Just A Few Reminders

Please help us have a smooth ending to the school year by encouraging your children to follow a few simple rules. 

Per district and school policy, cell phones are not allowed to be used at school without staff permission.  Please encourage your child to keep their phones in their backpacks until they are outside the gate.  This helps to make sure our students' privacy is not violated.   Students continuing to use cell phones will have them taken and a parent/guardian will need to pick it up in the office. 

It seems the slime craze has finally hit our school.  We appreciate your support in not allowing your children to bring this distraction to school.  It has created a distraction to learning and has damaged clothing and other school property. 
While we appreciate that some students can benefit from the use of fidget toys, spinners and other fidget toys are only allowed at school with principal permission. 

Another popular item at the moment: Orbeez.  Again, we appreciate your discussing with your child the importance of not bringing this and other similar items to school.  These small items pose a safety hazard for our kiddos. 

  Thanks in advance for your support in making the last few weeks of school smooth for students and staff alike!