Daily Volume III (159) | Saturday, July 17, 2021
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Has all of the smoke from the wiring harness of your classic British sports car dissipated? We're told this Replacement Smoke Kit is just what the doctor ordered...
Quote of The Day
"These pics have softer focus than Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting"

(Anonymous reader commenting on the bad pictures used in the ad for this 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible we featured Thursday.)

1993 Camaro Z/28 Pace Car to Be Featured Today!

We've been told that later this afternoon, the all-things General Motors blog site, GM Authority, will be featuring the 700 mile 1993 Camaro Pace Car we currently have on auction.

We're bullish this feature will be a great way to get the word out about our website and the Camaro for sale. Stay tuned!
Our daily Craigslist "Classifinds" provide leads on rides we think you'll find interesting. We are not affiliated in any way with the sale of these rides - we just want to help them find a new home!
Today's Classifinds feature videos!
Decent Driver: 1963 Corvette 327/4-Speed – $47,000

Chevrolet stunned the automotive world when it launched the stunning redesigned C2 Corvette in 1963. Small block-only performance combined with drum brakes make these earlier versions of C2s the more affordable of the bunch and this driver-quality, red-over-black example features a four-speed manual and 4:11 gears...
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Click the picture above to read the full article
Older Owned: 1991 Alfa Spyder – $26,500

Originally launched in 1966, Alfa Romeo’s Spider Veloce remained a timeless design that spanned the better part of three decades in four distinct generations. 1991 saw the U.S. launch of the Series 4 exemplified by this classic red over tan leather example with only 36,000 original miles. This appears to be a well-maintained example that presents in as-new condition...
Siren’s Song: 1974 Jensen Healey Convertible – $2,500

Don’t let what appears to be a rust-free body fool you. Underneath the dirty yet sexy fiberglass shell of this 1974 Jensen Healey lurks Lucas, the Prince of Darkness. He’s waiting to crush your soul and thin your wallet of what appears to a be tempting barn find waiting to be brought back to life for only $2,500. This is Malaise Era British engineering at its...
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Our Both the Internet and Guys With Rides never forget. Here is the latest installment of unsold rides we've been tracking for some time.
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Nine Months Gone: 1972 Porsche 914 1.7 – NOW $25,000

June 17, 2021 Update – For the first time since listing their car last fall, In their latest Craigslist post, the seller now has their Porsche 914 listed for $25,000, which still represents big money for an entry-level air-cooled Porsche. We learned last fall the original ad was placed by a consignor, so we wonder with the new picture whether the owner decided to try on their own.
Two Months Gone: 1980 Triumph TR8 – STILL $19,000

July 12, 2021 Update – After a brief lapse following their original ad expiring, the private seller of both this TR8 and an MGA just posted another merged listing for both cars in an effort to save the expense of an additional five bucks. For this TR8, the seller still hasn't created the separate post he promises for this V8-powered Triumph...
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We Have The Cars, We Just Need More Bidders!
We're pleased to report we have no shortage of great rides waiting to be auctioned here on Guys With Rides! While we have the rides, we need the bidders, so please help spread the word about what we're doing here at Guys With Rides!

The 1955 Jaguar XK 140 MC Roadster and the 1952 MGTD auctions ended last week with neither car meeting their reserves, so if you're interested in purchasing either one for the seller's asking price, please visit our Rides Still Available page.
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