August 13, 2020
Dear All Saints Family,

These past seven years have been an amazing, grace-filled experience for me and my growing family. Richmond truly has become my home, largely due to my love for this parish and for each of you. We have experienced many joys and many trials together. It is therefore with mixed emotions that I share with you my intent to resign as your Rector at the end of September.

I have accepted an exciting calling as Interim Chaplain at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, North Carolina. My sons Harrison and John David moved with their mother Kathryn to Charlotte this time last year. It has been difficult to support my sons from a distance. After much prayer and conversation, my wife Monica and I have decided that we can best care for and advocate for our children's growth if I move to Charlotte. Monica and her children Leah and Kieran will remain in Richmond. We will be working diligently to see one another and to bring our four children together as often as possible. We welcome your prayers as our family enters this new season of our lives. 

I am joyful for this opportunity in chaplain ministry. After three years as an elementary educator and 15 years of being a parish priest, I feel called to share my gifts in Trinity Episcopal School's faith formation. This formation includes being engaged in the Charlotte community with a service learning model, teaching religion, and sharing in administrative strategic planning. I look forward to being in another setting that upholds that everyone must be respected and loved just as they are for the desire of becoming an inclusive community.

My last Sunday at All Saints will be Sunday, September 27, 2020. This will be a different transition in the current COVID-19 times. Over the next six weeks, I hope that we can celebrate what we have shared together. I welcome the opportunity to connect on the phone or for a socially-distanced meeting at the church. Our Senior Warden Bari Pitts, The Rev. John Hogg, our Junior Warden James Forsythe, and the Vestry will be working with the staff of the Diocese of Virginia in this transition. Together they will develop a plan to appoint an interim rector and to form a search committee.

All Saints is a strong parish with a talented staff and gifted lay leadership. I look around at all the ways the church has become more welcoming, from enhanced handicap accessibility to strong liturgies with awe-inspiring music. All Saints has awakened a sense of joy, bearing fruits like bringing in new families and inviting outside community groups to share in our space. I believe that All Saints will continue to cultivate energy around Music, Outreach and Youth initiatives. You are a parish of people who know how to "equip the saints" and therefore you are ready to move forward with grace and courage.

There is no way that I can thank you adequately for the opportunities that you have given me these past seven years. My family and I will cherish your love forever. We will especially treasure celebrating our wedding last June at All Saints. You might still see me around the streets of Richmond, but if you do not, please know that I am keeping the All Saints Family in my prayers with much love and gratitude. Blessings!

In Peace,