:30-8:00)  SPOOKY WALK at Menotomy Rocks Park,150 Jason Street. Follow a carved  pumpkin lit trail around the pond with "surprising" installations along the route. Enjoy Halloween treats and conversations with neighbors and friends. Costumes encouraged. All ages welcome. Carve a "canine" themed pumpkin for the festivities.  

*Tuesday, October 27 (7 to 9 pm) A-DOG Annual Meeting and ACO Welcome Reception for Arlington's Animal Control Officer Katie Kozikowski! Jefferson Cutter House Community Room, Arlington Center. Reception at 7 and A-DOG Meeting at 7:30.

Thursday, October 29 (6 to 7 pm) Howl-o-ween Party! at Thorndike dog park. Sponsored by Arlington Recreation under its K9 Recreational Activities program. Costumes encouraged for people and their dogs! $5 donation appreciated to benefit Arlington's only dog park at Thorndike field (92 Margaret St, on the bike trail in East Arlington). Contact Arlington Recreation (781-316-3880) for more details.

*Thursday, October 29 (7 pm) Living With Coyotes at the Arlington Senior Center, 27 Maple Street, Arlington (Mural Room). Speaker, John Maguranis, Belmont ACO and MA Representative for Project Coyote. LEARN ALL ABOUT THE MOST MISUNDERSTOOD AND REMARKABLE ANIMAL IN NORTH AMERICA. Coyotes are here and we need to learn how to coexist. Co-sponsored by Arlington Animal Control and A-DOG.

Future A-DOG MeetingsNext year (2016) meetings will be announced soon!

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