John Broussard '71
January 29, 1952 - September 17, 2021

Tau brother John Broussard of Houston passed away on September 17 at age 69. 

Born to a family in the wholesale meat business, John founded his own company, Houston Meat Purveyors. Among his customers was locally-owned Prince’s Hamburgers. A drive-in eatery, Prince’s in the early 80s was no longer enjoying its success of earlier years, and the owner decided it was time to close. John, however, believed that Prince’s — one of Houston’s oldest and most iconic restaurants — should be saved, and he stepped in to do just that. He repurposed Prince’s and, over time, opened several new locations throughout Houston. 

“To me, one word sums up John — loyalty,” said pledge brother Jim Pritchett ’71. “John was loyal to family, friends, those he worked with, the City of Houston, and certainly the Kappa Sigs.” 

John married the love of his life, Patricia, while they were students at UT. They first met as children at St. Michael’s and were inseparable for more than 60 years. After UT, they returned to Houston to live, work, and raise a family. 

“John was a loving husband and great friend who had a kind heart,” said Tau brother Robert Glauser. “He loved Kappa Sigma and Texas Longhorns almost as much as he loved his wife, Patti. We will miss him.” 

John is survived by Patti, their three children, John, Jr., Emily, and Bradley, their spouses, and seven grandchildren.