October ushers in cool fall temperatures and grandly displays a myriad of colors throughout the hillsides. The beautifully colored leaves of white ash, in all shades of reddish-purple are among the first to fall. Yet trees aren’t actually losing their leaves. They are draining them of nutrients and then throwing them away. It’s an active process. The second week of October is usually when all the trees are at their peak of color.
This time of year skunks are doing pest control on your lawns and leaving small conical holes as they search out their favorite treat - beetle larvae.
Beaver activity is at an all-time high in preparation for winter. The dam will be repaired and maybe raised, the lodge must be patched up, and lots of food stashed in the bottom of the pond for they stay active all winter.
Most migratory birds are shipping out, but snow buntings are beginning to ship in. Grassy fields are a good place to look.
Ruffed grouse are growing their “snowshoes” – seasonal horny fringes on their toes that will allow them to walk on top of the snow.
Delight in all the joys of seasonal change and the color displays of the autumn!
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