MAy 2016
Such a solid beginning to our Seattle spring! The weather has been gorgeous, and for me the impulse to garden has been irresistible. This is the time to start vegetables for a bountiful summer harvest and at Lark we've always enjoyed tending a modest backyard kitchen garden. This year, we've set our sights higher.

Construction underway at the 
Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing garden.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing (CHUC) and Seattle Urban Farm Company in a new venture that redefines 'local' for Lark's food sourcing. CHUC is nearing completion on their home of 12th Ave, a building that will house nine families under a rooftop farm. The farm has always been destined as a space where residents can grow food for their families. Early in the design process it was realized that there would be far more growing space than the residents could put to use for their own needs. We were thrilled to be invited to collaborate. 

Lark has always put tremendous effort into sourcing our food responsibly and choosing purveyors that adhere to our ideals of sustainability. This partnership with CHUC allows us to take our commitment to the best ingredients to the next level. Lark will have a hand in choosing the crops for the CHUC rooftop garden, and reap a sizable yield each season. This month we'll plant lettuces and tender herbs - quick crops that we'll be enjoying by July. We have our sights on heaps of Romano beans, beets, chard and other delicious vegetables later in the summer and into autumn.
Follow the rooftop farm's progress via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Big thanks to Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing and Seattle Urban Farm Company for inviting us to collaborate in this pioneering project! We'll see you soon at Lark, Bitter/Raw or Slab Sandwiches + Pie.

John Sundstrom