October 2021

Paws and Claws Donors Care About Our
Furry Friends - And More
Americans love their domesticated pets and according to statistics, 67% or approximately 87 million families own a dog or cat. Paws and Claws Animal Welfare Donors are contributing to local and national campaigns dedicated to the health, wellness and protection of animals. These highly responsive donors are responding to all offers at the regional or national level. It is the purr-fect list for animal, humanitarian, senior citizen and military/veteran causes.

With over 310,000 Donors you can select by Age, Pet Owners and Donors to Veterans Causes.

Please send Rob Kenny a count request and sample so we can get your test order moving.

Consumers' CHECKBOOK
Regional Reccomendations You Can Rely On
Consumers' CHECKBOOK is a publication ($34 for 2 year subscription) which provides readers' unbiased reviews and opinions about vendors and service providers in 7 markets: Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C.

Published since 1976 by the Center for the Study of Services, an independent, nonprofit consumer organization, readers know they can trust the research and recommendations provided when searching for auto mechanics, contractors and doctors where they reside. Approximately 46% of the readership resides in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area.

There are three lists available: subscribers, enhanced and an advocacy donor list (avg. gift $43) where subscribers help fund the publication since it accepts no advertising.

Mrs. Fields Ranks As
Top Cookie Delivery Service

If you're looking to send out some sweet treats this holiday season, look no further than "the queen of chocolate chip" herself, Mrs. Fields. The New York Post just named Mrs. Fields a top pick for cookie delivery services. The Post sites Mrs. Fields' festive packaging, paired with the wide array of tried-and-true classic offerings, making it the perfect gift to satisfy any sweet tooth. Also mentioned was the ability to send customized treats and goodie packages if you want to go outside of their standard offerings. 
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Fruits and Vegetables May Help Ward off Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. American Institute for Cancer Research is marking the month with insights on how to ward off breast cancer, including consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In the past, the evidence was not strong enough to suggest that fruit and vegetable consumption contributed to a lower cancer risk. However, a team of researchers recently pooled their data and found a 9% lower risk of overall breast cancer when comparing highest versus lowest fruits and vegetable consumption.
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A Little Spend Goes a Long Way in Lowering Utility Fees

Tis' the season for high utility bills! As the temperatures drop and the daylight hours decrease, many of us will experience an increase in our monthly utility expenses. Consumers' Checkbook offers some ways to spend a little now to reduce your costs this season. Upgrades such as digital programmable thermostats, ceiling fans for circulation, upgrading older appliances for efficiency, and insulation to keep heat in are a few of the easy and relatively affordable ways to prepare your house now to save on your bills long term.
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