May 2018
issue # 54

At E-Crane , we all strongly believe that what is going on inside shows on the outside. Everything our E-Crane brand stands for started from within our organization. Grasping the essentials, the passion that drives us, and what powers the E-Crane 2.0 Project was not an easy task. Both E-Crane employees and Customers helped in identifying our true core values. The resulting E-Crane brand essence reads as follows:

We sell solutions, not products.
We create relationships, not sales.
It is a privilege to serve our clients
and we take every opportunity to address their challenges
through our innovative engineering solutions.
We are proud to have provided reliable, custom crane solutions for the past 25 years
and are excited to continue to advance the way we serve our clients different recycling and bulk handling needs.
I n the months that follow this Newsletter will showcase our E-Crane 2.0 Solutions and highlight Customer success stories. Stayed tuned and enjoy.

Ir. Lieven Bauwens
E-Crane Group of Companies

Bringing Balance to Balikpapan Coal Terminal

A few years ago the first E-Crane was installed in Desa Muara Kaman, Kota Bangun (situated where the Kedang Kepala and Mahakam River meet). Fast forward to May 2018, and another E-Crane installation is underway near Balikpapan on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan. ..
New E-Crane commissioned for Perdue AgriBusiness

A new 700 Series E-Crane went into service on May 11, 2018 for Perdue AgriBusiness at their Seaford Delaware river terminal. The model EH 4290 PD-E will unload soybeans and corn from barges arriving on the north bank of the Nanticoke River. ..

BIR - Barcelona, Spain

Meet, discuss and find solutions for your business
with our E-Crane experts.

Date:  May, (27) 28 - 30 May 2018
Location: Sofia Hotel Barcelona Spain
E-Crane Booth N°: S05