Over the past five years The Urban Chalkboard has evolved to bring developmental and play science out of the lab and into your lives. Our lease comes to an end in November and we have chosen not to renew, but rather pivot The Urban Chalkboard in new directions not limited by our four walls or a single physical location.
Treats & Cafe Drinks Specials
Music by Mr Daniel at 10:30 and 3:30
and more!

Our last day of operations will be Friday October 25. Tonya, Michelle, and I are excited about the freedom and time we will have to bring you new opportunities that leverage the numerous insights that we have learned as well as the unforgettable experiences and relationships we have developed with each of you over the last five years. 
We will cherish our time in the Carmel location, it’s been the opportunity of a lifetime for us. We made friends, fell in love with your babies, and got to know you as parents. Thanks to you we got a better understanding your parenting interests, needs and struggles. You allowed us to establish our brand, build relationships, and develop a play café model we can use as the foundation for additional opportunities we have been developing over the past several months and are excited to launch. 
  Thank you again for sharing your children and stories with us. It’s been our privilege to be a small part of your parenting journey and hope to have you join us in our ventures. Follow our progress and stay connected through our website and social media. We will be announcing sneak peeks at new offerings and opportunities over the next several months. Most importantly, please join us on October 25 to celebrate the end of this journey, and the beginning of the next!
We enjoy hearing from you so don't hesitate to email or call,
Jessica, Tonya, Michelle and The Urban Chalkboard Team
Schedule Through October 25th
Business Hours
Mon - Sat 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Closed Sunday
Birthday Parties
Are available to book
through October 27th!
Make use of those gift cards and punch passes through October 27.

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