Spring (or is it Summer?!) has sprung, and Team Sprieser is off and running with big success in our first major outing. Read all about it!
Congratulations on your USDF Gold Medal, Torrey!
We had a triumphant first recognized outing to CDCTA's Spring show at Morven Park. Huge congratulations to Torrey Wilkinson for finishing her USDF Gold Medal, and to Kristin Hickey and Becky Lee for Zarco's Second Level High Score! The highlights are below.

Liza Broadbent & Victorious
3rd Place, Prix St. Georges, 61.711%
4th Place, Prix St. Georges, 64.605%

David Derascavage & Fiona's Sonata
1st Place, 3rd Level 3, 66.795%
3rd Place, 4th Level 1, 62.838%
2nd Place, 3rd Level 3, 61.667%

Jodie Harney & Mia MC
1st Level 2, 64.531%

Becky Lee & Kristin Hickey's Zarco
1st Place, 2nd Level 2, 70.897%
1st Place, 2nd Level 3, 70.122%
High Score Champion Second Level!

Hannah McSween & Avatar
3rd Place, 1st Level 2, 70%
1st Place, 1st Level 2, 67.188%

Meg Melusen & Glenhaven Serengeti
1st Place, Musical Freestyle, 60.433%

Jan Snyder & Illuczion
2nd Place, 1st Level 3, 66.324%
5th Place, 1st Level 3, 64.853%

Natasha Sprengers-Levine & Marlene McGrath's Prince Of Hearts
2nd Place, Training Level 2, 67.885%
1st Place, Training Level 2, 67.308%

Torrey Wilkinson & Talisman BHF
2nd Place, Grand Prix, 64.6%
Final score for her USDF GOLD MEDAL!! HUGE congratulations!

Lauren Fisher is our newest assistant trainer.
We just added more fabulous DeutscheFelt to our outdoor arena, which will help keep the sand perfect through the day, even in this hot weather. Our newest paddocks look incredible, and we're just a few short days away from having use of our incredible new round pen, with 7 foot tall walls. Perfect for our impending young horse onslaught! I'm off to the Netherlands next weekend to scout young talent, so if you're looking for a young horse, let me know.

As we gear up for the summer competition season, our short-term training stalls are filling very fast. If you're thinking of joining us for a brief stay, we need to know NOW, as we're very near capacity.  Email me to get on the calendar. 

But we've got plenty of time for lessons. Lisa, Natasha and I all have our regular lesson schedules up online at www.timecenter.com/spriesersporthorse. This afternoon we'll be adding lessons with our newest assistant trainer, Lauren Fisher! Lauren has been with us for years and is on the brink of completing her USDF Bronze Medal, and is a great choice for price-conscious and lower-level horses and riders. Have a look and sign up for what works for you. We're also hitting our hub sites, including Nokesville, Aldie, Upperville, Boyce, White Post, Richmond, Fredericksburg and more. Email me to learn more. 

Lisa's cavaletti lessons fill quickly!

We'll be joined by US Olympian and Olympic coach Michael Barisone for a summer clinic, July 8-9. We have EXTREMELY limited ride spot availability, but plenty of room for auditors. Riders will range from amateurs to youth to professionals, green to Grand Prix and everything in between. Auditing is $40/day and lunch is included. Email me for more information.

We're off to Lexington Spring this weekend, and then will be a major presence at VADA/Nova June and Culpeper June, along side our CDCTA Youth Team riders. If you'll be joining us at any of these shows, I need to know immediately, so I can plan our tack stall numbers. 

Lastly, we're putting together our next visit with saddle fitter Colleen Meyer, date TBA but likely June or July Colleen's knowledge of saddles and fitting is unparalleled, and while she does sell saddles of her own, she'll look at other makes and models, and her sole priority is helping you and your horse feel your best within your budget. Email me to learn more about the process, and to sign up for a spot. Colleen works with both dressage and jumping saddles, and their fit is exceptional, at a better price than any other elite saddle company out there. You can't afford to miss this opportunity!
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