Space IL Dayeinu
Pesah 5779
Had Israel invested in STEM education, but not inspired young people to yearn for space exploration -  Dayeinu (It would have been enough for us).

Had Israeli scientists yearned for space exploration, but not formed Space IL - a non-profit aiming to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon - Dayeinu.

Had they founded Space IL, but not successfully designed all the components of the B’reisheet spacecraft - Dayeinu.

Had they designed all the different components, but not raised the money to complete the project - Dayeinu.

Had they raised the money to complete the project, but not established ground sites for satellite communication all over the world in places like: Germany, Sweden, Chile, Kentucky and more - Dayeinu.

Had they established the ground sites, but not successfully launched a rocket out of the Earth’s atmosphere - Dayeinu.

Had they successfully launched into space, but not calculated the trajectories properly to orbit earth for two months successfully entering the moon’s orbit (becoming only the seventh country in the world to do so) -  Dayeinu.

Had they entered the moon’s orbit and not successfully landed on the moon - Dayeinu.

Space IL’s mission to the moon inspired the imagination of people all over the world and embodied the innovative spirit of the Jewish state. As it said on the sign with the Israeli flag that took pictures looking back on Earth, “Small country, big dreams - Am Yisrael Hai.” That’s the Israel that I love.

As you probably know, Space IL did not successfully land on the moon. But they came so close and achieved so much in the process. It was truly a “Dayeinu” moment. Each small miracle along the journey ought to be appreciated independent of the outcome of the overall mission.

Therein lies a lesson for all of us. Life is filled with disappointments. Rarely, if ever, do we achieve everything we hope for in a given week, month, or even lifetime. We often feel pain at what we’ve lost along the way. But the wisdom of our tradition is that a life of fulfillment and happiness is achieved by having the ability to look back on all we’ve experienced and express gratitude - to be able to say, and mean it, “all we have is truly enough for us.”

Let us all be inspired by the efforts of Space IL to shoot for the moon. Even though they didn’t make it there, they landed among the stars. May we have the courage to yearn for great things in our own lives, and the strength at every moment to be at peace with our portion. Let us have the courage this year and always to say with gratitude and equanimity - Dayeinu.

Wishing you a chag kasher v’same’ah,
Rabbi Ari Lucas

Congregation Agudath Israel
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