It’s nice to stay in touch however we can these days, so here are a couple of bits of news from me to you…
A Fond Farewell to my Sunday Morning Radio Friends

For the last eleven years, I’ve been able to greet so many of you bright and early on Sunday mornings on KDFC’s “The Sacred Concert.” It has been such a great pleasure knowing how many of you have tuned in week after week so we could spend a little time together sharing beautiful choral and vocal works. Then, a short while after I began hosting that program, another show was developed that I was extremely glad to take on called “Baroque By The Bay.” Again, it was an honor for me to share my love of Baroque music with so many of you on those Sunday mornings.

Unfortunately, last week I received the news that KDFC has canceled both programs and instead will be offering similar programming from the hosts at KUSC in Los Angeles. So, it’s with sadness that I must bid adieu to our times together over these years. Not an ABS concert ended without many of our audience members greeting me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed those programs. (Often, on a late Saturday night following an ABS performance, I’d be asked if I was really going to have to get up early on Sunday to broadcast the shows. I usually just smiled, not saying anything, but a few knew that I had prerecorded them a couple of days before.)

So I will miss those of you who tuned in to share those mornings with me, especially now in these times when we’re separated even more, temporarily without the options of seeing each other in person at our concerts. Those will return, have no fear!

Also, I want to pass along my deepest appreciation for the friendship and support of my KDFC Host colleagues including Dianne Nicolini, Hoyt Smith, Rik Malone, Robin Pressman, Ray White, and many others on the KDFC staff. I was so happy to be part of that dream team. 

Reconnecting to ABS Recordings

As many of you know, a few days ago we concluded our 12 weeks of “ABS at HOME” free daily music selections. We distributed links to our recordings via email messages in a way that we hoped would make your days a bit brighter, especially during some difficult times. Once the stay-at-home orders relaxed a bit, we started "FRIDAYS with FRIENDS" which is a series of messages (and performances) from some of the ABS musicians that our audiences have come to know and love.

We’re so grateful to the artists from whom you’ll be hearing for their generosity and earnest expressions of how much they miss you and their anticipation of being back with ABS as soon as possible. Through video greetings, personal messages, and self-produced recordings, they will speak directly with you about their activities, recommended distractions, and personal journeys during these past months. Steve Lehning was the subject of last Friday’s contribution, and violinist Tatiana Chulochnikova will be featured on Friday of this week.

But we have left our links to all of the last 3 months of music active, so they’re still available on our website at

Also, we want to remind those of you who use streaming music services such as Spotify and Apple Music that you can hear all of our two dozen plus albums on demand whenever you want to. Our discography of great choral works and some of the best of the Baroque are all there for your enjoyment 24/7.

So, you can use the links below or just go to our website at , click on the menu item “RECORDINGS” and you’ll find a link to our music on those services.
One last thing: We've updated all of the support pages for our recordings. If you head over to our recordings page ( ) you'll see a gold "NOTES" button next to each title. Those links will take you to complete program notes, texts, and production information for the title. Check it out.

We really miss you and we hope that these ways of staying in touch will keep us connected until we're back in concert halls together. We are here for you now and we’re going to be here with you in the future. That’s a promise!

See you soon, and with warmest wishes,
We Thank our Sponsors

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