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November 2015
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Walk the Walk
Achieve Staff Walks the Walk!
We love that our staff is as active as they are. It helps to show our patients that our staff's understanding comes from a place of actually doing not just hearing. 

MaryKay Dreisilker- 
PT Tech, Certified Personal Trainer, Cross Fit Level 1 Coach, and Ultimate Frisbee Player
(Pictured bottom right)

I love being active. My favorite sport to play is Ultimate Frisbee. For those that don't know what Ultimate Frisbee is, it entails all  the  running around of soccer and the scoring in end zones of football. However it is not played with a ball, but by throwing and catching a frisbee. I have been part of a club Ultimate Frisbee team for four seasons now.  My team is out of Milwaukee, WI and we played in six tournaments over the  course of  the  summer, finishing 9th at  the  regional tournament. I also play in random tournaments throughout  the  year whether it be indoor tournaments in  the  winter, or traveling to Las Vegas in  the  spring. I recently joined a fall league team in which we play games in parks around Chicagoland every weekend. As for working out, I started CrossFit 9 months ago and absolutely love it!  I competed in my first local CrossFit competition in October, and my teammate and I won!  With  the  help of CrossFit, I feel stronger and healthier than ever.

Read more of how our staff Walks the Walk in our upcoming newsletters!
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Physical Therapy Corner: 
Courtney Dynes, DPT, ART-Cert

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Community Corner

Tuesday, November 10th

@MFC Sports Performance
8251 Lemont Rd
Darien, IL 60561

Join Achieve and MFC Sports Performance for an interactive workshop about how Flexibility, Speed, and Mindset are tools to allow you to train more, stretch more, and Achieve More!

Speakers to Include:
Gina Pongetti- The Science of Flexibility and its role in injury prevention.

Adam Kamuda- How strength training can make anyone faster.

Kelsey Ruffing- Emotional and psychological effects of injury and chronic pain.  Tips on how to deal with injury and pain.

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We are happy to announce a couple new individuals that are now part of Team Achieve!

Courtney Dynes, DPT, ART-Cert
Courtney will be treating out of the Burr Ridge clinic, but everyone will get to read her first article next month!  Be on the lookout for her Physical Therapy Corner article in the December release!

Ben Schaufele, PT Tech
Ben is our newest addition to Team Achieve!  You will see him in both our Burr Ridge and Naperville clinics helping patients to #AchieveMore!


Congratulations to everyone who qualified and competed at Ironman World Championships in Kona!


Here are a few accomplishments from Achieve patients at Kona:

Amanda Wendorff: 3rd place in her age division

Sara Fix: 7th place in her age division

Liz Waterstraat: 10th place in her age division

Adam Zucco: 2nd place for the biking portion in his division, and 4th place for the swim portion


CPR  re-certification and Certification
 classes now available! 

-BLS for the Healthcare provider
-Family & Friends CPR/Choking basics

Classes provided through 
American Heart Association 

Team/group discounts available. Email
for more details! 

Want to give your club a shout out ?  Let us know!

Lawrence Kosova, DPM Family Podiatry Center

With a variety of podiatrist and surgeons in the area, it is often difficult to determine the best one for you.  With outdoor fall sports winding down and winter around the corner, it is the perfect time to get a hold of your aches and pains.
Dr. Lawrence Kosova of Family Podiatry Center in Naperville has proved to be an integral part of the dance medicine community-from high school recreational dancers to national level dancers and performers.  Dr. Kosova had the prestigious honor of being the only podiatrist to lecture at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science's (IADMS) annual meeting a few weeks ago in Pittsburgh.  He lectured about a different technique for lateral stabilizations for ankle ligament ruptures and instability, Dr. Kosova presented his lecture as a case study done on a dancer he worked with.
While he was at the IADMS annual meeting, Dr. Kosova also presented on his experience with Regenerative Amniotic Growth Factor injections.  This is something that is relatively new to the medical community; however Dr. Kosova has been seeing great success using this procedure (see photo).  "With dancers, we see the tendons and ligaments get really thickened and inflamed."  Dr. Kosova continues, "It's amazing, you inject regenerative growth factor into it and the inflammation and pain goes down significantly in just a few days.

When asked how Dr. Kosova's approach differs when dealing with an elite level athlete versus the general population, he was quick to tell us, there is no difference! "I treat everyone the same. I tell my patients that they're going to get the same treatment as a professional dancer or athlete would get," Dr. Kosova continues, "I don't really see a huge distinction-If you have an ankle sprain, we will treat it as such." 

To learn more about Dr. Kosova, or schedule an appointment:
Family Podiatry Center
640 S Washington St.
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 355-3668

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How to Treat Foot and Toe Pain
Frequent diagnoses and frequently asked questions 

Michi Mennecke, MPT
Sports Medicine Physical Therapist
Performing Arts Medicine Outreach

Bunions : (also referred to as hallux valgus)

Q:  What exactly is a bunion and how did I get this?

A:  A bunion forms when your great toe pushes against your second toe forcing the joint of your great toe to push out into your shoe.  This diagnosis can become increasingly uncomfortable with improper footwear with continued activity.   Common causes include uneven pressures throughout the joints/tendon in your feet while weight-bearing.  The imbalance creates an unstable joint that can become increasingly painful.  The inequity in pressure can be due to footwear, genetics, previous injuries, and or congenital deformities. Often, people will have direct relatives with bunions, and this can be caused by poor foot structure, and overall alignment of the lower body (hip, knee, toes) and the effect this has on the forces in the foot.

Hammer/Mallet Toe:

Q:  What is exactly is a hammer or mallet toe and how did I get this?

A:  A hammer or mallet toe is when your toe is either stiff or permanently positioned in a downward position usually as a result of injury or chronic pressure from footwear (i.e. footwear with a narrow toe box).  A rigid type hammer toe has an abnormal permanently flexed middle joint of the toe and a mallet toe has a permanently flexed joint that is nearest to the toenail.  The "flexible" version of both of these is where the toes are in these positions, but manually can be moved and stretched and have not yet completely stiffened. These diagnoses most commonly occur at the second toe. They can, however, also exist at the pinky toe, or fifth toe as well, and most likely just occur curved or flexed downward.

Hallux Rigidus:

Q:  What is exactly is hallux rigidus and how did I get this?

A:  Hallux rigidus is arthritis of the great toe, causing motion to be decreased and often pain.   Females are more commonly affected than males, and it most of the time affects adults between ages 30-60 years old.  This condition can be associated with previous trauma; however, it is most commonly associated with wear and tear of the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint.


Michi is available for scheduling out of our Naperville Clinic:

1315 Macom Dr Suite 105
Naperville, IL 60564
630 369 8585

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MFC Sports Performance

"A Force to Be Reckoned With!"
Every month, we try to highlight a company that mirrors our own values in regards to patient care and commitment to the community.  This month we were able to speak to one of the co-founders of MFC Sports Performance, Adam Kamuda.
Q. What is the cornerstone of MFC Sports Performance that really sets you apart from the rest of your industry?
A. At MFC Sports Performance, we place an emphasis on helping kids to become stronger. A lack of strength is the number one thing we see holding kids back from excelling in competition even more than they currently are. MFC Sports Performance is unlike any other business in the sports performance world. The trainers at MFC Sports Performance are experts at helping kids to gain strength, which then translates into greater speed. We want athletes to develop as much force production as possible. Our trainers not only know how to set up and execute outstanding workout programs, our trainers also know how to motivate kids and adults to reach their full potential. Our professional, experienced trainers aim to get the most out of each athlete that is part of our program.

Q. What exactly is MFC Sports Performance, and what do you offer the public?
A. MFC Sports Performance specializes in training sports teams. We also have classes for kids and adults throughout the week. Individual and small group training options are also available. One of the great parts about training at MFC is that all training sessions take place with professional trainers. MFC trainers guide clients through each and every thoughtfully planned-out workout. All workouts are designed to yield high-quality results.

Spots are filling up fast for MFC Sports Performance's fall and winter sessions. If you're interested in training sessions for yourself or for an athlete, give them a call today at  (630) 796-2537. 

8251 S. Lemont Rd
Darien, IL 60561
(630) 796-2537
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