August typically brings our hottest summer weather, but the heat index has certainly already shown significant numbers in 2019. This month Lake Sunapee will reach its warmest temperature of the year. The heat affects all things in nature, connecting us and drawing many of us to area lakes and rivers and their restorative cooling powers. One interesting tell-tale of August and the heat are the sounds which become accentuated as the birds become quieter, the crickets noisier and the katydids begin to sing. If you want to know the temperature within a few degrees F, listen for a cricket’s “throb” then count the number of "throbs" in 13 seconds and add 40. As you enjoy the cooling summer breezes listen for the unique sound of the Aspen trees “quaking.” This is due to the way the leaves are connected to the branch by a flat rather than a round stem. Native American legend tells us that the Aspen was the only tree arrogant enough not to bow to the Great Spirit. As a consequence, it trembles every time the wind passes by. And as you feel the wind, let it remind you to look up and watch for the Perseids Meteor Shower during the second week of August. Delight in all the beauty of the final days of summer and be sure to wish on every shooting star you see!

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