City of Fremont, Biomedical Manufacturing Network and BSMA to Collaborate to Advance the Bio-pharma Industry in California
Calabasas, June 8, 2017: The Bio Supply Management Alliance ( BSMA) has announced collaboration with the City of Fremont and the Biomedical Manufacturing Network to advance the supply chain of the bio-pharma industry in California by providing a platform for imparting education, sharing technology, enabling executive networking, and fostering workforce development. The primary focus of this alliance is to enable the development and growth of start-ups, as well as small and mid-sized biomedical companies.

Devendra Mishra, the Executive Director of BSMA observed, “ The common goal of advancing the bio-pharma industry aligns BSMA with the Biomedical Manufacturing Network and the City of Fremont where education and innovation form the nexus. BSMA represents an extraordinary executive management resource in biopharma as well as world-class academia. Its member companies will be enthralled to share experience and knowledge with those of our partners”. For ten years the Biotech Supply Management Alliance (BSMA), the first industry initiative dedicated to bringing together the stakeholders of the global biotech industry supply chain, continues to foster its mission to accelerate the profitable growth of companies by developing, advancing, and disseminating best practices, knowledge, and research.

The three organizations are joining forces to organize the 10th Annual BSMA Conference on October 12 in Foster City, titled “INNOVATIONS & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFORMING THE BIO-PHARMA SUPPLY CHAIN”. Over the last nine years, the conference has been recognized to be the most informative, interactive, technology-enabling and solution-sharing event in the bio-pharma space where drug manufacturers lead, academia provide research and suppliers/Service providers support.

City of Fremont
Kelly Kline, the Economic Development Director and Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Fremont remarked, ” With the Internet of Things fundamentally changing the value proposition for the growth of biomedical companies in the Bay Area, it’s time to reinvigorate our local partnerships to support this important cluster and related supply chain.”

Fremont, the fourth largest city in the Bay Area and considered as a strategic cornerstone of the Silicon Valley, is home to 115 biomedical companies encompassing equipment, devices, and pharma.  Together, they advance the economy of Northern California with the means of technology.
Biomedical Manufacturing Network
Dr. Gregory Theyel, the CEO of Biomedical Manufacturing Network, stated, “ The BioMedical Manufacturing Network (a consortium of over 1,100 biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and medical equipment manufacturers in the San Francisco Bay area, has the mission to provide manufacturing and business assistance to companies, facilitate technology transfer, develop talent through internship, education, certification and training, and build a regional biomedical network via media, meet-ups, technical events, database and map”.
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Members of the BioMedical Manufacturing Network and City of Fremont members will receive significant registration discounts for the conference.
BSMA: Devendra Mishra
City of Fremont: Kelly Kline
BioMedical Manufacturing Network: Gregory Theyel