A Note from Scott and Marsha
June 18, 2020
PEACH TRUCK SUCCESS!! Last year, Peach Truck day was blazing hot! This year, it was pretty cold and rainy, but no matter! What a great afternoon! Thanks to all who came out to participate. We will do it again July 8, and I am willing to bet it will be warmer.

On to this week's story...A t least once a week, if not daily, I tend to put my foot in my mouth. I used to think this was an inherited trait. As I get older, I have decided it is definitely in my DNA, and it's for good humor and personal embarrassment.

Recently in our team meeting, Amanda shared that a new hire was dropping by to fill out his paperwork before starting on Monday. We were discussing how excited we are to have someone new starting with us. Follow me here. A new hire is dropping by.  

A couple hours later, I was upstairs and as I was heading down, I heard Amanda sharing our FGS Core Values and so I poked my head in and walked over and excitedly welcomed the new hire. I said, "Hey! I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the team! I'm Marsha. You start Monday, right?" 

I look over at Amanda who has a "deer in headlights" look. He looks up at me puzzled, but smiles (such a warm, friendly smile, I might add) and says, "I don't know. Am I hired?"  

He's confused. I'm confused. Amanda patiently says, "Marsha, this is _____. He is interviewing for a position in our maintenance division." Cue the circus music.  Yeah. Not the new hire. But he was so genuinely warm (I could tell), that I responded, "If he is smiling, why wouldn't we want to hire him?"  

Amanda, in her kind, generous and professional way, laughs with me and says something about finishing the interview, and we will see. I back out of the office tiptoeing, chuckling and mumbling something about going back downstairs under my rock. 

I return and Viridian is at her desk and finally has time to help me cut my bangs. They needed to be cut! So we are standing in front of the big mirror hung in the hallway and I'm twirling my bangs and following her instructions with the scissors. We turn around and here comes Amanda with the interviewee trying to get through to introduce him to Dylan, the maintenance manager. Again, cue the circus music. Seriously?   She needs to stop following me.

We are professionals. But sometimes, this is how we (well, I) roll. Either way, I hope she hires him because I liked him. When you can roll with me that quickly and have a good laugh with us, I think that makes you a winner.  

Roll this way for some green. We happen to have a lot of it and summer is just getting started! You do realize we are halfway to Christmas, right?  PSA. You're welcome!  See you soon in the garden, at The Potting Shed sipping a seltzer or enjoying a Sunset Slush (with a wine pour over). It might be hot in the near future, but we have something to cool you while you shop! 
"THE POTTING SHED" will be open Thursday-Sunday this week serving beer, wine, cider, seltzer, mimosas and Sunset Slush!! Sunset Slush is a smooth Italian ice that can be enjoyed by all ages! It is dairy-free, gluten-free, full of flavor and amazingly refreshing! Adults can enjoy Sunset Slush topped with white wine or champagne for a cold and delicious adult treat! We will have multiple flavors available. Enjoy a cold beverage as you shop with plenty of space for social distancing! Click HERE for hours and menu.
Butterflies may be the prettiest pollinators out there, but they are just as effective as the busy bees. Attract butterflies by planting a Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) like this 'Summer Skies' variety. We love it for the variegated leaves and lavender blooms. Choose from dwarf varieties like the Pugster that only grow to 2-3 feet tall, or varieties like Miss Molly that grow up to 6 feet tall!
Echinacea is a flower that embodies a lot of what summer gardening is about. Choose from red, white, purple or yellow blooms, and plan to enjoy them for years to come. As blooms are spent, consider leaving them for birds. This way, you cater to two types of pollinators, the bees and the birds. Plant Echinacea in full sun with good drainage for best results.
Japanese Maples are pollinator-friendly? Indeed they are! Japanese Maples bloom in the early spring and provide pollen and nectar for the bees. We have more varieties in stock than ever before. Kashima is a gorgeous dwarf variety we recommend. Did you know smaller Japanese Maples will be just as happy in a container as in the ground?
Our landscape installation crew built this staircase at the home of one of our clients. It added practicality and beauty to an area that needed both. The dry creek bed on the left solved drainage issues. If your landscape needs improvement or even a complete make-over, our landscape design and install team is here for you. Request a consultation today! We would love to work with you in this way!
No worries! They will be back in July! Mark your calendars today! The Georgia Peach Truck will return Wednesday, July 8 from 3:00-4:30PM. You will be able to pre-order your peaches or stop by and grab a box. We will make it a fun afternoon for all! Check out our website for more details. We will also share more information on Facebook and Instagram .

Happy Healthy Houseplants
Saturday, July 11, 2020
This popular class is back! Join us for an informative session on everything houseplants. We will cover how to choose the right plants for your home and how to care for them so they stay happy and healthy. You will learn about air-purifying plants and pet-friendly plants! Every houseplant needs a home and every home needs houseplants! Cost is only $10 and includes a spray bottle and cloth to keep your plants clean.  Register here today!
In honor of Pollinator Week next week, we wanted to share our tips on planting a butterfly garden again. We shared this post back in May, but if you missed it, now is the perfect time to plant a butterfly garden!

Also, here's another post suggesting plants that attract pollinators, repel pests, and plants that complement each other well . Attracting pollinators has so many benefits for our environment!
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