October Newsletter from Musana
A Decade of Impact -
Celebrating 10 Years of Community Transformation!
Over the past 10 years, Musana’s programs have grown from our original 80 children to over 38,000 people that are directly accessing our education, health, and skill development services. On October 19 th , the community of Iganga gathered to celebrate all that has been accomplished and it was a spectacular day. Over 1,000 community members flooded the football field at Musana Vocational High School. Performances were done by Musana students, staff members, youth in Iganga, and local musicians- all sharing composed songs, poems, and speeches about the transformation that has taken place in their community. Additionally, Musana’s women and children shared powerful testimonies about how their lives have changed forever because of Musana. The entire full-time staff of 200+ people danced around the field, surrounding Haril Kazindra, Musana’s Co-founder and Director. The ownership they feel for Musana was evident as their faces gleamed with pride. Haril passionately shared how Musana started, the impact that has been made, and the exciting plans for the future replication of our bold development model in other districts of Uganda. The top government officials, district leaders, and Ugandan board members attended and congratulated Musana for the great work done. Also, in attendance was a team of longtime Musana supporters from the United States who came to witness the joyous occasion! October is a rainy season in Uganda and for most of the day, dark clouds circled the field and thunder was heard in the distance. We all sat praying that God would hold off the heavy downpour and sure enough, He did, giving us a simple reminder that Musana is in His hands!
Want to see more celebration photos... check out our photo album on our Facebook page here .
10 Years of Impact
Social Impact
1440% increase in direct impact in 3 years (growing from 2,500 in 2015 to 38,000 in 2018)

  •  1,700 children and young adults in Musana’s quality and affordable schools

  • Musana Nursery and Primary School ranked #2 in 2016 and #4 in 2017 in the whole Busoga region

  • 293 scholarships to vulnerable children and orphans

  • 460 high school students trained to be job creators instead of job seekers at Musana Vocational High School

  • Musana Community Health Center has had 43,213 patient visits since opening in March 2016

  • Prices 50% cheaper than other private centers in Iganga

  • 294 babies delivered

  • 2,823 ultrasounds given

  • 620 lives saved through blood transfusions

  • 3,309 dental extractions

  • 20,618 community members provided free health care at outreaches
Skill Development

  • 272 women formally trained in business and skills

  • 100 women supported in village groups
Economic Impact
Sustainability and Capital Investment

  • 90% of operating budget generated through local income in 2017 ($709.000)

  • 89% of outside funding INVESTED into capital infrastructure to GROW in 2017

  • $3,500,000 invested in infrastructure since 2008


  • 212 full-time Ugandan leaders

  • 170 more wage earners

  • 233% growth in full time employees in 3 years (91 employees in 2015; 212 employees in 2018)