The glorious days of summer are here! Mother Nature though is lagging a bit behind as she recovers from New Hampshire’s very cold, wet spring. Evidence of rain and high levels of water can certainly be seen throughout the region! Insects who need a water source to breed or lay their eggs are now especially prevalent. Mosquitoes are in their prime. And not mosquito with a capital M, like there’s only one. Entomologist Sara MacGregor has identified 45 species of mosquito in New Hampshire. (see Something Wild: Do Mosquitoes Like You Better? ) But the good news is that mosquitoes are an excellent food source for a wide array of creatures from bats, to dragonflies, to a variety of birds, to waterstriders who eat the mosquito larvae. Yes, when you venture outside the world seems quite literally a buzz with activity! Bees are doing amazing pollinating work, big iridescent damselflies are hovering about (they’re not strong fliers and you can get close to them if you move slowly), monarchs are returning just as the milkweed is flowering, and fireflies are lighting up the skies. Sadly fireflies are on the decline due to habitat loss and light pollution. Be mindful of your outdoor lighting this summer, using it only when and where it is needed. Check out this site on ways that you can reduce light pollution near your home or for more information check out this National Geographic article .  The summer is truly glorious! Enjoy and delight in all the natural wonders and beauty of our Lake Sunapee region!

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