Detour, Meet Opportunity
Together, We Got This!
When a nonprofit is birthed in the middle of a bust and endures through the bursting of a national housing bubble, it seems likely that it could handle most types of upheaval, even that caused by a flu that wears a crown and wildfires galore. After all, we've spent 17 years guiding our community's most complex teens!

Emboldened by our ability to handle past challenges, we were remarkably prepared for these new crises. When they hit, we asked ourselves, "What do we have to work with, who needs help and how fast can we give it to them?"

Because of your support, nearly 450 youth and youth providers can now outsmart complicated situations that many thought would take them under. This year our youth bravely confronted a virus, the overnight loss of jobs, stress over unpaid bills, social isolation, PTSD, wildfires, smoky skies, and uncertainty about their futures.

Caring for essential needs was a primary focus as was mental health support.

"YOU have done so much for me since I first got involved with JP and Next Step. I am fortunate to be a part of this. :)" - Next Stepper
Jeremiah’s Promise was well positioned to support foster and at-risk teens through these trying times, preparing them to land new jobs in even better work environments, as well as, to negotiate financial arrangements to offset their lack of adequate income.

The daily guidance offered through our Next Step web and mobile app gives teens a sense of confidence that carries over into a more positive outlook.

The navigational steps youth take each day lead them through topics and tasks that can take their hope and carry that hope through to workable plans. Teens learn how to outsmart what’s troubling them most. They learn how to overcome financial and emotional hardship, discover their innate value and continue on with the confident expectation of achieving life and career goals.

"Thank you for always being so understanding and patient!!! Very blessed to take this journey and have you to help and guide me." - Next Stepper

We realize these times are tough for many. If it's possible to do so, please consider a financial gift now that would help us guide an additional 1,000 youth through the challenges of 2020-2021.
Thank you for your support during a most extraordinary time!