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A Focus on Wellness



Welcome to our APRIL newsletter, we hope this finds you 'well'.


We're not just being polite, we're seeing an increased focus on personal and organisational wellness which we're excited and passionate about.  We know that by being at our best, we achieve better career and life outcomes.


We also see that we have a role to play here . . .   

Wellness at Work6 Cylinder Signpost

Research Project  


Are your staff at their best??  

Run a 6 cylinder workshop to get them there.



We invite you to be part of ALCHEMY's research project on:

"the 6 cylinders of wellness at work".  


You provide the room, we provide the speaker - it's as easy as that.


Run your 45min workshop before the end of June so we can include the results and we'll facilitate these at no cost. We'll also provide a wellness report for your organisation.


Click here for more detail on running a workshop for your staff.  


Click here for the 6 cylinders of wellness  


HunterBligh Executive Career Transition


 Social Media:

Friend,  Enemy or  Frenemy?

 by Nigel Leadbitter 



For many executives, their time in transition is their first foray into the world of social media.  Some struggle with how to achieve the greatest benefit, while at the same time protecting their personal brand in an increasingly connected marketplace. 

The Urban Dictionary defines "frenemy" as "the type of friend whose words or actions bring you down".  It's useful for individuals in transition to keep this simple term front of mind before stumbling blindly into the world of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like. 

Click here for the full article

How Can We Help?
Every circumstance is different, all are confidential.
Let us know about your business and we will detail how we can support you, your people and your organisation.

The ALCHEMY and HunterBligh Team 
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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Guide for Managers

This guide clarifies appropriate separation procedures that will help managers and HR communicate in a professional and respectful manner during a difficult interaction.

Transition Outcomes

57% of Participants have moved to roles with higher base salary after their ALCHEMY Program.

89% of Participants transition their career within 12 weeks.