Fit Friday Issue #28
A Fit Year in Review: 
Issue Highlights from 2018
It's been a whole year of Fit Fridays, and we thought for our final issue of 2018 we'd review our hottest tips of the year. Our resident writer, Katelynn Cooper, picked her favorite issues and summarized them for you to enjoy. Here's to a happy and fit New Year!

We're all busy, and skipping a few Zzzs can seem like a good way of catching up. But here's the thing - being even a little tired can kill your willpower, making it more likely that you'll reach for junk food or skip the gym. Having a solid sleep schedule is the first step in making each day a healthy and happy one.

It might sound like an oxymoron, but healthy fats are a critical part of eating well. The fat in foods like nuts, avocados, and fish will keep you feeling full longer, allow your body to absorb certain micronutrients better, and keep your skin looking fresh!

We all know what it feels like when our hormones are off - fatigue, mood swings, and weight changes are all signs that something isn't right. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to naturally regulate your hormones. A good probiotic and certain supplements can help, too.

Remember that your skin is an organ just like your heart or stomach, and it needs to be cared for too! It's your body's first line of defense, but it can really take a beating, especially in the winter. Try blending essential oils to make your own skincare products at home to look and feel better every day.

We always recommend deadlifts because they work so many muscles at once, but proper form is critical for staying safe and for getting the full benefit of this exercise. You'll notice a difference in your core, your posterior chain (that's your butt!), and even in your posture.

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