November, 2023


What’s Happening at Liga MAC:

It has been a busy month at Liga MAC! Volunteer activities including participation in the World Wide Technologies PGA Tournament at Diamante Golf Course, manning booths at both the Friday Organic Market at Palmilla and the San Jose Organic Market on Saturdays and operating the Donation Centre (on Marinos Blvd.) every Tuesday and Saturday have kept Liga MAC volunteers fully engaged.


A very special evening event to christen the Liga MAC Learning Centre took place for select guests on November 19. Final touches are being added to the building while staff prepares to move in and prepares for the start of classes in January.


With mixed emotions, golfers gather for the last Knick Nac Tournament at Querencia on November 30. A full field of golfers will enjoy a round of golf on the Fazio designed private course, a gourmet buffet meal and a list of 23 exclusive silent auction items all offered to raise funds for Liga MAC’s student support programs.

The Liga MAC Learning Centre: A Dream Made Real

For the past year and a half, each monthly update has included information regarding the funding, design and construction of the Liga MAC Learning Centre. Although this won’t be the last to be heard on the subject, it can now finally be said that the Learning Centre is open! The movie “Field of Dreams” iconic line: if you build it, they will come, summons an uncanny familiarity to the process of building Liga MAC’s Learning Centre. But in Liga MAC’s case the tag line is: if you dream it, you can build it.


The dream began with the pandemic and a desire to help Liga MAC students overcome the seemingly insurmountable barriers to learning resulting from the lockdown. If only there was a safe, resource-filled space where students could receive counselling and tutoring, have access to computers and the internet, receive educational guidance, and commune with fellow students. Perhaps it could be done. Liga MAC had the property and the programs but not the facility. The fractured system of arranging Liga MAC’s program facilitation at other venues has been laborious, time consuming and an expensive use of staff time.


A plan was hatched. Perhaps in 2 or 3 years, the funds could be raised and the construction started. But wait! Thanks to a cocktail reception hosted by the principals of Querencia, Tom and Bonnie McCloskey, and many generous donors, the funds were raised in one evening! A week later at the 25th Anniversary Gala also hosted by the McCloskeys, the annual operating budget was funded. The dream was becoming reality!


A building committee was formed and headed by Bill Cornelius. The committee selected a contractor, Ivan Cota (see October’s Update) and the process began. First, permits were applied for, the existing building was demolished, and the site prepared. What followed was 11 months of tireless effort by the construction crew, contractor and building committee.

At the recent “soft opening event” Liga MAC students and volunteers were positioned in each of the rooms - class rooms, computer lab, library, multipurpose room, counselling rooms, offices and kitchen areas. The obvious pride with which the students viewed their jobs was infectious. In the days prior to the event and with municipal approval, a cast of students and artists armed with brushes and cans of paint set the scene for the coming event. The perimeter walls of the Learning Centre were adorned with artwork depicting the students’ appreciation for the ways in which Liga MAC has changed their lives. Crosswalks and and sidewalks guided the way to the Learning Centre with colourful designs.

The small opening function brought together students, their parents, former students, Board members, committee members and major donors. Many thanks to Susan

Cornelius for her organizational skills, Bill Cornelius and Ivan Cota for their vision, Tadd Chapman and Baja Luna for supplying the appies and service, Baja Wines for the libations, Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez for their soulful entertainment and the students and their families who were on hand to show off the facilities. In January, once the Learning Centre is fully functioning, the Centre will be opened to the public for an afternoon open house. Details to follow next month.

Student Support Programs

Spanish & Math Tutoring - Liga MAC staff members, Consuelo Espinosa and Maguie Martinez who oversee the Math and Spanish tutoring program at Colegio del Valle, report that students are showing a much better attitude than in the previous session. Involvement in the program is dependent on student involvement and attitude. Students not showing the requisite aptitude and demeanour are counselled by teaching staff at meetings where their parents are present to decide a path going forward. One happy result was shared with teaching staff when Liga MAC received a call from a parent who was thrilled with their daughter’s improvement in Spanish.

Agents of Change - The program, which is currently being operated out of the Boys & Girls Club facilities, began in September and continues all year long. Liga MAC has 43 students participating in the program. Students learn about community involvement and work toward a community project. The program culminates with the presentation of the community project in August. 

All Liga MAC Programs including Alas, Aguilas, ESL, Self-Esteem and Social Skills, plus the two programs reported above, will move to the Learning Centre in January.  

Volunteer Activities and Events

The World Wide Technologies PGA Tournament took place at the Tiger Woods designed El Cardonal Golf Course at Diamante Cabo San Lucas from November 2 to 5. Over 550 volunteers including 40 from Liga MAC who donated 1200 man hours to the event, took their positions over the course marshalling spectators, spotting lost balls, performing walking scorer duties, organizing volunteers and generally assisting wherever needed. The

international event was televised and offered viewers a glimpse of the Los Cabos scenery. Winner, Erik van Rooyen, posed for a final photo with a selection of volunteers including Liga MAC’s own Elva Haro and Lina Gonzalez. 

While on the subject of golf, the 14th Knick Nac Tournament at Querencia Golf Course takes place on November 30. After 14 events over 15 years (the 2020 tournament was canceled) this will be the last at Querencia for the originators and organizers of the event, Dick and Linda Myers. Their member sponsored event benefitting Liga MAC has raised over $120,000 as of 2022. The 2023 event is sold out and the 96 players will have an opportunity to demonstrate their golf skills, enjoy a spectacular buffet dinner and bid on an array of 23 silent auction items sure to open wallets! The proceeds will benefit Liga MAC’s student support programs. Thank you Dick and Linda and good luck golfers!


If you have never seen the new events venue called Baja Luna, you owe it to yourself to buy a ticket to Tacos, Tostadas and Tequila taking place on January 24, 2024. The venue is set in a former mango orchard and abounds with Baja charm. Bordering on the San Jose arroyo, the expansive venue will be highlighted by a full moon illuminating multiple gourmet taco and tostada stations. There is ample parking and the grounds are completely accessible. For an evening of great food and entertainment in a beautiful setting, look for tickets to be available mid December at


Don’t forget that Liga MAC Volunteers are at both the Friday Palmilla Organic Market at the Shoppes of Palmilla on Friday mornings and the San Jose Organic Market which takes place at the market grounds north of the city centre off Blvd. Centenario every Saturday morning. In addition, the Donation Centre at the top of Blvd. Marinos is open for donation drop-offs and thrift hunting every Tuesday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. The Donation Centre accepts small household items in good repair as well as clothing, books, toys, etc. and makes them available to the public in exchange for a small donation. With Christmas coming don’t forget that you can pick up some handy Liga MAC gifts including the 2024 Liga MAC calendar (always a sellout), logo golf caps and other merchandise plus volunteer made handicrafts at all the above locations.

Closing Remarks

One of the student hosts at the opening event on November 19 came prepared with her own words of thanks plus a poem she found on the internet that reflected her attitude towards Liga MAC, it’s volunteers, staff and donors. 

The words of Valeria and the found poem (not her own but reflecting her feelings) are as follows:

Being part of the Liga MAC family is something that makes me feel proud. I have had very nice experiences here. I have met incredible people and I have also made good friends. My family and I feel lucky and very grateful to you, for the effort, love and dedication you give us. This space (Learning Centre) will be a safe place for all of us where we can ask for help and we will be heard. I would like to read something for you:


                       We Never Thank the Sun


                     We never thank the sun enough,

                   For all it does for us.

                   For all the light it shines around,

                   For the warmth and the beauty and love. 


                      It just hangs there every day,

                   A sparkle in the sky.

                   We never stop to thank it, though,

                   As it goes burning by.


                      I think that friends are like the sun,

                   In this way if no other.

                   We relish their beauty and bask in their warmth,

                   But never say so to one another.


                      So I am taking this chance to say,

                   Loud and proud and true,

                   That I am so thankful that you are my friend,

                   And that I get to be a friend to you!

                   (author unknown)


You’re like a great friend to me. You’ve helped me a lot with your support. You’re so helpful. I want you to know how much I value your support. Thank you ever so much! I wish the best for you.


With love,

Valeria Zamora Roldán”


Fulfilling dreams, large and small, with gratitude,


Maria Lindenberg, President

Liga MAC Board of Directors

To fulfill a dream    

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