The month of June welcomes the long-awaited days of summer. On the 21st we celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. It is an exciting time to be outside exploring all the amazing wonders of the Lake Sunapee region.
In June a variety of animals are on the move.
  The Outside Story offers the following observations:
Honeybees often swarm, leaving the hive with the old queen and then a new queen emerges from the old hive and begins anew. Hummingbirds have returned and are glorying in the array of flowers and nectar that both humans and nature has provided. These little birds get protein from eating the insects that get trapped in the nectar and have even been known to steal them from spider webs. Beavers, bears, deer (to name a few) send their young, who they have been nurturing for the last 18 months or so, off to venture on their own. These young ones often look a little lost or frightened as they now navigate the world by themselves. One wildlife officer referred to June as the “fox month.” That is because he gets so many calls about sightings of the normally nocturnal fox who is out hunting during daylight hours to provide food for the new and very hungry kits back in their dens.  Fawns, which are born without a scent, are left hidden to sleep and grow while their mothers keep watch nearby. Fawns are often mistaken for being abandoned, when, in actuality, they are being protected. The stillness in which they can lie, their camouflage spots and their scentless bodies act as protection against key predators.  

Enjoy getting outside during this beautiful month, brave the insects, and marvel at the newness and greenery around you.

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