December 12, 2017
A Gift of Hope

As we celebrate the holidays, Child Foundation would like to thank you for all your support to ensure access to education is granted to all children, regardless of social or economic background. Your continued contributions are a gift of hope as we work together to ensure the future generation is given a chance to succeed. But our work is hardly from over.

In the wake of the coming New Year, take a moment to remember the children effected by the Kermanshah earthquake. It is not too late to donate toward Child Foundation’s efforts to send these children back to school. By providing access to education, you will give hope to someone who is struggling through poverty.

Your contributions will help Child Foundation's effort to send Conex units to help reestablish a classroom for the children of Kermanshah. We have already delivered six units to three villages, with another ten to be delivered next week. Twenty more units are currently being built and will be ready to be sent in the coming weeks. You can help us reach our goal of 75 Conex units through your donation. The cost of each Conex, including shipping and furniture, is $5,000. A sponsorship of a Conex unit will include your name or the name of a loved one at the entrance. A certificate of appreciation will be issued with the location of the unit.

Your donations are a message of hope to these children and an opportunity to prosper.

As a gentle reminder, December 31st is the last day to donate to receive 2017 tax deduction benefits.

Kamyar Lashgari
President & CEO
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Will you support us for school?

I live with my mother, father and five year old sister in the city of Birjand.

My talents exceed academics into sports. My abilities on the soccer field has won me a recommendation by my school to the city football club.

Unfortunately, due to my father’s disability and his inability to work full time, my family has encountered difficulties.

Please help me pursue my goals on and off the soccer field.
In order to preserve the privacy of the children, Child Foundation will only provide details of each individual to their designated sponsor.

I am an eight year old girl from Kermanshah. I am an intelligent second grader who unfortunately don't have a father figure in my life. My mother works hard to give me a normal life. Unfortunately, her income is not enough to pay for our family’s expenses.
I know that my mother does all that she can to provide for me, and in return I wants to become an independent and successful woman. I want to study and attend university and have a good job.

Upon examining Dionya's interests, motivation, and talent, Child Foundation has decided to grant her with a scholarship.
Please consider sponsoring to help me realize my dreams.  

I am a happy third grader from Zabol. Me and and my family led a content life until my father’s accident, which impaired the sole breadwinner of the household, succumbing the family to financial constraints. Despite all of these difficulties, i am a great student. I want to grow independent and successful and to help her family.

After examining Setayesh’s situation and looking closely at her case, Child Foundation has decided to give this talented student a scholarship with the hopes of giving her a chance at a better future.

Please join Child Foundation to support Setayash’s education.