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A Developmental Emphasis in Physical Pursuits
We know great thinkers, performers, or athletes do not merely show up one day and do something extraordinary. They have generally worked hard for a long period of time and progressed in an appropriate manner to get to a point where they can accomplish the incredible.
At Westminster, we understand the need to start young and progress in
 an  appropriate (but challenging) manner through the years to get to the highest  level one can achieve. This pattern is repeated whether it applies to physical development, academic development, or spiritual development.
In any school or home, it is easy to emphasis the big things for older students. We fill the stands for varsity games, cheer on victories, marvel at great catches, and stand in awe at last minute baskets. However, the time we sink into playing catch in the front yard, learning to jump properly, building endurance and learning difficult life lessons are vital foundations to those great moments of our varsity and college athletics.
At Westminster  we desire to build a culture and a system of physical development  that will lead to helping young people perform at a level that matches the best of their God-given ability. To that end, we are working in physical education classes to teach appropriate basic general and specific skills that are essential to future success.
We have retooled the athletic department this year to give emphasis to our young athletes. You will see:
  • More professional coaches for the younger boys and girls
  • E xtra summer and school year opportunities for skills training
  • A greater variety and number of clinics to expose our athletes to a variety of sports
  • Elementary athletic directors on both campuses
  • Middle school sport development and direction
  • Targeting our women's sports with a dedicated athletic director
  • Viewing the entire athletic department as a whole and developing athletes over time with specific physical goals along the way
We believe that our new emphasis on our younger athletes will bear good fruit 
over time.  It is a big undertaking, but one we feel worth the journey.  Even a long jour ney requires a first step and we are taking it.  Join us along the way by getting your kids involved, by volunteering, by  cheering, and by investing your time and resources in the programs. Jointly we can help our kids learn the valuable lessons associated with hard work and proper progression.  It will be a grand adventure.  

Let's travel the road ahead together.
Development Through Physical Training

We are striving to build up the next generation of athletes grounded in Godly principles. We know they are capable of truly outstanding things and we are committed to training them physically so they may accomplish their goals. There are important lessons that some students only learn on the field through physical sports. WCA Athletics programs are enabling our students to  grow in character as they "practice" things like working together, serving others, resolving conflict, developing persistence, and much more. 

WCA Athletics
WCA Athletics

Building up Young Athletes

"Physical education is important on every level, but is very vital in grades 1-6. As a teacher and a coach I understand the importance of developing athletes at a young age which is why we work hard with the younger grades. PE is about having fun while helping our students form habits that will carry on for the rest of their lives. We want the kids to work hard on the field, in the classroom, and at home because the Bible has commanded us to. PE is another way for our students to exercise and take advantage of the gifts God has blessed them with as well as continuing to develop them into becoming great athletes."

-Matt Standiford Elementary P.E. Coach

Young Athletes
Young Athletes

Join the Crusader Club!

We are excited to invite you to be part of the Westminster Christian Academy  Crusader   Club .
Athletics are often a key ingredient in growing our students into fine young men and women. Being part of the Crusader Club allows the entire family to engage and support our athletic programs.

  • We need you to buy ads to support your own athletes.
  • We need you to use your influence to sell ads to supports of your athlete.
The funds raised through advertising will pay for uniforms, personal equipment, team equipment, transportation, etc.   It takes a winning support team to support winners on the field, court, pool, and track.

Mr. Scott Davis
Head of School
Westminster Christian Academy

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