Daily Volume III (201) |Wednesday, September 15, 2021
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Click the picture above to read the full article and watch a '69 Econoline commercial
Family Freighter: 1969 Ford Econoline Chateau – $8,000

We consider vans to be the chameleon of the automotive industry. Most vans produced with no side windows end up being run to the ground either as work trucks or campers. However, add a bunch of windows and a few rows of seats and suddenly you have a high roof station wagon capable of hauling people and all of their stuff. Ford's...
JDM Joyride: 1994 Toyota S130 Crown Super Deluxe – $11,500

The U.S. Federal government’s 25-year import exemption rule is starting to provide Japanese Domestic Market (“JDM”) enthusiasts the ability to purchase and drive cars they could only sim race on their PlayStation when they were younger. An odd example of this phenomenon is this 1994 Toyota Crown Super Deluxe Wagon.

Once exported during the formative years of Toyota’s car-building capabilities, the Crown eventually became a domestic market icon with the distinction of being the longest-running passenger-car nameplate affixed to any Toyota...
Click either picture above to read the full article as well watch a 2012 Toyota Crown commercial
Click the picture above to read the full article and watch a '61 Falcon commercial
Really Red: 1961 Ford Falcon Wagon – $21,000

The fun thing about Ford Falcons is the ability for an owner to upgrade their car very easily using off-the-shelf and readily available Mustang parts. The restorer and seller of this 1961 Ford Falcon provides a great example where he converted the car to V8 power backed by a modern floor-shited T5 transmission. We also like many of the subtle interior upgrades in this example...
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