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  • Mask Mandate implemented in Diocese November 12, 2020, In a letter to the faithful of the Des Moines Diocese, Bishop William Joensen announced he's implementing a mask mandate beginning this weekend. He's doing this to protect our ability to continue to publicly celebrate Mass and sacraments. READ MORE
  • LIVESTREAM Added for the next 2 Tuesdays: The parish has decided to livestream the 11/17 and 11/24 Tuesday morning 8:00am Mass, in an effort to see if there is enough interest to offer the weekday livestream Mass on a regular basis. Facebook and YouTube both track the number of people that visit the site to watch it “live”, or after the fact, so we will be able to gauge the participation level. We are continuing to work to do what we can in order to keep our parish life as active and alive as possible for those not yet able to join us in person. Thank you.
  • Mass Schedule Changes:
  • Weekday Masses offered at 8:00 am on Tuesdays & Wednesdays in the church.
  • School students only Mass with Covid-19 protocols Thursdays at 8:30 am
A Daily Gospel Reflection
by Father Jim Livingstone
Thursday, November 19, 2020
Luke 19:41-44 Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
“And when he drew near and saw the city he wept over it, saying, “Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. For the days shall come upon you, when your enemies will cast up a bank about you and surround you, and hem you in on every side, and dash you to the ground, you and your children within you, and they will not leave one stone upon another in you; because you did not know the time of your visitation.”
Meditation: Have you ever wondered what it is that tables us to love in peace and harmony with our family, friends and neighbors and the wider community of peoples and nations?  God our heavenly Father sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ into our world to reconcile us with Himself and one another in a bond of peace and mutual love.
When Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the many homes surrounding the holy temple, he wept over it because the people did not know the things that make for peace. The name Jerusalem is derived from the word Salem which means peace and the temple was a constant reminder to the people of God’s presence with them. And yet they rejected the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. And now they refused to listen to Jesus who came as their Messiah, the anointed One of God.
Jesus is the hope of the world because he is the only one who can truly reconcile us with God and one another. It is through Jesus that we become living temples of the Holy Spirit. God has visited his people in the past and he continues to visit us through the gift and working of his Holy Spirit. Do you recognize God’s gracious visitation of healing and restoration today in your life?  
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News: Mask Mandate Implemented in Diocese
November 12, 2020
In a letter to the faithful of the Des Moines Diocese, Bishop William Joensen announced he's implementing a mask mandate beginning this weekend. He's doing this to protect our ability to continue to publicly celebrate Mass and sacraments. READ MORE
Read our November 15th BULLETIN HERE
including photos of the Fall Youth Group All Souls Day & Halloween Party, a thank you to Hy Vee, Knights of Columbus Coats for Kids Campaign, Civilize It, & lots of other great information!
Looking for an opportunity to serve the church?
We are looking for volunteers to help with decorating in the coming weeks. 
St. Augustin Advent and Christmas Decorating
for dates Nov 19,
Dec 3, 10, 21, Jan 7, 11.

Please join in the preparation for Advent and Christmas at St. Augustin. All sign up times will have a leader present to direct the effort to decorate areas around the Rectory, Office, Parish Hall and Church in the coming weeks. All are welcome, including teenage students who may receive credit for service hours. SIGNUP HERE
Expanding the November opportunities for Plenary Indulgences which surround All Saints & All Soul’s Day. 
By the practice of Indulgences, the Church places at the charitable disposal of the faithful the inexhaustible treasure accumulated, from age to age, by the superabundant satisfactions of the saints, added to those of the martyrs, and united to those of our Blessed Lady and the infinite residue of our Lord’s sufferings.
Highlights of the decree include:
1.) The Plenary Indulgence applicable for visiting a cemetery & praying for the dead between November 1 -8 is extended through the entire month of November.
2.) The Plenary Indulgence applicable for visiting a Church on All Souls Day and praying for the dead by recitation of the Lord’s Prayer & Creed is extended through the entire month of November.
3.) The aged, the sick, and those who cannot leave their homes, or those who do not wish to visit these places due to social distancing, may, instead of visiting these places, obtain these indulgences by praying in front of a sacred image in their homes, with the intent to fulfill the usual obligation for an indulgence as soon as possible, and reciting a prayer of their choice, reading from scripture, or offering their present sufferings to God as a spiritual sacrifice.

Also, the Penitentiary reminds us of the March decree which extends the means and ways people may obtain indulgences at this time and that those means and ways remain in force.