June 2019  Edition

Dear Beloved,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our June Newsletter. We hope you are doing good and

It's half year and we want to return thanks to The One who has kept us this far. How apt it is that we do this for the One who owes us nothing but gives us everything.

Arrangements are in top gear for our Kingdom Invasion Conference, 2019; holding in Abuja ( August 26 - 27 ); Lagos ( August 30 - 31 ) and Kaduna ( September 2 - 3 ). The idea is that as we unite in one accord, we will pull heaven to earth. The Holy Spirit comes Himself to cleanse us and reconcile hearts back to God's love Heart. Someone describes the conference as an oasis of peace and joy. Into this,Jesus sends His healing power.

Check out our website and the individual conference pages. Build up your faith as you read the testimonies. Let us all believe together for a truly life transforming time. Don't forget to pray at least ten people each in.

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Kingdom Invasion Conference 2019 - The Speakers
Kingdom Invasion Conference 2019 - Meet The Speakers

A Generous Heart

How important it is that we learn to respond to Jesus from the depths of our hearts. For us to respond from the depths of our hearts, we need to have received  His love deep down there. We need to regularly think or meditate before the Lord about what He has done for us. It's important that we ask Him to give us a revelation of this. This will help lead us into a place of heartfelt response.

I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart. Thanksgiving really is the password into His Presence. I will enter His courts with praise.

As we approach Him, with hearts filled with appreciation first for who He is, and then for all He has done, we will easily engage our hearts with His.

It's easy to praise and give thanksgiving when things are going well. However, the Bible advises us to give thanks and praise in all situations.

Ps 71, v 20-24. David models this in this Psalm. It's this ability to praise even in the storm, that positions us for mighty breakthrough. We know of the walls of Jericho coming down...Jeremiah 6 v 20

True gratitude moves you to respond with generosity of heart. A generous heart wants to share itself in every way, first with God and then with man. A generous heart is so grateful that it's moved to respond by looking for who it can pour into. The goodness of God cannot be contained. It was designed to be shared. The Trinity sets the example in the way it honours and shares with each other. We are called to live like that.

Firstly, we are usually moved, to give in response to what we have received as mentioned above. Secondly, we are then moved to give of ourselves in worship to Jesus, because this is how we enter into freedom and begin to look more like Jesus. This is where the overflow happens and we are caught up in lifting hearts of worship and love, to the One who adores us. This is what gives Him pleasure.

This was what Jesus came to open the way for us to enter into in the new and better covenant. Having shed His blood on the Cross for us, we enter into so much more than those under the Old Testament. David's heart of gratitude, praise and worship really desired this, that he was able to draw into his time the 24/7 worship reserved for new covenant.

Jesus opened His Arms wide at the Cross inviting all who would heed the invitation in. His shed blood causes our sins to be completely forgiven and we are accepted in The Beloved. We are reconciled to Papa , called by His name and loved by the most High. We thus have everything to be grateful about. Before this, there was no hope for us for life beyond the grave, that was certain.

I am so ever thankful that He saved my life. I love to bring Him thanksgiving, praise and honour for all He has done.

Where would we be if not for God who rescued us..?. Sometimes we think it's our hard work that has made and kept us as children of the Most High God destined for heaven. Sometimes we say, almost with "bragging rights", that we are going to make heaven. We need to add to that statement that it's because of what Jesus accomplished on the Cross for us. it's really not due to any lifestyle of ours, no matter how pious we think we are. We forget that when we try to appear holy on the outside to people, we also, have thoughts that are not pleasing to Jesus. We can deceive the world, but we can't deceive Jesus. We try to be good, but our good, or our righteousness is like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). It's not 100 percent good. Jesus is 100 percent good. He is sinless, so His blood atones for you and for me.

He is faithful in every way. He laid His glory aside and came to earth to do this. Having reconciled us to Father Gods Heart, and having us receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, He modelled doing life with Father God in a very intimate way, and being empowered by the Holy Spirit. He also made it possible to accomplish stuff with Papa such that principalities and powers would see the multifaceted wisdom of our Father in Heaven.

David In (Ps 126v 3..) declared that ....The Lord has done great things for us.

David was so good at engaging His Heart with Father God and receiving revelation that led Him to a deeper understanding, from which heart -felt expressions to Father God which we read as Psalms came forth.

We enjoy these today, but how much pleasure we would bring to the Fathers Heart if indeed, we expressed the love in our hearts for Him. What stops us from writing poems of love and gratitude to Jesus, that our children's children will read over and over in years to come and get a sense of the depth to which we received and responded to all that God has given to us.



The Kingdom Invasion Conferences are free in the three cities - Abuja, Lagos & Kaduna. However, pre-registration is important so that you have secured your seat and you don't spend time queuing at the conference venues. Please click REGISTER NOW on the appropriate conference flyer above to register or follow either of the steps below:
A.) Online  �� ...via Computer/Laptop/Android Phone/I-phone
1. Type in - www.lapislazuliministries.org in your browser.
2.  Click on Register Now below/above the appropriate flyer (Abuja/Lagos/Kaduna). This will take you to the registration page.
3. Fill the form and click ' submit' when you finish.
B.) Mobile Phone  ��  (by sending us a text to register you)
Text your name (surname first), email address, Phone number, Gender, State and name of church to the registration line of the city you want to attend the conference.
Lagos lines for registration:  07034371401 or 08097167491 
Abuja lines for registration: 09063901916 or 08163510857
Kaduna lines for registration: 08090650458 or 08090650463
Please encourage your family, friends, contacts and members of your congregation to pre-register. 
Testimonies...lives transformed...

In this edition, we have a write up from Dr. Totan Sobode who has attended the past 5 Kingdom Conferences and also served at each as one of our Volunteers to help plan these conferences. He felt mightily blessed and turned round to be a blessing to others. Please read what He has to say.

The Kingdom conferences have been a great blessing to me. Every conference provides an opportunity for personal revival and great impartation. The teachings have opened my eyes to new revelations and my walk with God has been wonderfully enhanced. I particularly like the pervasive culture of honour which is always evident at the conferences. It is almost impossible to attend a session without feeling the Presence of God and His overwhelming love. And I never leave without a renewed awareness of my sonship and the responsibilities that come with it.

I am now conscious of the need to carry God's presence and love with me like a fragrance everywhere I go. For example, when I am at work, I am less inclined to see patients as cases. Rather, I see them as real people in need of a Father's love. As such, I feel less hesitant about praying for them.

While I was in school, some of my friends and I received a vision from God to establish a system of worship which will run ceaselessly - for twenty four hours every day. After graduation, we all went our separate ways and the vision seemed abandoned. Recently however, God began to speak to us individually about getting back together. While the system of worship is yet to begin, a significant step is about to be taken in that we will reunite again for that singular vision sometime in the last quarter of 2019.

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,

Femi and Mina Bajomo

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Prayer Requests

1. Thanking God for keeping us throughput the first half of this year.

2. Praying for safety, peace and unity in our nation. Rebuking the spirit of violence, aggression and wickedness.

3. Praying for love to flow through the Body of Christ and break down walls of separation.

4. Praying for the mighty success of the Kingdom Invasion Conferences to be held in Abuja, Lagos and Kaduna 2019. Praying for creative miracles, healings, signs and wonders. Praying for mighty importation of spiritual gifts.

5. Praying for the safe release of Leah, and all other girls held in captivity. Praying the government intervenes to get them all released.

Calling Intercessors

We would like to ask Intercessors who have attended our Kingdom Conferences and would like to meet in your states to pray for the Nation and for Lapis, to please do so.

Please send contact details of your group to us - info@lapislazuliministries.org OR 07034371401.
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2. Blessed be the name of the Lord
From this time forth and forevermore!

3. From the rising of the sun to its going down
The Lord's name is to be praised.

4. The Lord is high above all nations,
His glory above the heavens.

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