June 29, 2020
Dear Friends of Cristo Rey Newark,

You may recall that as I started my last letter to you, I began by quoting Thomas Paine, identifying these trying times. Indeed, they are. I have another image that comes to me now. Even on the darkest nights, there are stars that shine. You have been one of those stars for me and for Cristo Rey Newark High School.

In the midst of this pandemic, no one is spared. It is just a question of how hard the hit has been. Some people have been slightly touched, while others have had a devastating blow. Here in Newark it is the latter.

It is for this reason that I am profoundly grateful to you. While I know that you have been affected by COVID19, you have actively chosen to respond to us with generosity. You have looked beyond your own cares and worries and anxieties and considered those with fewer resources. You have reached deeply into your awareness and given to us and those we serve hope and joy. 
Your light and your warmth have made a huge difference for the good. In my name, our school faculty and staff, and especially our students: Thank You! 

May your journey forward be filled with goodness in abundance,

Rev. Robert J. Sandoz, OFM
Cristo Rey Newark High School
The Cristo Rey Network is the only network of high schools in the country that integrate four years of rigorous college preparatory academics with four years of professional work experience through the Corporate Work Study Program and its 3,450 Corporate Partners.

Comprised of 37 Catholic college- and career-preparatory schools across 24 states, today we serve 13,000 students and celebrate 18,035 graduates. 

The Cristo Rey Network delivers a powerful and innovative approach to inner-city education that equips students from families of limited economic means with the knowledge, character, and skills to transform their lives.