A Decade of Achievement
As we embark on this special year of 2020, the vision of our future is to build upon the achievements of our past. In 2010 we were a group of 24. As we prepare to support the needs of our clients into 2020 and beyond, we have grown to 40, and are continuing to grow. An astonishing combination of 428 years of experience is focused on meeting the needs of our clients and exceeding their expectations.

Capabilities and the support to our clients are created by a uniquely talented LTI staff. These efforts are focused to the benefit of the patients that receive lyophilized products our clients have discovered. Recognizing we need to provide the best science and service, we understand and appreciate such a responsibility. This motivates us to expand our competence and capabilities to continue to meet the future needs of our clients in developing innovative new products.

Efforts of our dedicated staff affirm our aspirations and commitment to continue with the ambition to integrate science and technology.  Our internal research and the resulting growth of knowledge has contributed to the advancement of the science and technology through poster presentations, podium presentations, and publications. Training on the fundamentals of lyophilization through professional organizations has provided the benefit of over 6,730 instructional hours of education. We have also provided 3,140 hours of instruction to regulators. LTI has been awarded 6 patents for unique and novel innovations in the last decade. These innovations have included lyophilization of synthetic liposomes, formulations for oncolytic compounds, and composition and processing of lyophilized oncolytic and immunosuppressant products.

We are grateful that over the past 10 years we have collaborated with more than 450 clients, working on innovative products from drug discovery, through development, to supplies in support of clinical studies. This is truly the reason why we do what we do; helping patients get the treatments from client discoveries that provide them a hope of survival and the opportunity to achieving a better quality of life.

Into the Future

With the growing need for patient-centric delivery systems and new technologies emerging for drug development and manufacturing, LTI is staying at the forefront with implementation of new technologies. This now includes the use of robots in the clinical manufacture of dual chamber cartridges, syringes, and delivery devices. We look forward to continuing to embrace these new technologies and delivery systems and to continue to provide services to regions around the globe.