Q1 Newsletter

Volume V Issue 1
March 2017
Q1 2017 Title page
Message from ERAC President,  
Spencer Buckland 
  ERAC Rail Emergency Training Exercise
ERAC's vision is to be the highest quality emergency preparedness and response assistance organization in Canada. In order to recognize the efforts of outstanding individuals and teams, ERAC is pleased to announce that it has created four awards in the areas of:  
1. Leadership
2. Safety
3. Collaboration and Teamwork
4. Training and Learning
These awards will be distributed every two years at the National Training Forum.
Should you feel that an individual or team should be nominated for an award, please read over the information and criteria found on our web page by clicking here...
In This Issue
RMA Dean Keizer from Superior Propane, Canning NS, is retiring from ERAC. We thank Dean for all of his years of service with ERAC and the propane industry.
With sadness, RMA Warren Rankin from Superior Propane, Huntington QC, had passed away on January 21 of this year.
Terry Howe, is stepping down from the role of Team Leader Atlantic RST and ERAC responder. He started with ERAC July 1997. We thank Terry for all of his years of service and dedication to ERAC and the response industry.  
Mike Keller to the Flammable Liquids, Technical Advisory (FLTA) Committee. Mike Keller is a Flammable Liquid Producer representative, holding the position of Sr. Manager- Refinery Safety at Valero. He will be joining us in Calgary for the May meeting, replacing James Pursell.
We welcome New RMAs John Carlson and James Barnhill, from Rainbow Lake, AB, to ERAC.
Training & Events
SAVE THE DATE! Emergency Response Assistance Canada's National Training Forum for responders will be taking place on May 16 & 17, 2017 in Calgary, AB at the Westin.
New ERAC Response Teams - In our efforts to enhance our response capabilities, ERAC will be adding two new LPG response teams in 2017. Stay tuned for more details.

SAVE THE DATE! ERAC large-scale live-transfer rail emergency exercise, located in Saint John, New Brunswick, June 13-15 2017.
Annual two-day training and assessment of LPG, Flammable Liquids Response Teams
ERAC requires annual mandatory two-day training and assessment sessions for all LPG and Flammable Liquids Response Teams. This year our teams have trained in:

Flammable Liquids
May 23-24                            RAM Environmental, Kelowna, BC
May 2-3                                 Euroway Industrial, Winnipeg, MB
May 30-31                            Sheild, Edmonton, AB
June 1-2                                Iron Horse, Calgary, AB
June 13-15                            RST Atlantic, Saint-John, NB
September 6-7                   MD UN, Montreal, QC      
October 11-12                     Envirotec, Saskatoon, SK
October 11-12                     Drain-All, Ottawa, ON
October 23-24                     GFL Environmental, Thunder Bay, ON
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
April 4-5                               M&M Propane, Saguenay, QC
April 12-13                          QM, Stoney Creek, ON
April 19-20                          Drain All Ontario East, Ottawa, ON
June 13-15                          Sutherland Atlantic, Miramichi, NB
June 13-15                          RST Atlantic, Saint John, NB
June 21-22                          Keyera, Edmonton, AB
September 13-14             Superior Ontario Central, Barrie, ON
September 27-28             Enbridge BC North, Fort St-John, BC
October 4-5                        Plains Midstream, Regina, SK
Training locations for rail, truck and stationary tanks are important in helping ensure our responders are ready for any incident. All of us at ERAC thank these companies for stepping forward in support of the Regional Training and Assessment program.

Fire Training
April 8-9                             Dowler-Karn, St-Thomas, ON
May 9-14                            Estaire Wanup Fire Brigade, Sudbury, ON
June 8-11                           North Glengary Maxville Station 3, Maxville, ON
June 17-18                         Edmundston Fire Rescue, Edmundston, NB
The Foundation of Training
Don Merriam, Operations Manager, LPG  

An organization's safety policies and procedures are the foundation of training for all its processes.
Clear policies define protocol ensuring that all employees operate according to a consistent prearranged formula. The scope of written policies includes language covering legal issues that may arise due to the nature of the business or employee health and welfare - especially in hazardous operational conditions...Read more
Know When to Pull the Trigger to
Activate an Emergency Response Assistance Plan

Patrick Knight, Manager, Safety & Quality Assurance  

ONE THING IS CLEAR - when some are faced with potential disaster: They are hesitant to pull the trigger to activate their emergency response plan.
People have a connection to the incident and normally think, 'this has never happened to me before,' and want to fix the situation as quickly as possible, and as cost-effectively as possible, not realizing they are in a critical situation. But they may not always be thinking clearly because they are emotionally and financially attached to the incident. They want to get down there, get that truck upright, and get it done quickly...Read more
Update on SafetySync Training
Cheryl Dahlager, Manager, Process Services 

Recently there has been an increase in the number of eRailSafe certificates being uploaded into ERAC's LMS, SafetySync. Please note that when you complete the eRailSafe course you will immediately receive a temporary certificate, which will expire in three months. Shortly after completing the course a badge will be mailed to you; the badge contains the three year expiry date. Please DO NOT upload a copy of the temporary certificate, instead upload a copy of the badge once received in order to be compliant for the three year requirement ... Read more 
ERAC Takes Training to the Next Level
Louis-Philippe Ethier and Lance Bushie, ERAC Technical Advisors     

LPG Level 1 Mobile Operations Training

A fire department and its firefighters are only as good as their training. But training can be challenging if you're on a tight budget or repeating the same old drills and reviewing the same old SOPs/SOGs. To remain effective, you must constantly look for innovations and resources that challenge your firefighters.

It has been one year since we have created the mobile LPG firefighting training program across Canada. The LPG operational firefighting training was first introduced at the Emergency Services Training Center (ESTC) in Blyth, Ontario, by Fire Chief David Sparling. The ESTC crew evaluated more than 100 firefighters as to how they would respond to an incident involving LPG's. The evaluation was a huge eye opener when most of the firefighters would respond without an action plan or adequate information on the product and its reaction...Read more    
ERAC Key Performance Indicators
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