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A delicious 2011 from all of us at Piast Meats & Provisions

By Martin Rybak, Owner
Piast Meats & Provisions

It's hard to believe that it's 2011 already! Christmas came and went much too quickly. Remember as a child how Christmas took forever to arrive?  All those weeks (or perhaps months) of restless anticipation culminated in that one glorious day.  And although you may have been thrilled about one gift or another, the greatest memories of Christmas were about family, food and togetherness.


With this in mind, we'd like to share with you a home movie that we made at our Piast stores. We chatted with nice folks who said good things about food and family.  In fact, we're guessing that you'll agree with some of them. Watch and enjoy!  And let us know what you think.


The Super Bowl

In the new year, many Americans begin to turn their attention to another winter tradition -- the Super Bowl!  (This year on Sunday, February 6)


Although different from soccer in Poland, the energy and passion are the same!  I imagine that many of you will get together with friends and family over good food and drink.  (That's what I'll be doing!)


Over the years, I've attended plenty of Super Bowl parties, and one question I've heard a lot is, "What does Piast recommend for the Super Bowl?"  Well, friends, the time has come. 

Something New

For those who live in the Northern New Jersey and New York City areas, I'm proud to introduce our first-ever Super Bowl catering menu.  This includes a selection of our finest home-made Polish finger foods with flavors and textures that are guaranteed to impress your friends.  You will be the talk of the town come Monday morning! 


Thinking of ordering?  Just call (888) PIAST-US

and we'll answer all of your questions.


If you live out of town - and a large percentage of our customers do live in other states - we've got you covered.  See our famous Party Special online.  I've personally made changes and improvements to this Party Special last week, based on a survey that we conducted with more than 100 of our customers.


The Party Special is packaged with our keep-cool dry-ice technology.  It ships to any address in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

And if you're looking for ideas to make your Super Bowl party a little bit more special, check out these quick tips and easy decorating ideas! Some of these are pretty funny.  Go team!

We here at Piast wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  From our family to yours,


     Martin Rybak
     Owner, Piast Meats & Provisions

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New Year 2011
Party in a Box
Super Bowl NYC / NJ
Packed with Care
Party in a Box!
Party Special

Our Party Special is available at our online store for delivery to any address in the US. Whatever the occasion, your guests will love the mouth-watering selection of our homemade and smoked finger foods!

What's more, this hearty party includes our celebrated hand-made pierogi! The whole thing feeds 7-8 people.  Wow!

Order our Party Special by January 28 and receive fresh, great-tasting foods for an awesome Super Bowl party.

NYC and NJ Super Bowl catering!
If you live in the Northern New Jersey or New York City areas, be sure to see our new Super Bowl catering menu. It'll be your most delicious Super Bowl, ever!

Choose from seven different platters of exotic and wholesome foods, including our roasted kielbasa and everybody's favorite potato and cheese pierogi.  

Your guests and you will savor the flavor with a range of sauces for tasty dipping, including our own horseradish and fine imported mustard. Be sure to ask us how we smoke our barbecued ribs (they're homemade).

Order this delicious variety of foods and you'll be the talk of the town at your own party.

To place your order, call (888) PIAST-US and we'll do all the work.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Packed with Care!

Did you know that people in 43 states and the District of Columbia have ordered delicious Polish and Eastern European foods from Piast?

Your order is shipped in our proprietary keep-cool carton with dry ice technology.  We ship fresh to arrive fresh at your door.  That's why we ship only on particular days. 
See the photo gallery of us preparing and shipping actual customer orders!  

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