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Robert Forster, PT CEO  
AUGUST 11, 2016 

What does an Olympic day in the life of a track superstar look like?     Allyson Felix is a 6 X Olympic medalist who is competing in her 4th Olympics and looking to garner three more at these Games (400m, 4X100m and 4X400m relays) to surpass the the Great Jackie Joyner Kersee in the all time Olympic Track and Field medal count. ( Allyson is the first to remind us that Jackie Joyner Kersee 's six medals were all in individual events and not relays).  

August 11, 2016     8 AM Rio ( 4am PST ):  

After her two short but hard final days of training designed to peak her fitness for the start of her 400m competition Saturday, Allyson receives treatment from Robert Forster, PT at her apartment rental in the Copacabana Beach area of Rio.
Allyson Felix Ankle Exercise August 11, 2016
Allyson Felix Ankle Exercise August 11, 2016

                Ankle rehab continues following a potential season ending 3rd degree ankle sprain suffered just 100 days before the Games. Ultrasound, friction massage, joint mobilization, and a full lower extremity pre-workout massage assure that all systems are go for today's light recovery workout.  

10 am: Allyson travels to the Olympic practice track for a light recovery workout known as a "shake out" in Coach Bob Kersee lexicon. Bobby Kersee is the most successful Track and Field Coach of all time. In addition to his wife Jackie Joyner, Bobby has coached US athletes to over 54 Olympic medals, and many unbroken records.

1 pm: Allyson travels to the Nike Hospitality House for press interviews and is honored with an inspirational video created by Nike sponsor and her brother Wes, who is also her manager.  
Allyson Felix 6 X Olympic medalist is honored in Nike Video as she looks to add three more medals in Rio.
Allyson Felix 6 X Olympic medalist is honored in Nike Video as she looks to add three more medals in Rio.

Allyson always takes tim
e for photos with her fellow Olympians, many of whom grew up idolizing her great performances.          
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Blame it on Rio.  The Pools turned green and No one is Surprised. 
Sean Deveney
August 11, 2016

RIO DE JANEIRO - We know why the pools of Rio have been turning a Nickelodeon-slime shade of green in the last few days. Suffice it to say, no one here is shocked.
As the head of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) told the Los Angeles Times, "FINA can confirm that the reason for the unusual water color observed during the Rio diving competitions is that the water tanks ran out of some of the chemicals used in the water treatment process. As a result, the pH level of the water was outside the usual range, causing the discoloration."

Getty Image

How do you run out of pH-balancing chemicals at the height of aquatic events? The answer is simple: Folks running the show at the Olympic park seem to have neglected to take into account that there would be so many people using the pools all at once.
Take a deep breath and consider that: They didn't think there would be so many darned divers in the diving pool, or water polo players in the water polo pool. AT THE OLYMPICS.
But, I can tell you this, if you've down there for the past week, the fact that there were not enough chemicals on hand to keep the pools from turning all Okefenokee on us is not a surprise in the least. The Games have been fun so far, the events and storylines have been compelling, and some of the early fears of an utter disaster here now seem silly.

Efficiency and forethought are not big commodities around here, though. You can see it as you wander the Olympic park, or even the city in general. Visit the concession stands, and you'll see, at every one, there are already certain items that have been covered over in tape. We're a week in, but they've already run out.

There are bathroom stalls outside the Main Press Centre here that were built with the doors opening inward, toward the toilet, so that there is not enough room to actually open the door fully. You've got to do some rhythmic gymnastics just to climb in, and that's before you consider that most of us carry computer bags. Oh, and the toilets can't flush with enough power to handle paper, so each toilet has a trash can next to it. No further comment.

And you have the Olympic transportation system, which, if you stand back and look at what it does - how many different areas it connects, with hundreds of busses and thousands of people being moved, it is a majestic system. The problem: It was designed with zero consideration of traffic, so that a bus leaving at 5 a.m. or 11:10 p.m. might be slated for a 40-minute trip. A bus leaving at 8:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. will be slated for a 40-minute trip, too.

Bear in mind, Rio has the third-worst traffic on the planet, and there was not a whole lot done to alleviate that problem before the Olympics started. So the bus leaving at 5 a.m. might arrive on schedule, but you can bet that it will be the only bus that day that does so.
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