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It is New Years day here in north Thailand.  We are in the market town of  Pua in Nan Province for our January Community of Blessing Medical Mission Trip. We have a team made up of members from Compass Christian Church and Valley View Christian Church in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

January 2017 Community of Blessing Medical Mission Team

In a few hours we will be heading the mountain to a village called Yod Doi (Mountain Top Village)  Over 30  years ago Dad& Mom (David Lee & Deloris Filbeck) established a small church in this village.  The village elders did not want any Christians in the village so they put Dad on trial and ordered him to not come back. The elders also forced the Christians to either recant their faith or leave the village.  If you have a copy of Dad's autobiography "Called"  you can read the details of this story in chapter 24 (I think that's the chapter, I don't have a copy with me right now to confirm)

For over 30 years there has been no evangelism in this village. We drive by it on the way to other villages, but do not stop. For over 30 years we have prayed for God to once again open a door for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached in Yod Doi.

Last year we had our COB trip here in Nan Province in three villages.   The headman from Yod Doi village came to the clinic we had on the last day at another Northern Thai village. He was impressed with the clinic and asked if we could bring a medical team to Yod Doi.

It has been a year in planning, but today is the day. 30 years of prayers for this village are being answered. Dad and Mom are with us on this trip and will going with us.

This is one of the goals of our COB  program, to open doors to communities that would otherwise be closed to hearing the Gospel.

PRAY WITH US THAT THIS TRIP REOPENS THE DOOR TO YOD DOI.   Mr. Prawanwit (LTC graduate and local evangelist) and his evangelistic team are ready to follow up this clinic in presenting the gospel after the team has left. 
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The CMO Team 
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