A Farewell to COVID -- Building and Rebuilding

Headliners of the 2021 Health Care Symposium
Wellness, Science, and
the New Insurance During COVID-19

Thursday, May 27th, 2021
1:00pm - 3:30pm

A Zoom webinar hosted by Dialogue on Diversity
Privacy, again a central concept in any discourse on the decent society, leads into the other virtues and vices of social existence. Today our Dialogue broadens its vistas to the realms of social destructiveness and at once social hope.

I -- Of a newly penetrating look at the ugly business of trafficking young people, among them girls as young as 11 or 12, remedied by rescue and a delicately tuned psychology making for restoration of the wreckage of young lives.

II -- Life of the nations in flight, and refugees landing within our gates with their young in tow, often confronted with a less than friendly roughshod official administrative apparatus.
and III -- On an upbeat note, first, the resilience of young migrants, most of Latino stock, facing the joys of learning new verbs and grammar rules, but at once lamenting the depredations of the ICE men with their unforgiving nets; and finally, the School of the Future : soaring imagination and swift wits team to fashion a new era of high-tech educational accomplishment.
... our Headliners
Dr. Lois Lee, sociologist and lawyer, learned in the horrors of the night streets of any large city, founder of Children of the Night, a refuge, a school, a life-skills shop, where young persons rescued from the streets are finally educated in a safe environment, and prepared for launch to college or a meaningful career. She affords a close look at the harms of a raging trafficking industry ultimately degrading young people already battered sufficiently in what had passed for “home”.
Jackie Reyes-Yanes has perhaps the closest unmediated view of the COVID Virus that can destroy, and the precautions that will minimize its damage. She is Director of the Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs, aiming in its day by day work, to produce effective skill levels among the city’s Latino entrepreneurs, to foster ready language skills, Sp. and Eng. all while diligently celebrating the flourishing Latino cultures in our favorite District.
The Webinar agenda swings into a detailed exposition of the ravages of the COVID sickness and the attempts pursued to abate the contagion, Dr. Henry Pacheco, indefatigable trooper in public health efforts among Latino populations, describes the labors of scientific and engineering experts, as they launch the tools for prevention and mitigation that are being thrown into the breach in the present pandemic. Dr. Pacheco’s particular concern is the seemingly inexplicable reluctance of portions of the Latin communities to seize the advantage of the simple inoculation procedure against this sickness that is no joke.
Now busy heading a sociology research team at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, Dr. Randy Capps has given over the better part of two years designing queries and tables, and interviewing countless high school students of Latino heritage on their psychological — and pragmatic — responses to the enforcement activity of the ICE crews during the four years just past. The report, 72 pages, available at the MPI internet site, is required reading for public affairs aficionados wishing to sense the human side of policy — in this phase of our Republic’s education, a bitterly immediate sense of chagrin.
Giselle Lundy-Ponce, frequent Dialogue speaker, holds forth on the intriguingly titled topic: Re-Imagining Public Schools Post Pandemic. The key to relief from much of the malaise of our own day lies first in the phase of “de-compression” as workers and students let go bit by bit of the onerous precautions of the winter just past, husbanding their new energies for return to the busy and now smartly turned school systems, a newly conceived learning vehicle. Giselle Lundy-Ponce, now bearing the AFT’s Social Justice banner, sets out an educated image of a School of the Future.
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